Master Xiao, Your Wife Has Reborn

Chapter 43 - Greed

Su Jin was surprised. They were right. Villains usually die from talking too much.

She stared at Xi Chen Xiao with her watery eyes. Looking at his handsome face, she could not help but feel her heart beat wildly.

Although the process was a little bloody and violent, he was so handsome and cool.

If she was not moved by her cool and suave husband, then there would really be a problem.

Xi Chenxiao squatted down and took out the bomb's remote control from the brawny man's pocket. He ripped the wires from the control, pulled them apart, and crushed the rest of it into powder with his hand.

He casually dusted off the powder from his hand and looked coldly at the remaining people.

"Do you know why you all think I'm a piece of trash and also a sickly piece of trash?"

When the remaining men in black heard Devil Xi's words, they very cooperatively shook their heads and said, "I don't know."

Su Jin shook her head as well, indicating that she did not know at all.

Xi Chenxiao, who controlled the whole scene, then said coldly, "Those who know are already dead, that's why no one knows."

"Have you guys thought about how to die?"

When the men in black heard Xi Chenxiao's terrifying words, their faces froze. They raised the guns in their hands and fired wildly at Xi Chenxiao.

"Brothers, don't be afraid. There are so many of us. Kill him and avenge boss!"

Gunshots rang out. However, after the men in black fired for a while, they suddenly realized that Xi Chenxiao had disappeared.

They had wasted so much ammunition, yet none of the shots had hit.

After they stopped firing, they were all on high alert. They nervously looked around, and a cold sweat broke out on everyone's foreheads.

They were afraid that the Devil Xi Chenxiao would suddenly appear behind them and take their lives.

The air became quiet. Everyone held their breaths.


A gunshot was heard, and a man in black fell to the ground. The rest of the men in black looked over nervously. They could not bear the pressure anymore.

They fired wildly in the direction of the man who fell until they were out of bullets.

The gunshots gradually stopped, but rhythmic gunshots came from somewhere else. The men in black fell as they were hit between the brows one by one.

Su Jin looked at the bloody and cruel scene outside and silently wiped the cold sweat off her forehead.

Boss Xi, you're not giving me the slightest chance to perform!

Su Jin blinked. As she watched Xi Chenxiao's back, she could feel a terrifying aura.

Very soon, the men in black were all wiped out. Su Jin's plan of the beauty saving the hero had also become a fantasy.

Xi Chenxiao's eyes were cold. He threw down the corpse and the gun in his hand. There was still a trace of blood in his eyes as he walked straight to Su Jin's car.

Su Jin immediately tensed up when she saw the great Devil Xi like this.

He was indeed fitting of the nickname she gave him.

Could it be that he was on a killing streak and plan to kill her as well?

Su Jin wanted to find a place to hide. It was not easy for her to be reborn. She could not die so tragically without any reason.

Xi Chenxiao walked over with a murderous aura and opened the back door.

"Get out of the car."

Xi Chenxiao said coldly. He even reached out and pulled Su Jin out of the car, not giving her a chance to dodge.

Su Jin was even more afraid. She quickly took out her phone and typed to ask Xi Chenxiao what he wanted.

However, before she could type, Xi Chenxiao pulled her into his arms and she did not have time to think at all.

The unique warmth of the girl's body made Xi Chenxiao's monstrous killing intent dissipate by more than half. His cold expression and terrifying gaze became much gentler.

Su Jin could only blink and look at Xi Chenxiao in confusion. Her eyes were filled with concern.

Xi Chenxiao lowered his head and leaned gently against Su Jin's neck. He greedily sniffed Su Jin and that made him feel at ease.

Su Jin felt the warm breath on her neck. Her face could not help but redden. She raised her hand and gently pushed Xi Chenxiao's chest as if she was protesting.

Unfortunately, Su Jin could not speak, so Xi Chenxiao naturally did not know that she was protesting.

Xi Chenxiao directly ignored Su Jin's kitten-like strength and hugged Su Jin's frail waist, his head resting on Su Jin's shoulder.

Su Jin was stunned. Why was this murderous devil suddenly so meek? What was he trying to do?

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