Monster Integration

Chapter 3681 Kolad Tower I

Chapter 3681 Kolad Tower I

?I stepped out of my abode and looked above; a faint light of the sun, had started to stream through and a large number of monsters were still out.

Most of them ate Earth Sovereigns, but I could sense the Sky Sovereigns as well.

Within a second, my clone had created the map and began to follow it. Avoiding the monsters and any other danger.

I don't want to get occupied with them when I am so close to my destination. By the early morning or before that, I will reach my destination and I couldn't help but feel excited about it.

There is also faint nervousness.

The place is extremely dangerous and reminded me of the giant wall. Where I had barely survived, thanks to the cloud tar soul.

I had already decided. If it is anything like this, I will not enter inside.

The damage to my body was so great on the wall, that I needed to go to the special place to heal my injuries and was pretty powerless to do anything else.

I pushed those thoughts away and focused on the journey. I first need to reach there, before thinking about anything else.

Two hours passed, and I had crossed quite a distance. If I continued with such speed, then I would reach the destination on time.


A few more minutes passed when I suddenly stopped and sealed my power, but a few seconds later, I removed the seal and started moving carefully.

Two Sky Sovereigns monsters have started fighting. They are not closer to me being an immediate threat, but they are not far either for me to be not worried about them.

At first, I did what I always did when I spotted such a threat, but after a few seconds of thinking, I decided to take a risk and continue with my journey.

Some monster battles last quite long, and I don't want to waste that much time. Though it is not the main reason, the main reason is that the Sky Sovereign monsters are at the Initial Stage.

They are still dangerous enough for me to kill me in a single attack, but their sensory powers are not strong enough that I wouldn't move, either.

If it had been High or Peak Sky Sovereign or even Mid-Sky Sovereigns. I wouldn't have dared to take such risks, but now I am doing it.

For the next eleven minutes, I was extremely cautious, not daring to go above the decided pace, despite wanting to run at my highest speed.

Finally, fourteen minutes later, I heaved a sigh of relief.

It is not like, I couldn't sense the battle anymore. I do, but it is not a danger to me anymore, as long as those two monsters don't come in my direction, which is unlikely to happen.

Still, I remained careful. Ready to seal my body and be in complete stealth. If things become dangerous enough, then I will even hide in my abode as the last option.

I increased my speed and in the next few hours; I had to reduce it only a few times when I saw the monsters coming close to me.

I had reached close to my destination, and I began to sense more and more people, closer, I got to it.

When I was an hour away, I could sense cover hundred people. The density is far more than what was in the forge, but it is not surprising, seeing the forge had things, while this place increases strength.

In the people, I am sensing. There are an unusually high number of Sky Sovereigns. Their numbers are 13% to 15%. Which is higher than the usual 1%- 2%.

This again isn't surprising, seeing this place has far more opportunities for the Sky Sovereigns than the Earth Sovereign. They are also safer than what the place has for the Earth Sovereigns.

An hour passed, and I reached the kolad tower.

It is a wide stone tower, which is about twenty floors tall. It used to be magnificent in its prime, but now all the color faded, and there are cracks all over it.

Still, I couldn't help, but get surprised seeing its condition. It is in a much better state than I had thought.

There is only one way to enter inside, and that is through the iron door. Many people are getting in and out of it.

There is even a small market here, where people are selling things. Most of them are Earth Sovereign, but there are Sky Sovereigns as well and when I looked at the things they were selling, a smile appeared on my face.

They are selling things that are supposed to help with the dangers inside.

I looked at each of those things, before walking toward the stall manned by a Sky Sovereign. I appeared beside him and placed the flower in front of him. He looked at it, before pushing a crystal toward me.

I picked it up and walked away.

The man was an information seller, and his prices were expensive. I really hope that the crystal has all the information I need.

I sat down on one of the stone benches and inserted my soul sense into it. A moment later, a large amount of information appeared in front of me, and my clones started to study it rapidly.

Surprises appeared in front of me, and also the horrors as I read it.

It took me a few minutes to go through the large amount of information. It is very detailed in every aspect, and I am glad, I brought it.

I am now not as excited as I had been a few minutes ago. I felt like, the things here are too dangerous. Far more than I liked to experience, and one part of my mind is telling me, that I should run away from this place.

That thought isn't wrong, but I pushed it away.

It is dangerous, but I will look at those things with my eyes and only then, I will make a decision about them.

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