My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 2773 Kill

Chapter 2773 Kill

Qiao Mu no longer had the luxury of wasting time with Qiong Hao. She sensed that after His Excellency Shenshui assimilated the grade-nine spiritual water, they were on the verge of advancing to level one. Consequently, she needed to enter closed-door cultivation immediately.

Assuming nothing unforeseen occurred, she would advance to a new level by assimilating the grade-nine spiritual water, just as His Excellency Shenshui had.

The young girl's brows furrowed in impatience.

Qiong Hao shot a discreet glance at her, noticing that Boss Shi Lang from the Mercenary Group remained silent. With no assistance forthcoming from anyone present, his frustration grew.

Meanwhile, Shi Lang silently sneered to himself.

This Qiong Hao's indifference towards him was palpable, likely due to his status as a level-12 grand spiritual cultivator. From the start, Shi Lang had harbored a distaste for the man's demeanor.

/He has absolutely no sense of boundaries. It's a good lesson for him to suffer a setback. Otherwise, he'd be insufferably arrogant and perceive his role as the commander as mere theatrics./

Though Qiong Hao's eyes betrayed defiance, his words involuntarily softened. "You—you're confining me. How… how am I supposed to manage things?"

With a gentle motion, Qiao Mu retracted the sharp icicle that had been poised menacingly at Qiong Hao's forehead.

Qiong Hao found himself suddenly able to move. Breathing a sigh of relief, a glint of murderous intent flickered in his impulsive gaze.

Out of nowhere, a ferocious beast lunged from behind Qiong Hao. Its gaping maw was aimed at Qiao Mu, ready to clamp down.

"Hiss." The small white snake coiled around Qiao Mu's wrist wriggled into motion, its head darting out in response.

In the blink of an eye, the snake's head partially enlarged, its ghastly fangs exposed. It fixated on the unbelievably ferocious beast before opening its mouth and lunging at its head.

Blood sprayed in a gruesome display.

"Ah!!" Shi Yongqian's face drained of color, and she collapsed to the ground.

She stared in sheer shock at the massive snake head slithering toward her, muttering in a panic, "No, don't eat me, don't eat me."

The little white snake had no interest in biting the woman's foul head. It retracted its colossal head, coiling it back into the form of a slender bracelet. It circled around Miss Qiao's wrist before settling down.

This unexpected turn of events halted everyone in the vicinity, their actions suspended as they gaped foolishly at Qiao Mu.

/Heavens, this was the spiritual beast that dispatched Qiong Hao in a mere second?!/

Simultaneously shocked, a trace of sympathy involuntarily welled up for Qiong Hao's ill-fated demise.

"Ah! Ahhh!" Qiong Hao, ensnared by the spiritual beast's death throes, bore the brunt of its misfortune.

Who could have anticipated that just as his ferocious beast reared its head, in an instant! Right before it could seize the stoic-faced maiden's head, the serpent engulfed it whole.

Qiao Mu's eyes glittered coldly. She gestured with her hand, her voice frigid as though plucking a fish from icy waters. "Perish."

For whatever reason, anyone intent on ending her life would meet their demise.

What had initially been a trivial matter escalated due to this individual's impudent demeanor, going so far as to dictate her choice of refreshments. She had merely aimed to make him suffer a minor setback, to knock him off his high horse.

Yet now, this person had attempted an ambush, unleashing a spiritual beast in an endeavor to bite her to death. Deep-seated malevolence emanated from him. Even if she were to spare him again at this moment, he would not desist but rather nurse thoughts of retaliation down the line.

/Given that was the case, her only recourse was to erase them utterly, leaving no trace behind./

With Qiao Mu's resolve to take a life, not even her father, the Heavenly King, could intervene to save her; her intent was inexorable.

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