Master Xiao, Your Wife Has Reborn

Chapter 10 - Molested?

Su Jin looked at the cold-looking Xi Chenxiao and took out a coffee-and-milk lollipop from her pocket. Then, she swiftly removed the candy wrapper.

Just as she put it into her mouth, she felt a fierce gaze fall on her hand.

She looked up and saw Xi Chenxiao's cold black eyes.

Under this oppressive gaze, Su Jin could not help but panic, as if she had completely lost the ability to think.

She did not think at all as she brought the lollipop to Xi Chenxiao's mouth with her dainty hand.

She was so nervous that she trembled even more and pressed the lollipop to Xi Chenxiao's lips.

Then, she took out her phone with a flushed face, quickly edited the text, and pressed the button to make a sound.

"Do you want to eat?"

A strange light flashed in his cold eyes, but it only lasted for a moment, and what was left was only disdain in his eyes.

He raised his hand and pushed Su Jin's hand away coldly. "As expected, you're not reliable at all."

Just now, Xi Chenxiao was almost fooled by this girl. He thought that she could really help him deal with Lin.

When Su Jin heard Xi Chenxiao, she stuffed the lollipop into her cherry-like mouth and started to write big words on her phone angrily.

"You're the most unreliable. What makes eating lollipop unreliable?"

"Let me tell you, do you know what it means to not judge a book by its cover?"

Xi Shi looked at the lollipop in Su Jin's mouth and was instantly impressed by Su Jin. The chairman, who had no interest in women, had indirectly kissed this girl.

This girl was also the first female creature that dared to take advantage of the chairman so brazenly, and she had not even been killed yet.

Xi Chenxiao listened to Su Jin's explanation on the phone and frowned. His cold and dark eyes looked at Su Jin, indecipherable.

Xi Chenxiao suddenly lowered his head and his lips quickly brushed past Su Jin's red lips. Su Jin was so scared that she quickly retreated.

Her watery eyes widened as if she was questioning Xi Chenxiao.

"What are you doing?"

This shameless guy. When she talked about marriage earlier, he had a look of disdain on his face. Now, he was taking advantage of her.

Xi Shi was a little confused. He rubbed his eyes. Was he hallucinating just now?

How could the chairman, who had never been interested in women and who saw women like beasts, kiss a woman?

Who was he? Where was he?

Xi Chenxiao fell silent for a while and he did not seem to sense Su Jin's anger at all. He only said plainly, "Have you thought it through? Are you going to marry me?"

This girl was just as he remembered, so different from the rest.

When he thought about that night, a hint of playfulness appeared in Xi Chenxiao's cold eyes.

He had never liked women, yet he could not help but want to get to know Su Jin, who was like Pandora's Box.

Xi Shi suddenly panicked before Su Jin could say anything. 

"Chairman, this is bad. There are two more checkpoints to go before Lin gets through."

"The company's security staff are about to be defeated. Lin is about to get to us. Please think of something!"

Xi Chenxiao frowned when he heard this. There was still no news from Xi Tian.

Only that SU could stop Lin's attack?

Who was this SU? Why was he so hard to find? And why was there someone that the Xi family could not find?

Su Jin stood aside and saw Xi Chenxiao's expression. She cursed in her heart, "You guys did not believe me and now you panic?"

However, Su Jin still quickly used the phone to edit the text and reached for Xi Chenxiao's laptop.

"Give me the laptop now, I can help you deal with it immediately."

There was a hint of passion in Xi Chenxiao's eyes as he asked ambiguously, "Are there any conditions?"

When Su Jin thought about the cold rejection earlier, she immediately shook her head and tapped on her phone elegantly.

"There are no conditions this time."

Su Jin also knew that there was no use in being impatient. Xi Chenxiao did not trust her. As soon as she mentioned any condition, Xi Chenxiao would tell her to get lost.

For Xi Chenxiao to remember her and have a good impression of her, she should take it slow.

Just as Su Jin finished speaking, she suddenly realized that there seemed to be a hint of disappointment on Xi Chenxiao's face, but it quickly turned cold as if a thin layer of ice had formed on his face.

She thought that Xi Chenxiao was being suspicious of her, so she immediately used her phone to speak.

"I really can help you without any conditions. I just want to be friends with you."

Su Jin did not know if it was just her imagination, but after she said that, Xi Chenxiao seemed to be even angrier?

Xi Chenxiao looked at Su Jin coldly and said, "No."

This girl did not know how to cherish an opportunity.

Su Jin turned around and walked straight to Xi Shi. She used her phone to say, "Assistant Xi, lend me your computer for a while. I can help you defeat Lin."

"B*tch, don't be in over your head. Hurry up, get out of my way.. Don't bother me anymore. Can't you see how busy I am?"

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