Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion

Chapter 1573 - Chapter 1573: Betting, 100 Million Divine Crystals!

Chapter 1573: Betting, 100 Million Divine Crystals!

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These were the 300 Immortal Lords that Han Muye had brought back from the Great Desolate.

They would follow Han Muye and participate in this Grand Summit.

They were born in the Great Desolate. After they came out, according to the years of the cultivation world, every one of them was qualified to participate in the Grand Summit.

This time, they were here as cultivators from the Immortal World.

Who knew how many people there were in the Immortal World?

Moments later, Huang Zhihu, who was clad in pale yellow armor, Golden Fire, who was clad in fiery red armor, and Lin Shen, who was carrying a large sword on his back, also quietly arrived.

This time, a total of more than 3,000 people from Ten Thousand Magnificence City had come to the summit.

According to the rules of the Grand Summit, each faction could only participate in a maximum of 500 people. The people of Ten Thousand Magnificence City were divided into 10 groups and were under the name of the other immortal worlds that had already perished.

Actually, there were many people who used such methods to join the Grand Summit.

Some people had special identities, some people had special backgrounds, and some people didn’t want to be involved with other Immortal Realms. They would use this method to participate in the Grand Summit.

There were even quite a few people in the Divine Realm who used this method to participate.

The Heavenly Cycle Divine Realm was known as the myriad worlds. Other than some large sects, many factions were not doing well.

According to what Han Muye knew, the Black Armor Sect had arranged for people to participate in the Grand Summit this time, preparing to gamble alone.

According to the old rules, all the people under Han Muye had their identities marked.

Not only could a golden Golden Crow Divine Flame cleanse the soul, but it could also temper the body and serve as an identity mark.

Later on, at its peak, it only recognized the divine flames.

After leaving the small courtyard, Han Muye went to another small courtyard.

Back in the Ruins Realm of the Great Desolate, Yang Dingtian of the Scarlet

Flame Sword Sect of the Scarlet Heaven Immortal World did not return, but Yang Dingtian handed the Heavenly Sun Sword he had refined to Han Muye and asked him to bring it to the people of the Scarlet Flame Sword Sect.

This sword was a supreme treasure.

“Someone from the Fuyu Immortal World?” In front of a courtyard, the cultivator guarding the courtyard glanced at Han Muye with a cold expression. “Your Fuyu Immortal World is an inferior-class immortal world, right?

“You want to form an alliance with us?

“Are you qualified enough?”

There were more than 30,000 Immortal Dao Worlds. Among them, there were more than 500 Immortal Lords and sects.

That world was a superior-class Immortal World and did not lack the support of Immortal Venerables.

In the Divine World, there were also various connections.

In the entire Immortal Dao World, there were only a hundred such worlds.

The others had more than a hundred Immortal Lords and below 300 were considered middle-class immortal worlds. There were about a thousand of them.

The rest were all inferior-class immortal worlds.

Of course, there were also differences between inferior-class immortal worlds.

An Immortal World with a hundred Immortal Lords was naturally powerful.

If there were not even 50 of them, it would be the lowest Immortal World.

It was the same for the Tonghe Immortal World.

Previously, there were no 50 Immortal Lords in the Fuyu Immortal World.

“l want to see Yang Chilin.” Han Muye frowned and shouted softly.

There was a trace of soul shock in his voice. With the enhancement of the power of the Primordial Spirit Sword, his words stunned the Zenith Heaven cultivator guarding the school courtyard. He slowly walked into the courtyard.

A few moments later, a few figures rushed out of the small courtyard, immortal light surging on their bodies.

“Which immortal world are you joking with?”

“You’re quite bold. Don’t you know that such a provocation will become a feud in the Grand Summit?”

The few people who spoke were clearly at the Immortal Lord Realm. The immortal light on their bodies was extremely dense.

A thin young man in a white robe looked at Han Muye and cupped his hands. “I’m Yang Chilin.”

Yang Chilin was the son of Yang Dingtian and the Young Sect Master of Scarlet Flame Sword Sect.

His cultivation was not weak and he was also at the peak of the Zenith Heaven Realm.

However, the Scarlet Flame Sword Sect’s position in the Scarlet Heaven Immortal World had become awkward since Yang Dingtian and the others hadn’t returned to participate in the summit.

Especially Yang Chilin. He could only brace himself and participate in the Grand Summit.

“Someone asked me to give this to you.” Han Muye raised his hand, and a golden light rushed into the space between Yang Chifengs eyebrows.

Before the others could stop it, the golden light had already disappeared.

“Who are you?”

“Who are you?”

“How dare you. You’re just trying to be mysterious.”

The Immortal Lords shouted angrily, but because of the rules of Our Heaven Continent, they did not dare to attack.

Confusion flashed across Yang Chifengs face, and then his eyes widened.

He suppressed a shudder and stared at Han Muye.

“My name is Han Muye, and I’m from the Fuyu Immortal World.” With that, Han Muye turned and left.

“Fuyu Immortal World, hmph.” “Chilin, what’s going on?

“Who is this person?”

In front of the courtyard, some asked Yang Chilin, while others looked curiously at Han Muye’s departing figure.

Yang Chilin shook his head, turned and walked into the courtyard, heading to his quiet room.

“Huh, still thinking of the time when Yang Dingtian dominated the world.” Someone muttered unhappily.

“Don’t say anymore. The Scarlet Flame Sword Sect isn’t coming alone this time.” Someone hurriedly stopped him.

“So what? Without Yang Dingtian, the Scarlet Flame Sword Sect wouldn’t be the number one sect in the Scarlet Heaven Immortal World.” The person speaking had a hint of mockery on his face.

The others looked at each other and dispersed.

After returning to the quiet room, Yang Chifeng trembled all over.

In his divine treasury, a golden long sword gleamed.

The Golden Crow divine flames floated in the air.

He did not need to spend much effort to refine these things.

Information had already been transmitted among them.

The longsword was the Heavenly Sun Sword that his father, Yang Dingtian, had refined by combining the power of one realm.

This sword was a treasure, and now it had directly merged into his body.

Within the sword’s body, the vigorous and scorching power of the sun transmitted through his meridians. With just a slight surge, all the divinity and the power of heaven and earth around him were enveloped..

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