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Chapter 2214 - Chapter 2214: The Zhuo Family’s Destruction 8

Chapter 2214: The Zhuo Family’s Destruction 8

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Aware of the myriad rules within the school and Gu Chaoyan’s pressing commitments elsewhere, the Yan Family hesitated to detain her for long. Consequently, they bid her farewell.

Following Gu Chaoyan’s departure…

News of the Zhuo Family’s plight swiftly spread throughout the entire Shenyou

Dynasty, vet the Dynasty remained indifferent, its noble houses indifferent as well. The Zhuo Family dissolved into obscurity.


As the Zhuo Family vanished into thin air, the Yan Family saw their prestige resurge within the Shenyou Dynasty, compelling everyone to afford them the highest regard.

Meanwhile, Gu Chaoyan made her return to the Supreme Sect a day later.

Sensing an unsettling aura surrounding the Supreme Sect as she drew near, Gu

Chaoyan’s unease grew.

Rushing back to the sect…

She encountered a state of disarray within the Supreme Sect.

Avoiding contact with anyone else, she sought out the reclusive Head of the

Undead Race, who had taken refuge amidst the intermediate chaos.

Annoyance coursed through her as she beheld his timidity.

Few were as craven as he.

Lifting her up, he inquired, “What has occurred? Why is the Supreme Sect in such turmoil?” Gu Chaoyan demanded answers.

The Head of the Undead Race exuded excitement upon seeing her.

“At long last, you’ve returned, and calamity is about to befall the Supreme Sect. The Grand Unity Sect is preparing to assail us, while the other sects remain passive. It appears that Pei Yueling has successfully persuaded them, offering incentives. The Grand Unity Sect anticipates a swift victory. Mr. Head remains secluded in the intermediate realm, and Elder Lin has vanished. Chaos reigns.”

“Welcome back. Let’s not waste any time. I would’ve already made my escape if I hadn’t been waiting for you. We’ve lost precious moments, and we might encounter members of the Grand Unity Sect,” the Head of the Undead Race uttered anxiously, preparing to flee.

Gu Chaoyan’s irritation flared as she gazed at him.

It appeared he was about to abandon their cause entirely.

That was simply inconceivable.

She halted him, retorting, “Why are you running away? We are a part of the

Supreme Sect; we can’t just flee.”

“You may be part of the Supreme Sect, but I am not. If you won’t escape, I’ll do it alone. If you survive, find me at our usual meeting spot. If not, I’ll seek another ally. Farewell.” Seeing that Gu Chaoyan was not swayed, the Head of the Undead Race resolved to depart promptly.

However, as he took a few steps away, Gu Chaoyan forcefully pulled him back. “Where do you think you’re going?”

“My revered goddess, I have no affiliation with the Supreme Sect!” the Head of the Undead Race pleaded.

“My affairs are your affairs. Let’s go and consult with Elder Men,” Gu Chaoyan declared as she swept him along.

That was her intent.

For one, she was a disciple of the Supreme Sect and thus responsible for its matters.

Secondly, in the event of a crisis within the Supreme Sect, the fate of the mystical realm hung in the balance. There existed only one Origin Grass within the mystical realm, and she needed to obtain it.

Gu Chaoyan, along with the Head of the Undead Race, headed to Elder Men’s location.

On their journey…

They crossed paths with Di Hongyun, Lv Zhengyang, and Yuan Jia.

Di Hongyun sported a newly grown beard, his countenance devoid of any smiles.

Lv Zhengyang did not change.

Yuan Jia smiled. “Junior Sister, where are you going?”

“Supreme Sect is in trouble, you are not running away, are you?” Lv Zhengyang said ironically..

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