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My Supermodel Wife (For Sale!)

My Supermodel Wife (For Sale!)







My Supermodel Wife (For Sale!)

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My dream will come true! Soon I will be arriving in Italy and appearing at the Milan Fashion Show! My photos will be published in all fashion magazines around the world!

In the end, all my sacrifices and hard work will not be in vain!

But why my dream become a nightmare!? Daddy suddenly invited me to meet a young CEO who was really arrogant. He said, for the sake of my family's business, I will become his future wife of the young CEO!

I don't want to marry him! I don't even know, and don’t love him, but now I have to sacrifice my dream to become his housewife!?

What about my dream? Are my efforts and sacrifices in vain? What does the world's most arrogant CEO want? Does he think money can buy love?

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