My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires.

Chapter 678 678: The King Among Kings.

Chapter 678: The King Among Kings.

“M- Mother, what are you-.”

“Silence, Worm!” The woman kicked a man who looked like the male version of Lily in the gut. He had short spiked black hair with red tips, but the half Succubus was much more muscular than his mother.


“I warned you.” She punched the man in the face.

“M-Mo-” again, he was silenced with a knee to the face.

“I warned you several times!” Lily stepped on her son’s leg, and a crunching sound was heard.

“AHHHH-” Luka’s scream was cut off by Lily’s hand clutching his throat.

“Stop screaming like a bitch.” Lily’s eyes gleamed with a cruel glare.

“You are a descendant of Lucifer and Lilith! Even in pain, act proud, worm!”

Lily lifted Luka by the neck and brought his face in front of her.

Luka looked into his mother’s demonic eyes with pure fear on his face.

“I warned you. End your rebellious thoughts, and accept the change, or death would be a much kinder fate than what would happen to you.”

Ignoring the pain he was feeling and the fear, anger rose in Luka’s heart:

“H- How can you accept it!? How can you accept that halfbreed! He’s not even a demon!”

Lily narrowed her eyes dangerously and, with a thrust of her hands, slammed her son’s body into the ground.

A crater formed in the ground and the man’s entire body was broken by this attack.

“The man you talk about has done irreversible damage in Hell!” She stepped on his face.

“The man you speak of has destroyed the fucking door to hell that was supposed to be unbreakable.” She stepped on his face again.

“A feat even my mom or dad couldn’t do!”

“So what if he’s not a demon?”

“M-Mot-.” Luka tried to say something, but all he got was a stomp on his head that made his face deform.

“He has the strength to bring all hell under his heel just as I am doing to you now.”

Lily grabbed Luka by the neck again and lifted him in front of her, her eyes sparkled for a few seconds, and the wounds on Luka’s body healed a little, just enough for him not to die.

“What have I taught you, My Son? Answer me.”

“P-Power is everything…”


“For the sake of power, I decided to marry Baal. With that, I would have political power and influence in all of hell.”

“Because of power, I bowed my head to Diablo and supported my husband.”

“For the sake of power and our very survival, I’ve decided to support the new king because, if you haven’t noticed, your bloody father isn’t here in hell to protect you, just like bloody Diablo.” .


“Diablo, the demon that defeated my mother, a feat even I couldn’t accomplish.” Lily threw Luka to the ground.

“And as an ancient demon, the incarnation of evil, he had the power to be king.”

“Cough, Cough.” Luka coughed several times, trying to catch his breath.

“But that has changed now. Times have changed. Due to Diablo’s plans, he left Hell unguarded, and in the absence and inertia of the old king, a new king has arisen.”

“Alucard has hell in his hands, he could destroy everything and everyone, but instead, he chose to rule and lead the demons, and the effects of that leadership are quite noticeable.”

“Tell me, my son. What is Alucard called by the demon masses?”

“A- Antichrist-.”

“I did not hear you!” She kicked him in the face again.

“… H-He is called as if he were the antichrist himself, or the messiah of hell.”

“Tell me, why is he called that?”

“…Because he’s…” Luka opened his eyes wide.

“Answer me!”

“He’s popular, he’s adored, the demons fell for his charisma just like Lucifer did in the past…”

“Did you finally understand, you idiot?”

“B- But, how is that possible?”

“Are you blind?” She spoke with disdain and disappointment, “Or are you pretending to be blind?”

“It doesn’t matter. Since you don’t know how to use your eyes to see something so basic, I’ll explain it to you.” Lily clapped her hands together to remove the dirt.

“Alucard changed society in hell. With his leadership, we progressed as a society, and the hell that was pure chaos was gaining order. Something that Diablo, with years in power, never managed to do.”

“And by switching to a merit-based society, it gave an opportunity for ALL demons to gain power.”

“Do you know what that means?”

“… That the power is no longer in the hands of the ancient demons, but in the demons’ own effort,” Luka replied with difficulty:

“And those demons who struggled and then received the king’s direct power will be eternally loyal to the king because their destiny changed thanks to him, and thus begins an endless cycle of fanatically loyal soldiers…”

“… T- That monster … Did he plan all this? From the start?”

“Finally, I’m seeing your fucking intelligence,” Lily spoke in disdain.

Luka shuddered in embarrassment. He never liked it when his mother spoke as if he were a child.

“By changing society, all the lesser demons are supporting the new king. Not even Diablo had this support before, everyone feared the incarnation of evil, but they don’t support him like it’s a life goal.”

“Even if ancient demons are strong, In front of BILLIONS of fanatical demons, we are nothing.”

Yes, Lily could fight hordes of demons, but eventually, even she would get tired and would die in front of so many demons. The power of the masses cannot be ignored, especially now that Alucard was empowering the lesser demons.

“And when I say all, I mean ALL demons, whether they be the lesser demons of old and those to be born.”

“…” Luka opened his mouth several times but closed his mouth at the end; he couldn’t form words.

“Do you understand now? How idiotic is your notion of rebellion?”

“You wouldn’t just fight a bloody monster who conquered all of Hell basically single-handedly, a man who fought a DEMON GOD and emerged victorious.”

Lily shuddered internally as her insides tightened at that fact. She was getting aroused since, like all demons, she loved power, and she shuddered whenever she remembered that struggle; ignoring the aroused side of her, she continued:

“You would also have to fight all of fucking hell.”

“And I didn’t even mention the fact that you’d have to fight the ‘elders of hell’, as the new king calls them, the oldest demons of hell, Zahal and Albu.”

“Impossible! Even them!? Weren’t they loyal to Diablo!?”

“Loyal to Diablo?” Lily spoke with disdain and amusement in her tone:

“The Elder demons are loyal to HELL itself; they don’t care about Diablo or my father… but they knelt before Alucard.”

“They recognized him as the king, and they knelt before him. This has never happened before; even my father Lucifer never gained their ‘loyalty’.”

“…Impossible…” Luka looked at the ground in disbelief.

“Stop resisting the inevitable. Demon society will change to the image of the new king, and I will ensure that I will be an influential figure in that society. I refuse to be left out or treated like any other demon. My pride will not allow it.”

“But your fucking recklessness is putting all of that in jeopardy!” Lily snarled as her wings beat behind her as black and white power emanated from his body.

“….” Luka shuddered at his mother’s angry eyes. He knew that when his mother, who was normally noble and demure, started to use swear words, she was furious.

“My Son. You will help me fix this mess.”

“I hate futile effort, so I suggest you don’t resist.””

Luka just sighed. He didn’t even think about resisting, even though he was upset by the wounds on his body and wanted to fight the woman in front of him; he knew he wouldn’t have a chance.

His mother’s bloodline, Dark Light, was a demonic power with traces of the holy light of the angels. A unique power that came from the union of Lilith, the mother of demons, and Lucifer, the first of the fallen, who, despite having become a fallen angel and having been defiled, his holy light had not been completely extinguished.

And that light passed into Lily, a power that was extremely deadly to demons. Unfortunately, even though he was Lily’s son, that power didn’t pass to him. He’s more Baal than Lucifer.

Luka had no choice but to accept his fate, the fate his mother had prepared for him.

Oh… He knew he wasn’t going to die, his mother, despite being a crazy bitch, still liked him, but he knew that whatever she prepared for him… It’s going to hurt… A lot.

In front of the demon king’s castle, a crowd of demons were in the square, and all of them were looking in awe at the man who sat on a black and red throne in the distance.

The man had his head resting in his hand, his face was covered in a strange darkness, and the only things visible were his violet eyes, his full plate armor, and long flowing black hair covered in a black miasma that seemed to have a life of its own.

Victor Alucard, The King of All Demons.

Beside him was a Greatsword covered in black miasma.

And behind his throne were three women, each of different height and different armor, the three generals of the new king, and behind these women were twelve women who were direct subordinates of the three women.

The twelve commanders of hell.

Not just them, as soon, two twin demons appeared kneeling in front of the new king.

“I’m sorry for the delay, Your Majesty… My brother spent a lot of time adoring our new place of residence.” Albu spoke.

“Delay will not be tolerated, Elders.” Victor’s heavy voice echoed through the room, causing the demons present to shiver. Even the man’s voice was charged with power.

“I hope when I call, you forget whatever you’re doing and come meet me.”

“Yes, Your Majesty! Such a mistake will not happen again.”

“Very well, get back to your position. We have a show today.”

“Yes!” The two elder demons got up and went to the generals’ side.

The demons, whether young or old alike, looked upon this vision with open eyes.

All the new strongest political power of the current government was here.

If before it wasn’t obvious that something was going on for the King of Hell himself to be outside his castle, now it was quite obvious.

Something happened… Something that brought all the centerpieces of the new government together.

Whispers began to be heard among the masses while they were wondering what was going on.

The conversation was taking place as low as possible. No one dared to raise their voice out of respect for the new king.

Some just looked at Victor with an expression as if they had seen a god they prayed to every day come down to earth. Most of them being the lesser demons.

Helena, Vine, and Vepar looked at this vision with interested faces.

It was at these times that they realized how special their king was.

Was he feared?

Of course, he was, but at the same time, he was admired, respected, and even revered.

Because he was feared, no one dared to provoke him.

It was because he was admired, respected, and revered that the masses listened to him.

It was at these times that they realized how lucky they were to have been chosen by this man. It was because of him that they had the position they have now.

Did their talent help?

Yes, of course, if they weren’t talented and hardworking, they wouldn’t be able to maintain this position, but… They would never have had a chance to reach what they achieved today if it wasn’t for Victor.

After all, he opened the way by force, took hell for himself, and opened doors for various demons to rise to power.

Nobody would dare say that he was not the king now.

Even if Diablo came back to Hell and tried to regain his position, it would be an astronomical effort, and even if he managed to regain his position, the damage was already done.

All those who had experienced Victor’s rule would not want to return to Diablo’s incompetent hands.

The seed had already been planted.

And Nobody could destroy it.

Victor Alucard already owned Hell.

Helena shuddered slightly as she felt her king’s gaze, she looked at him, and with just that look, she understood what he wanted.

She started to walk forward quite gracefully. This movement attracted the attention of all the demons, who stopped what they were doing to look towards Helena.

“Today is an important day… Today is a day that we will get rid of the remnants of the former government of the incompetent Diablo.”

“Today is judgment day.” Helena looked toward a location.


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