Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion

Chapter 916 - 916 Reentering the Dam, Third-Ranked Divine General

916 Reentering the Dam, Third-Ranked Divine General

Sacrificing living beings.

He stepped into the Immortal World.

Ao Jin’s expression turned cold as he frowned and said, “Sacrificing living beings? At least tens of millions of creatures are involved in this. The power of our Spiritual Armored Demon Race—”

Before he finished speaking, Han Muye interrupted, “Don’t tell me your Spiritual Armored Demons have that many living beings.

“If I didn’t know your clan well, I wouldn’t have come here.”

Under Ao Jin’s shocked gaze, Han Muye said, “What you Spiritual Armored Demons yearn for the most is to return to the Immortal World.”


Their clan came from the Immortal World to begin with!

“Who exactly are you!” Ao Jin’s expression turned vicious, and a monstrous force descended upon Han Muye.

However, as soon as the force appeared, the immortal energy in Han Muye’s palm had already risen and formed a shield.

The shield enveloped them, blocking all of Ao Jin’s qi and blood and spiritual energy.

Han Muye sat there calmly.

Ao Jin’s expression changed several times, and he eventually withdrew all his qi and blood and spiritual energy.

Han Muye shook his head.

The Spiritual Armored Demons came from the Immortal World, or rather, they were reared in the Immortal World. He had seen this from Zhou Bangyu’s records of the Divine Court Treasure Vault.

The Heavenly Emperor of the Divine Court still held a power that specifically monitored the growth of these Spiritual Armored Demons.

It was said that the Spiritual Armored Demons were an experiment of a Beast Taming Sect in the Immortal World.

The ancestor of the Spiritual Armored demons had the bloodline of an immortal beast in the Immortal World.

“The Immortal World…”

Ao Jin’s face showed a touch of nostalgia, shaking his head and saying, “Even if we know that we will only be enslaved when we go back, the longer we live, the more we want to go back and take a look.”

Looking at Han Muye again, Ao Jin’s expression was calm.

“Tell me, how can we cooperate?”

Watching his figure disappear, Ao Jin’s smiling face slowly turned serious.

“Big Brother, how much of what this kid said is true and how much is false?” An old man in a blue robe appeared beside Ao Jin, looking doubtful.

“That’s right. We don’t know much about the Immortal World. How can he know so much?” Another old man with the same build landed on the other side.

“Yes, I don’t believe his words. No one in this world could understand the Immortal World so well.” A gray-robed old man spoke with conviction.

Ao Jin shook his head, narrowed his eyes, and said lightly, “No, there is someone in this world who understands the Immortal World.”

The old men were stunned and turned to look at Ao Jin.

Ao Jin’s face was indifferent, and he said softly, “The Divine Emperor.”

“That’s impossible. The Divine Emperor has long fallen…” The old man speaking hesitated.

“Rebirth, possession, incarnation, and remnant soul… all of these are actually possible…”

The others’ expressions became solemn.

Ao Jin smiled and waved his hand. “No matter who he is, the deal can still be done.

“We can use the power of the sacrificial offering to ascend our entire clan to the immortal realm.”

“As long as those old fellows really offer sacrifices, we will really ascend.”

Everyone looked at each other with excitement on their faces.

The Immortal World!

It was a place they had dreamed of for so long!

When Han Muye walked out of the hall of the Water Spirit Palace, whether it was the palace lord or anyone else, they all looked at him with a little more fear.

The bloodline power of the Spiritual Armored Demons originated from the bones.

The suppression of this race determined the strict hierarchy.

Since Han Muye could trade with their elders, he would naturally be respected by them.

That valley was not in the Endless Sea. It was connected by the power of space.

It seemed that the Spiritual Armored Demons were still afraid of the Endless Divine Venerables.

Han Muye had known for a long time that although the Spiritual Armored Demons had strong members, they did not have the strongest.

Their race relied on the vigorous reproduction of their bloodline.

It was also because of this that they didn’t care about the life and death of their race.

When he returned to the Endless Sea, Han Muye did not see Bai Zeyu.

However, an invitation from the Endless Divine Venerable came.

Han Muye swept his divine sense over the Imperial View Sword Shop and the Six Stalwart Pavilion, and then he flew down into the Endless Sea.

Unlike the last time he came, the Endless Sea was more clearly divided this time.

It seemed that the Endless Divine Venerables’ 18 hells were very effective.

As expected, when he saw the Endless Divine Venerable again, Han Muye felt the power coming from the other party’s body, vast and surging.

This was a major advancement in cultivation, difficult to suppress for a time.

It was possible that the Endless Divine Venerable hadn’t even thought about suppressing others.

His cultivation breakthrough was meant to be a benchmark for those who wanted to transcend. Not suppressing them was to make it clearer for them.

“You went to look for the Spiritual Armored Demon Clan?” Looking at Han Muye, the Endless Divine Venerable asked.

Han Muye nodded.

“I never thought that the Dao Conflict would turn into a great conflict,” the Endless Divine Venerable shook his head with a hint of emotion on his face.

“Reopening the Immortal Ascension Platform. These guys are really crazy.”

The Endless Divine Venerable had already taken the path of transcendence, so he didn’t care whether the Immortal Ascension Platform was opened or not.

But for others, who had no way to transcend, the desire to ascend to the immortal realm was still unparalleled.

Even the Endless Divine Venerable’s transcendence might be the catalyst that solidified the determination of those great beings.

However, these things could only be guessed and couldn’t be said for sure.

Han Muye did not tell the Endless Divine Venerable why he was looking for the Spiritual Armored Demons.

The Endless Divine Venerable did not ask either.

They did discuss some things about the structure of hell and the arrangement of the divine positions.

The Endless Divine Venerable promised that when the Dao Conflict began, the Endless Sea would definitely support the Heavenly Mystic and stand on their side.

However, if they really had to sacrifice someone, the only thing he could do was to do his best to rescue Han Muye himself.

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