My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 2520 - 2520 Enraged

Chapter 2520 - 2520 Enraged

2520 Enraged

“Kneel outside,” Qiao Mu spoke coldly.

The junior palace maid was startled, but she dared not drag her feet. She quickly walked outside and relayed the crown prince consort’s decree.

That Junior Eunuch Li from the imperial kitchen was but in his early twenties. He had the air of a ruffian and he kept glancing about irreverently.

After hearing this, that Junior Eunuch Li’s expression stiffened, displeasure flitting through his eyes. “Why?”

“Caixiu, slap his mouth.”


The young crown prince consort ordered evenly.

Caixiu’s heart skipped a beat and drummed rapidly.

She knew who this Junior Eunuch Li in front of her was.

He was the Imperial Household Department’s third-in-command and also Senior Eunuch Li’s adopted son. Palace maids and eunuchs would usually be licking his boots whenever he visited the various palaces. In consideration of Senior Eunuch Li, no one dared to treat him brashly.

It was common knowledge throughout the entire Divine Province Emperor that after the empress fell into a coma more than ten years ago, the emperor did not bring in any concubines.

The entire harem was actually very serene. Besides the illegitimate women that various small kingdoms would force into the harem every year, only the senior palace maid Qiaochu kept him company.

Everyone thought that Qiaochu would one day probably make a comeback and become a consort, yet after more than ten years to the day, Qiaochu was still only just a senior palace maid serving the emperor.

Qiaochu was nearly 40 this year…

Truthfully, those senseless women who get forced into the harem every year might not even be living as well as palace maids and eunuchs like them who commanded some degree of authority.

For example, this Junior Eunuch Li got whatever he wanted due to Senior Eunuch Li’s prestige.

Even he was a bit dumbfounded when he suddenly heard the crown prince consort order someone to slap his mouth.

“Slap his mouth!” The young crown prince consort swept Caixiu a sharp look.

This look made Caixiu’s heart sink.

She promptly realized that if she went against the crown prince consort’s wishes today, her use as a maidservant would be over.

Caixiu gritted her teeth and strode out of the side chamber. She walked up to Junior Eunuch Li.

The people in the Eastern Palace just went with the flow and called this little lass, whom the emperor did not acknowledge, the crown prince consort. With just this, she really thought she was the crown prince consort and dared to climb all over him?

*Slap!* Caixiu slapped Junior Eunuch Li’s face hard.

Junior Eunuch Li’s face got slapped to the side.

Junior Eunuch Li yowled in pain. Then, like an enraged wild wolf, he hurled his fists toward the palace maid before him.

Caixiu shut her eyes and peacefully awaited for death to befall her.

This Junior Eunuch Li’s cultivation was higher than hers. She was merely a level-eight minor mystic cultivator. Before all the bigshots, this amount of cultivation was basically negligible.

Yet after waiting for a long time, she did not feel any pain.

She opened her eyes. Junior Eunuch Li’s arm had frozen in mid-air, and he stood stiffly in front of her like a wooden puppet, his eyes wide open in surprise.

Junior Eunuch Li naturally couldn’t move after getting immobilized by a immobilization talisman. His knuckles cracked, by he was completely unable to resist right now.

“What great airs, even daring to strike back.” The crown prince consort’s chilling voice came from the room.

“Take him away and flog him 50 times before dragging him back over to speak to me.”

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