Master Xiao, Your Wife Has Reborn

Chapter 19 - Sooner Or Later Will Be His

"What are you all standing there for? Hurry up and send Miss to the countryside to recuperate."

Su Beijiang saw that Su Jin did not speak and thought that Su Jin believed him. He hurriedly ordered his men to act quickly.

Two burly men immediately went forward and prepared to hurl Su Jin into the car.

Su Jin knew that Su Beijiang was doing this for Su Xue and had to send her away. He would definitely not change his mind. She quickly typed on her phone.

"Dad, I'm sorry. I didn't know that I had such a serious mental illness. I won't be a burden on you."

"Give me some money and let me buy the ticket myself. I'll just take a bus to the countryside."

Su Beijiang was worried that Su Jin would run away with the money, so he said cautiously, "I'll get someone to buy it for you."

Su Jin nodded in agreement.

In the busy bus station, two strong bodyguards watched Su Jin get on the bus with their own eyes. Only then did they leave with relief and returned to Su Beijiang to report to him.

After Su Jin saw them leave, she immediately grabbed her luggage and ran out of the bus.

An hour later, Su Jin stood on the street and looked at the tall buildings around her with complicated feelings.

Now, she had completely become homeless. Her gaze locked onto the tallest and most luxurious building. It was the Xi family's exclusive office building.

In her past life, she had been brainwashed by Su Xue many times, so she trusted Su Xue too much.

She once had some real friends but she stupidly chose to end the friendships because of Su Xue.

Now, Su Jin had no home to go back to, and she did not even have anyone to rely on anymore.

Without realizing it, Su Jin had arrived at Xi's office building. In any case, she would be Xi Chenxiao's woman sooner or later, so why not let him take care of her now?

Su Jin brought her luggage and walked into Xi's office building. She took out her phone and composed the text. Then, she smiled politely at the front desk and pressed the button.

"Hello, I'm looking for Xi Chenxiao."

"Do you have an appointment?"

There were too many women who came to see their chairman every day. She could not just let every one of them up.

Su Jin was stunned when she heard that. She quickly pressed the button on her phone app.

"My name is Su Jin. Tell him and he'll be willing to meet me."

"Our chairman isn't here today. Please come again next time."

The receptionist replied sarcastically. Her eyes were filled with disdain. Every woman who came to look for the president said the same thing.

Moreover, this woman was a mute. The chairman was such a brilliant man. How could he be interested in a mute?

Su Jin frowned. How could Xi Chenxiao, that workaholic, not be in the company?

The receptionist at the front desk obviously did not want to believe her. In that case, Su Jin could only wait around for him. 

She originally wanted to wait for Xi Chenxiao in the hall, but she did not expect to be chased out by the security guards.

Just as she was chased out, Su Jin saw the Su family's bodyguards, who had gone to see her off the other day, walking over with Su Xue who was wearing a gown.

Su Jin cursed in her heart. F*ck, I cannot be this unlucky today, right?

If she was seen, Su Beijiang would definitely get someone to personally send her away. He would also get someone to keep an eye on her to prevent her from running away again.

Su Jin had no other choice but to turn around and walk into the building again. When the security guard saw Su Jin walking back again, he was a little angry. He picked up a rubber stick and started to chase her away.

"You're no longer welcome here. Leave quickly."

Su Jin had no choice but to throw her luggage down and run towards the elevator.

Su Xue was escorted by two bodyguards to the front desk of the building. When she heard the commotion on Su Jin's side, she looked over curiously.

The two security guards were about to catch Su Jin when the chairman's private elevator opened. Su Jin rushed in and pressed the button to close the door as fast as she could.

After the elevator closed, she quickly pressed the button for the 26th floor. It seemed to be possibly Xi Chenxiao's office, so she could only look for him now.

"Who let you in?"

A cold voice suddenly sounded beside Su Jin's ear.

Su Jin quickly turned around. When she saw the person, she immediately let out a sigh of relief. She did not expect Xi Chenxiao to be in the elevator.

Xi Chenxiao frowned and looked at Su Jin warily.

"What are you doing here?"

Su Jin saw how guarded Xi Chenxiao was and quickly typed a message on her phone.

"I'm here to give you a gift. A big gift!"

Xi Chenxiao looked at Su Jin coldly. What gift could this little girl give him?

"A pretty wife for you."

"A woman?"

Xi Chenxiao's face suddenly darkened as he looked at Su Jin coldly. A chill quickly spread throughout the entire elevator.

Su Jin felt like she had been locked in the freezer. Looking at Xi Chenxiao's cold gaze, she quickly explained.

"I mean, I missed you, so I came to see you."

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