My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 31: The Good-for-nothing Friend

Chapter 31: The Good-for-nothing Friend

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"It's been a long time." After recognizing the man inside, Qin Chu calmly waved.

"Oh shit, it's really you! You're back and you didn't even tell me?! Get in! We'll find a place to catch up."

Unable to say no, Qin Chu got into the black Jaguar.

The owner of the Jaguar was none other than Qin Chu's childhood best friend, Gao Ran.

Just as Qin Chu stepped into the car, his phone began to ring...

"You don't need to pick me up, I have things to do. I'll return a little bit later. Put the documents in my office and cancel my appointments this afternoon. That's all." Qin Chu hung up immediately.

"You went back to work at GK?" Gao Ran asked with a laugh.


"How long has it been?"

"More than a week."

Gao Ran tapped himself on the head. "Sh*t, if it weren't for my stupid boss sending me away to study out of town, I would've heard the news of your return a long time ago. But what the hell man? You didn't even call me?"

"I tried to call, but it didn't go through."

"Oh, right. We're not allowed to use cell phones during class," Gao Ran said, clearly happy to reunite with Qin Chu.

- Half an hour later -

The two men sat down in an elegant tea house. The room had a charming sense of antiquity.

Gao Ran asked sincerely, "How long has it been? Seven or eight years?"

"Seven years exactly."

"Time sure flies. You were just a stupid kid when you left, and now you're the President of GK! Haha."

"You're one to talk. You were a punk on the street seven years ago, and now you're the director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau. What a huge change," Qin Chu said, picking up the teacup.

"Ugh! My dad said that my grandpa was a cop and he was a cop, so now it's my turn to be one too. He doesn't care whether I get married or have kids, but he would disown me if I didn't become a cop."

"A family of policemen, not bad," Qin Chu said lightly.

"Bullsh*t! I never wanted to be a cop. It pays so little, and there's so much to handle. If you don't get it done, you'll get scolded. Do you think it was easy for me to get to this director position?! I got shot in the stomach in an anti-terrorist operation two years ago. I almost died!" Gao Ran lifted his shirt to show Qin Chu his scars.

"Great. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

"Get out of here. Stop bullsh*tting me. I don't mind trading places with you. You can be a police director, and I'll be the president of a business empire!"

"Sure," Qin Chu replied in a serious tone.

"Yeah right, I don't have any talent in business. I'll just remain as a happy-go-lucky cop." As he finished his sentence, Gao Ran picked up his teacup and took a small sip.

"Look at you, leaving without any notice, for seven years no less! What's wrong with you? Do you know how much I missed you? I called your dad to get your address, but he wasn't willing to give it to me," Gao Ran whined.

"Yeah, that was an agreement I had with my father. I told him I wouldn't return nor contact anyone back home before the seven-year period was up."

"What kind of bullsh*t deal is that?! I really don't understand you."

"No, I did it all for one person," Qin Chu said, enunciating each word.

Gao Ran suddenly remembered what happened seven years ago. He asked hesitantly, "Does this deal have anything to do with Huo Mian?"

Qin Chu remained silent...but his answer was obvious.

"I thought so. Qin Chu, why are you still hung up on a woman like her? Don't you remember how she treated you seven years ago? Forget her and find a Caucasian girlfriend. Do you know who you are? You are the heir to GK for god's sake! You can have anything and anyone you want, so why torture yourself over a woman?"

"Seven years wasn't her fault. I couldn't protect her."

"So what are you doing now? Did you come back for her?" Gao Ran looked bewildered.

Qin Chu avoided the question and looked at his watch instead.

"I have somewhere to be, I'll catch up with you another day."

"Yeah, alright. Remember to keep in touch." Gao Ran got up to walk him out.

When he arrived at GK, Qin Chu went upstairs and headed directly to his office. He was surprised to see a woman sitting on the sofa.

At the sight of Qin Chu, she quickly got up, flashing him a beautiful smile.

"President Qin, you've returned."

Qin Chu frowned...

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