My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 2378 The Myriad Ghosts Have Gathered

Chapter 2378 The Myriad Ghosts Have Gathered

The older Daoist priest nodded. "Mhm."

After deciding their plan of action, they did not speak anymore. Only after night fell did they exchange glances and silently leave the restaurant.

There were not many people on the street anymore, but ghost spirits were assembling at a more rapid rate.

The two Daoist priests' expression turned grave after seeing this using their spiritual conscious.

They slipped around to the back of the residence and leaped inside. Just as they sneaked to the door, they heard a man's deep voice come from the main room. "Since fellow friends have come, why not show yourselves?"

The two Daoist priests exchanged glances. Just as they were about come out from their hiding places, they heard a rustle near them.

A woman wearing a tight-fitting nighttime combat outfit landed in the courtyard with a whoosh. She was tall, and her skin slightly dark. She had high cheekbones and slender eyes, and her hair was tied up into a high ponytail. She said with a smile, "I've disturbed you. This humble girl found your residence rather interesting after passing by, which is why I came uninvited."

Rather interesting? She had come to partake in the ghost spirits' carnival?

Zou Huan led Qi Hua and the others out from the room. Next to the eight of them stood three middle-aged men and an elder.

These four people were the talisman practitioners Crown Prince Mo ordered Fang Su to summon from around South City.

Among them, Mister Mu's talisman practitioner level was the highest. The three middle-aged men's levels were yellow level and advanced level, while the elder had already reached black level.

However, no matter how the talisman practitioners deliberated these several days, they could not figure out what talisman the little lady was affected by.

As for the curse practitioners Mo Lian had Fang Su search for, there was naturally no result after searching through the entire South City.

It was naturally impossible for talisman practitioners who dabbled in orthodox talisman techniques to figure out what kind of heretical curse the little lady was afflicted with.

"You are a talisman practitioner?" Zou Huan sized up that woman.


The woman was only twenty-eight or twenty-nine. Her high cheekbones made her look rather harsh and solemn.

The woman cracked a grin, seeming to have a brisk temper. "That's correct. I didn't expect to see so many fellow practitioners in such a small and ordinary residence. Very pleased to meet you all."

The elder, Mister Mu, stroked his beard with a smile. "Miss is a yellow-level talisman practitioner, right."

"This elderly mister has a sharp eye!" The woman cupped her hands. "This humble one is Shen Jue."

Elderly Mister Mu nodded and turned to look at the other side. "Will these two friends not show yourselves?"

The two Daoist priests exchanged glances and jumped out from their hiding places. They cupped their hands toward everyone as a greeting.

Elderly Mister Mu said with a smile, "So it is Daoist friends from the Taiji Sect. Nice to meet you."

Taiji Sect's great name was well-known on the Divine Province Continent.

The Taiji Sect mainly focused on cultivating talisman techniques. The old sect master's talisman technique did not pale much in comparison to the patriachs of the talisman patrician families.

The two Daoist priests looked at each other and cupped their hands toward the elderly mister at the same time. "Elderly Mister Mu."

It turned out that they knew each other.

Elderly Mister Mu's talisman skill was the highest out of this group. He was upright and renowned in the talisman world, so everyone naturally deferred to him. They followed him into the room.

The two Daoist priests and that woman Shen Jue looked at the backyard at the same time and saw a defensive barrier set up there. Their hearts couldn't help but jolt.

The woman Shen Jue spoke first. "Elderly Mister, what happened in the backyard of this residence to attract so many ghost spirits outside the front door?"

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