Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion

Chapter 1671 - Chapter 1671: Crushing Battle (3)

Chapter 1671: Crushing Battle (3)

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Illusory figures emerged, then drew together pieces, assembling into a black eight-foot tall Battle Puppet.

It was just a level five Battle Puppet, which posed no difficulty for Han Muye.

However, today’s experiment with this method of refining and assembling piqued his interest in owning an assembly line of Battle Puppets in his trading company.

The trading companies in those large cities all had their own assembly and manufacturing lines.

If he had tens of thousands of blacksmiths on hand, would he be able to quickly assemble Battle Puppets and Battle Armors?

Could they be of any level?

He had the Five Elements Divine Furnace at his disposal.

Using the Five Elements Divine Furnace as the foundation, he would refine the core components, while others refine lower-level components, and finally he would assemble them into shape.

Han Muye suddenly realized that it was none other than the Black Armor Refining Sect.

Wasn’t the scale of the Black Armor Refining Sect in the divine realm developed in this way?

Unfortunately, they had taken the wrong path.

The Divine Realm did not need those Battle Puppets and Battle Armors, so they could only endure hard times.

Time passed very quickly.

Two hours had passed, and the Battle Puppet in front of Han Muye was almost complete.

Ye Xun and Su Ji, who were in front of him, were clearly lagging behind.

Ye Xun’s face was already pale. The armor in front of him was not even half assembled.

His heart was in turmoil as the various components he refined were simply unusable.

Su Ji was slightly better.

However, he chose to refine a level three Battle Puppet.

Thousands of components still needed to be assembled.

Originally, time was tight, but now it was even more difficult.

Lamps made of various spells and spiritual materials hung on the wall, illuminating the surroundings as if it was daytime.

Hundreds of people gathered around, eagerly watching this seemingly suspenseful battle.

The methods Han Muye displayed were completely overwhelming.

“Where did Master Han come from?”

“What kind of magical forging and refining technique is this?”

All kinds of questions crossed each other.

The answers were very similar.

Master Han came from a big city.

Where was this big city?

In the void.

Master Han’s skills were honed in the big city. Only top figures in the major trading companies there had such abilities.

Such top masters from big cities and major trading companies were considered grandmasters in ordinary cities.

As long as they had expertise in puppet or armor crafting, these people could travel all over the world.

Countless cities would regard such individuals as honored guests.

“The top masters from big cities all have a specialized forging technique.

“For example, this one must be responsible for a production line, mastering the forging of these Battle Puppets.”

Someone knowledgeable began to explain.

As for why Master Han came here from a big city, it was easy to explain.

Two possibilities.

First, he wanted to come himself.

For family, resignation, or various personal reasons, he came anyway.

Second, his trading company sent him.

A new type of Battle Puppet was developed, but sales were temporarily slow.

As the person in charge of this production line, Master Han came here personally, hoping to showcase this Battle Puppet to more people.

It was roughly equivalent to a shop assistant responsible for showcasing in a shop.

Of course, this person couldn’t possibly be a shop assistant. Even if he were, he would be a senior shop assistant.


This time, the buzzing sound that rang out was not from the spiritual materials in the flames in front of Han Muye, but from the movement of the Battle Puppet in front of him.

A dark golden origin stone was inserted into the puppet’s body, and this eight-foot tall, entirely black Battle Puppet opened its eyes, lifting a large sword in its hand lightly.

The sword resonated, with a layer of golden sword energy enveloping it.


The sword swung down viciously.

With one swing, it tore open the heavens and the earth, with black cracks appearing around.

A level five Battle Puppet, tearing apart the heavens and the earth!

At this moment, everyone dared to confirm that this was indeed a level five Battle Puppet!

A piece of armor in Ye Xun’s hand shattered.

In front of him, a battle armor had yet to take shape and was only half refined.

On the other side, Su Ji threw down the components in his hands in frustration.

In front of him, the Battle Puppet that was mostly assembled had just revealed its form.

“I’ve lost.’

Su Ji shook his head, a hint of despair mixed with a hint of relief on his face.

As a level six forger, saying these words wasn’t easy.

But saying them, he felt a sense of relief.

From the moment the other party began to refine the Battle Puppet, he and everyone else knew that there was no suspense in this battle.

It wasn’t that they were weak, it was that the opponent was too strong.

It was said that in the big cities, aside from the lowest level certification needed to become a forger on certain production lines, other people were disdainful of getting certified.

Because in the eyes of these forgers, any certification was illusory; only their own skills were real.

Many forgers from small cities who proudly wore high-level badges went to big cities and were not well-received, unable even to enter the production lines of those major trading companies.

Because they were not needed.

Ye Xun didn’t speak, but he also gave up, tossing down the armor pieces in his hands.


A nearby hourglass softly rang.

Six hours had passed.

“Master Han, we’ve lost. Our lives and our spirit materials are at your disposal,” Su Ji looked at Han Muye and said softly, “Please give us forgers at least some dignity.”

A loss was a loss.

Admitting defeat, they were at his disposal.

As for the minimum dignity, it was because there were cases where after winning, a forger stripped the opponent naked.

This was because what the opponent wore was also a forged item.

Everyone on the city walls watched this scene.

The battle between forgers that ended without successfully crafting battle puppet or armor.

But it wasn’t regrettable.

Everyone witnessed a duel between forgers that was so exciting it was beyond imagination..

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