Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion

Chapter 44 - He's just a Sword Pavilion Sword Caretaker, is he worthy of being called a Senior Brother?

Chapter 44: He’s just a Sword Pavilion Sword Caretaker, is he worthy of being called a Senior Brother?


Huang Six looked confused.

Then he lowered his head and muttered a few words. His expression became pleasant again.

“Haha, Brother, in that case, these spiritual rocks are the betrothal gifts for our daughter?”

He put the pile into the small wooden box, his eyes sparkling.

This was practical.

Hearing his words, Han Muye stood up and took the wooden box.

“Eh, you…” Huang Six was stunned for a moment before grinning. “I understand. Three-seven split…”

Han Muye shook his head and said in a low voice, “It’s fine if you accept the spiritual rocks from the inner sect. But it’s not easy for the outer sect to save their spiritual rocks, and they’re out on a crusade soon. There are many places that require spiritual rocks, so don’t take these spiritual rocks.”

With that, he tucked the wooden box under his arm and walked out.

“Where—where are you going?”

Huang Six shouted after him.

“I’ll send the spiritual rocks back,” Han Muye said.

“Send them back? Then wouldn’t my daughter be raised for nothing?” Huang Six muttered. After a while, he took out the six merit tokens and smiled again.

“These days are getting more and more promising…”

Jiang Han and the others had told Han Muye where they lived.

Han Muye went to look for them, but he missed them.

Some disciples who knew Jiang Han and the others told Han Muye that they had gone to drink.

There were 1,000 outer sect disciples living in one place, and there were also servants around. There were a total of 10,000 people, making it seem like a small village.

Those restaurants and shops were all opened by the sect for the disciples to spend on.

This could be considered as expanding domestic demand.

Han Muye arrived at a small street less than 1,000 feet away. A voice came from behind.

“Brother Han!”

Han Muye turned around and saw Lu Gao, who was carrying a large rock, sweating profusely and grinning.

“Brother Han, you came to the outer sect because—”

The white-robed Han Muye made everyone beside Lu Gao envious.

He had long heard that Lu Gao had a brother in the inner sect. It was true.

Han Muye looked around and saw Jiang Han and the others on the second floor of the restaurant.

He stepped forward and held the stone block Lu Gao was carrying with one hand.

After cultivating the Iron Bull Strength, it was as if he was playing with the stone block that weighed 150 kilograms.

His move immediately caused the surrounding people to exclaim.

He was indeed an inner sect senior brother. How powerful.

Lu Gao rubbed his hands together. He looked smug and embarrassed.

“Let’s go, I’ll bring you to drink.” Carrying the stone block, Han Muye walked towards the restaurant.


Lu Gao grinned and hurried after him.

The servant disciples who were carrying the blocks with Lu Gao looked envious and jealous.

Drinking was secondary. The key was who to drink with…

“Senior Brother Han!”

Jiang Han and the others in the restaurant also noticed Han Muye and called out happily.

They quickly went downstairs and escorted Han Muye upstairs.

Sun Dayong carried the stone block in Han Muye’s hand.

Upstairs, they asked Han Muye to sit at the head of the table.

Even Lu Gao, who was wearing a servant’s uniform, fearfully took a seat at the same table.

When the other outer sect disciples saw Han Muye’s white robe, they quickly moved aside.

This was where the outer sect disciples gathered. There might not be an inner sect disciple around for three to five days.

There were dishes and wine on the table, and everyone toasted Han Muye.

Han Muye smiled and raised his glass.

After three rounds of wine, he put down his glass and looked at everyone.

“There are many experts in the Three Qin Sword Sect. If you go, look for the Myriad Swords’ Elder at the Mo family in Qingmu Town and ask him to suppress them.”

“He has the strength of an Earth Realm expert. He should be able to protect you.”

Han Muye said calmly.

‘Earth Realm?’

Jiang Han and the others were all dumbfounded.

The outer sect disciples who were listening were all stunned.

They were only outer sect disciples and had not even reached the Qi Condensation Realm.

Were they worthy of talking about Earth Realm experts?

“Ahem, Senior Brother, um, we…” Jiang Han muttered with a bitter smile.

If they asked an Earth Realm expert to hold the fort, would an Earth Realm expert even take a look at them?

“Don’t worry, that Myriad Sword elder has a deep relationship with our Nine Mystic Sword Sect.”

“Go and request him to help. Tell him that I was the one who told you guys.”

Han Muye spoke softly, his expression calm.

Although Mo Yuan returned to Qingmu Town under the alias of the Myriad Sword elder, that place was still under the rule of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect.

Doing a few things for the Sword Sect and building a friendship with the Sword Sect would be very helpful for his future cultivation.

With Mo Yuan’s experience, even if no one from the Nine Mystic Sword Sect invited him, he would still participate in this mission to eliminate the Three Qin Sword Sect.

Han Muye asked Jiang Han and the others to invite him over, but it was just a favor.

In addition, they were all outer sect disciples of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect and had some ties with the number one outer sect disciple back then.

“Thank you, Senior Brother Han!”

Jiang Han and the others hurriedly bowed again and shouted happily.

This was a pleasant surprise.

Who would dare to say that they would not suffer any losses if they attacked a sect?

Moreover, the lives of outer sect disciples like them were definitely the most worthless.

With an Earth Realm expert holding down the fort, even if he casually protected them, their situation would definitely be different.

Seeing how happy Jiang Han and the others were, the outer sect disciples at the other tables had complicated expressions.

Who wouldn’t want the protection of an Earth Realm expert…

“Eh, it’s Senior Brother Han?”

Suddenly, a voice came from the table behind Han Muye.

Han Muye looked back and smiled. “So it’s Qing’er.”

The female cultivator who spoke was Qiao Qing’er, who had accompanied Han Muye to the Demonstration Building.

Qiao Qing’er’s deskmates were mostly people who had been with her that day.

“I haven’t seen Senior Brother Han in a while. I was preparing to look for you.” Qiao Qing’er had a smile on her face as she raised her glass and gestured to Han Muye.

“What a coincidence. Let me make a toast to Senior Brother.”

Han Muye raised his glass and was about to clink it with Qiao Qing’er’s when the young man sitting opposite him said coldly, “You’re just a Sword Pavilion Sword Caretaker. Are you worthy of calling yourself a senior brother?”

Sword Pavilion’s Sword Caretaker?

His voice was not soft, and everyone on the second floor of the restaurant heard him.

“Sword Caretaker? Isn’t that the job of watching swords in the Sword Pavilion where nine out of ten people die?”

“That’s right. It’s said that Sword Caretakers can’t cultivate sword techniques and have to survive for ten years before they can get the title of deacon. They can only make it if they survive for 60 years.”

“Tsk, this person was so arrogant just now. He said that an Earth Realm expert had a close relationship with him. So he’s just a Sword Caretaker?”

There was an uproar.

Those outer sect disciples’ respect for their inner sect senior brother changed into contempt for the Sword Caretaker in order for them hide their emotions.

Did he really think that he was an inner sect senior brother just because he was wearing a white robe?

Jiang Han and the others’ expressions changed.

“So what if he’s a Sword Caretaker?” Sun Dayong stood up and glared around before glaring at the young man opposite Qiao Qing’er.

“How can you outsiders understand Senior Brother Han’s ability?”

“That’s right. Senior Brother Han is not an ordinary Sword Caretaker.” The others spoke up one after another. They had witnessed Han Muye’s capability that day and were all convinced.

Qiao Qing’er turned around and said coldly, “Huo Ping, what do you mean?”

The young man looked at Han Muye, then at Jiang Han and the others with a mocking expression. “I just don’t want to see a group of fools being bewitched by a mere Sword Caretaker.”

“It won’t take long for me, Huo Ping, to put on this set of clothes.”

Bang! Sun Dayong punched the table and pointed at Huo Ping. “Who are you calling a fool?”

Han Muye’s expression didn’t change. He chuckled and said, “He’s calling you a fool.”

‘He’s calling you a fool.’

Qiao Qing’er, who was sitting behind him, burst out laughing.

“Yes, yes, he’s referring to us as fools.” Han Muye and the others who had received their swords that day all smiled and said.

Huo Ping’s face darkened as he slowly stood up with his fists clenched.

He placed his hand on the hilt of the sword at his waist.

Suddenly, the young man sitting beside Huo Ping reached out to press his arm and said in a low voice, “Huo Ping, don’t be rash. The person sitting over there is Senior Brother Bai Jianghan, one of the top outer sect disciples.”

‘Jiang Han?’

The 100th place in the outer sect?

Huo Ping’s eyes lit up. He unsheathed his sword, pointed it forward, and shouted, “Jiang Han? Perfect. Today, I’ll replace the person on the 100th position in the outer sect!”

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