Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 3155 - 3155 It Turns Out

3155 It Turns Out

After some thought, the two shook their heads. “No, it’s fine.” Forget it, just wait for them to say it themselves! So, the two men saluted and then left.

The Sect Master’s eyes flashed as he saw the two leave. They did have something to talk about, he thought to himself. Why didn’t they say anything? What was it all about?

His heart raced as he remembered how those two’s expressions changed when they mentioned Mu Xin and Si Que. Could it be related to the two venerables?

After he contemplated it for a moment, he gave instructions and went out to visit them.

Meanwhile, Si Que and Mu Xin shared a courtyard, so they had company. They spoke with emotion about the matters in the mystic realm and the two sacred beasts.

“We would not have been able to defeat these ninth-grade sacred beasts if it hadn’t been for the Master!”

“Yes! The ninth-grade sacred beast will advance to the super-sacred beast level. It would be fantastic if it could advance to the next level in a few years.” Mu Xin couldn’t help but be excited, imagining having a super sacred beast a few years later. That would be really great!

Si Que pondered aloud and asked, “Tell me, how can Master deal with the ninth-grade sacred beasts so easily? When she descended the Immortal Ascension Ladder and fought with us that time, I sensed an ancient pressure. Perhaps…”

Mu Xin’s eyes flashed slightly. “Very likely.”

They were talking on the soft couch in the courtyard when they noticed the Sect Master walking in.

“Haha, how are you two doing? Are you feeling any better?” The Sect Master approached slowly, looked at the two men, and asked.

Seeing that it was the Sect Master, they immediately got up from the soft couches and bowed. “Sect Master.”

“You’re injured, there’s no need to stand on ceremony. Take a seat!” The Sect Master motioned, smiled, and walked over to the courtyard table.

“We made you worry, Sect Master.” As they spoke, the two men sat down.

The Sect Master’s eyes flickered as he looked at the two of them. “You are all badly hurt this time!” He visited them when they returned. At that time, he observed that they had suffered severe internal and traumatic injuries as a result of the incident. If anyone else had been hurt in the same way, they wouldn’t be able to get up and move around right now, but they recovered quickly.

When they heard this, they exchanged glances and smiled. “Actually, we have something to say to the Sect Master.” After all, something big had occurred in the mystic realm, and since they entered the realm without informing the Sect Master, they were concerned that it would lead to future misunderstandings.

“Oh?” He smiled. “What’s wrong?”

“Sect Master, in fact, our Master, Feng Jiu, entered the mystic realm this time.” Si Que paused. “Our injuries were caused by two ninth-grade sacred beasts. Our Master saved us in a critical moment.”

The Sect Master was taken aback when he heard this and asked, “Has she gone in? What exactly was she doing in there?”

“Our Master went in for a Millennium Wuling Tendon, and she later tamed the two ninth-grade sacred beasts that hurt us, and made them our contract beasts.”

The two men flicked their sleeves as they spoke, and the two ninth-grade sacred beasts appeared in front of the stunned Sect Master.

When he saw the two immortal beasts, he was completely taken aback. How did Feng Jiu manage to find two such powerful sacred beasts for them? It’s amazing if it was true…

When he thought of this, he finally realised why the two Venerables hesitated to speak and why they got well so quickly.

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