My Werewolf System

Chapter 816 A New Comer

Chapter 816 A New Comer

?A couple of days had passed in the prison with not much happening. There were the normal scuffles that would occur here and there, but there wasn't anything large and eventful like there was before.

Stinger and his group were back to doing their usual hanging out on the staircase, trying to act big in front of all the other prisoners that weren't in a group. The south and north groups kept separate from each other, with a few members getting in trouble with each other here and there.

If there was one change, it was just that Blackjack started to come out of his cell more, scanning the open areas. To everyone, there seemed to be no reason for this.

For Gary, he too had mostly stayed in his cell but had come out and was pacing back and forth in the open area, no one saying a word to him.

‘It's been three days in total since I got here. A lot could happen in three days with the Howlers,’ Gary thought to himself. ‘I thought Elijah would have come back by now with some news of what is going on in Slough.’

‘Am I just overthinking? The system, I can see that the others are still fine. That they're okay, but how much longer can I just stay here? I need to act; I need to figure a way out of here.’

Gary's go-to was gathering a little bit of information. He originally wanted to see this Blackjack person, but whenever Gary tried, he could never get a hold of him. He had visited his cell to find no one was there.

He went to the open area and was walking around, asking others; they would have stated they had just seen him and he had left. It was certainly strange. It was almost like, to Gary, that this person didn't exist.

He was a made-up figure because he didn't even catch a glance of him anywhere, like a ghost.

‘If I can't rely on Blackjack, then I need to continue getting stronger. If I fight against the north or south groups, it will increase my exp... and then.’

In the middle of his thoughts, a metal door had been slammed, and it wasn't from the usual areas. It was from the single opening that led to the Warden's office, and near where prisoners would be escorted in and out.

A large man with boulder shoulders, no hair on his head but a large scar that split down the center had entered. He looked fierce, frightening, and he gazed at everyone who walked in.

The guard was doing the same as he had done with Gary, explaining the rules and giving him a little pep talk. When they got to the staircase seating area, Stinger looked at him but didn't act out.

After what happened last time, starting in on the newbie, he was being a little more cautious with the newcomers. After which, the man was taken down a hallway to be placed in his cell.

Everyone seemed to be interested in the new person, and while he was heading to his cell, Gary could see the commotion. Those from the north group and south group were immediately talking to each other.

They were asking certain questions, if anyone recognized him, what gang or organization was he from, and what crime did he commit to fall into such a place in the first place.

"Did all of these guys do this when I first arrived as well?" Gary thought. "I guess they really care about the new ones that enter."

Just in case there was any information he could use, Gary was listening in as well as he continued to pace backward and forward.

"Alright, so did any of you guys recognize him?" Stinger asked. "The guy was unique, so I'm pretty sure if someone saw him before they would recognize him."

"I know!" One of Stinger's members answered. "His nickname was ‘The Boulder’. He worked as a hired hitman for corporations. He didn't really have a city or place to call his own, but many gangs in the Tier 3 and below areas would hire him to help them out.”

"It wasn't just gangs, but even corporations; if they needed someone, they would hire him."

"So he has no affiliation with any groups, and he was strong enough to even be hired by other well-known gangs. Well, it looks like we got our perfect match for someone to join our group," Stinger replied.

"I'm not too sure, because that was in the past," the member continued. "I heard he went on a couple of rampages. He wouldn't just kill his target, but would kill the family members as well.”

"This happened more than once, and I heard he was on the run from White Rose because of it. I guess they eventually managed to catch him. He's quite the loose cannon."

Stinger still smiled. There were plenty of loose cannons that were in the prison, yet the strong managed to get them under control. At the threat of one's life, they always complied.

Heavy footsteps were heard from one of the hallways. The guard had finished giving his little tour that he would always give, and coming out of the hallway was the man they called ‘The Boulder’.

He looked around, and he could feel all the stares directed at him.

"It looks like they want to test me; well, I'll show them what I've got."

The Boulder walked to his left and carried on forward. He could see someone, someone small, young, and an easy target in front of him.

"You want to see how strong I am, then I'll show you how strong I am!" The Boulder shouted as he threw an unexpected fist right out at the prisoner.

It was sent with full force, his hand transforming into what looked like solid rock. The fist landed, hitting the person dead straight.

That was when The Boulder was confused; usually, his opponents would go flying. When he looked down, he could see the Green Haired target holding right onto his fist. He hadn't budged an inch.

"Oh f*ck!" Stinger said. "It looks like The Boulder's dead!"


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