Nine Sun God King

Chapter 1154

Chapter 1154

As expected the 5 Star Nucleus provided by Ye Yaoxue’s group has been found to be real after the inspection and the winner of the 1st round is Nether Sect.

Dragon Race elders have very ugly expression. They schemed very meticulously to make sure they win the 1st round, get a head start and increase the morale of their people. Now it has all been ruined. They never expected that four out of five of their very strong contestants would be killed and the Divine Dragon Warrior would go missing. Long Huatai shouted order at his people to go over to the 1st tribulation Heavenly Star to check the situation. They can not just ignore the missing Divine Dragon Warrior, it is a huge loss to them.

Netherworld Great Emperor did not ask Qin Yun about what happened. He is very sure that the miserable defeat of the Dragon Race is due to Qin Yun’s good deed. He always knew that Qin Yun is dependable. He said with chuckle : “Can we begin the 2nd round now?”

Long Huatai has a very ugly expression as he said in cold voice : “2nd round is battle between 1st tribulation Half Immortals. We will hold it on the battle stage here.”

“Xie Wufeng, you go up!” Netherworld Great Emperor said. He is very clear about how powerful a sword cultivator like Xie Wufeng is when using their Origin Sword.

Dragon Race also expected this, after all, last time Xie Wufeng killed a dragon race fighter on top of the Dragon God Altar. This makes the Dragon Race very happy because they believe that they now have a chance to take revenge.

Qin Yun asked of Netherworld Great Emperor through sound transmission : “How many Divine Dragon Warriors does the Dragon Race have?”

“I also don’t know. For past many years, they must have managed to raise quite a lot of them but normally, they don’t come out.” Netherworld Great Emperor replied : “Oh that’s right, did you meet that Divine Dragon Warrior?”

“I captured it!” Qin Yun replied. A sly smile appeared on Netherworld Great Emperor’s face as he nodded. Now he is clear that the other 4 have been killed by Qin Yun’s group.

“Long Ruosheng, you go!” Long Huatai yelled.

A youth suddenly flew out from the Dragon Race’s group. This youth has a horn on his forehead. The horn attracted a lot of attention because it looks like a rhinoceros horn and not a dragon horn.

Xie Wufeng has a very calm expression after standing on the battle stage. Although he only has one arm, he is exuding a very terrifying sword intent which causes people to not underestimate him at all.

After Long Ruosheng landed on the battle stage, he suddenly gripped the horn on his head and vigorously pulled. This caused everyone to cry out in shock. Even Qin Yun is shocked looking at it because it seems like that the horn is actually a sword hilt. Long Ruosheng has actually took out a sword out of his head! His sword began emitting an intense sword intent. There are sword users among the spectators, their sword suddenly began to tremble as if they want to run out of the scabbard.

“This guy is an expert in sword!” Qin Yun is shocked.

“He is a sword cultivator dragon!” Netherworld Great Emperor’s expression became dignified as he said in deep voice.

A dragon that cultivates Origin Sword, even more scary is the fact that he has cultivated using Divine Liquid since childhood. However, Qin Yun is not at all worried, he knows that Xie Wufeng’s strength is deep and unfathomable.

Xie Wufeng also took out his Origin Sword. Although both of them are sword cultivators, their Origin Swords look completely different. Xie Wufeng’s Origin Sword is pitch-black, it’s flickering with ice-cold light and emitting a sharp and penetrating, proud and aloof sword intent. Long Ruosheng’s Origin Sword is light golden, it’s hilt is white. The whole sword looks like a very long horn and it is filled with a domineering and vicious aura. The whole sword is slightly trembling, it is as if the killing intent within is hard to suppress. Two people looked at each other while tightly gripping their swords, two sword intent collided, causing the atmosphere in the area to become repressed.

Although Xie Wufeng’s expression is showing a prideful sharpness, he looks very calm, driven, reserved and ready for action. Long Ruosheng is completely opposite. His eyes are filling with unrestrained killing intent. His sword hand is trembling, it is clear that he is forcefully suppressing his killing intent. Just from the mood, it is very clear that Long Ruosheng is inferior to Xie Wufeng. But for some reason, people are now feeling that Long Ruosheng is stronger. Whether it is his aura or the power suppressed within his body, all are stronger than Xie Wufeng. Long Ruosheng makes people feel like he would go berserk as soon as the battle begins.

“Big brother Xie might suffer a bit of loss!” Qin Yun is calmly looking as he said in his heart.

“That guy has dragon scales as powerful armor. And he also has powerful weapon. So it will be very hard to deal with him.” Ling Yuner said.

Long Ruosheng looked at Xie Wufeng and said with sneer : “A sword cultivator like you is an insult to swords!”

“Using sword to commit evil is an insult to Sword Dao!” Xie Wufeng’s brows are lightly creased as he said : “I find it truly incomprehensible, how did you manage to cultivate your Origin Sword?”

“Ha ha ha… my sword is for massacring the weak! I can cultivate Origin Sword because I let my sword drink as much blood as it wants and commit as much massacre as it wants!” Long Ruosheng howled in laughter.

Qin Yun is not surprised that Long Ruosheng is a murderous maniac. Although he thought that Dragon Race would not allow their Divine Dragon Warriors to commit massacre so that their mental state are not affected but it seems Dragon Race doesn’t care and they are raising their Divine Dragon Warriors to be as bloodthirsty as the rest of their kind.

“It looks like your sword is not at all an Origin Sword!” suddenly Xie Wufeng said with laugh.

“Whether or not it is Origin Sword is not for you to decide!” Long Ruosheng raised his sword and pointed at Xie Wufeng with it : “My Origin Sword will suck your weak blood dry! I am a true sword cultivator!”

Xue Jiuming is the judge of the battle, since the two factions are borrowing their Great Ancient College’s property, their Great Ancient College is in charge of the proceeding. The barrier around the battle stage has been activated by them and he rang a large gong to start the battle.

Long Ruosheng has been impatient for a long time. As soon as heard the gong ringing, his sword vibrated and released a Heaven shaking dragon cry as he swiftly stabbed towards Xie Wufeng’s forehead with a roar : “Die!”

His sword moved at a lightning speed. Everyone saw that an incomparably ferocious and berserk sword intent transformed into lightning and within a split second, penetrated into Xie Wufeng’s forehead. What caused everyone to be amazed is that Long Ruosheng’s sword suddenly paused just when it is only an inch away from Xie Wufeng’s forehead. That’s because Xie Wufeng’s sword has already penetrated into Long Ruosheng’s head at an unknown time. Long Ruosheng’s eyes are wide open, he sensed that the sword intent he condensed inside his body has suddenly collapsed. And the interior of his body has been instead filled up with a Divine sword intent.


The sword in Long Ruosheng’s hand turned into energy and dissipated. Only the horn remained and it fell to the ground. Many cracks appeared on Long Ruosheng’s body and light rays began appearing out of the cracks. With a muffled explosion, Long Ruosheng’s body exploded and transformed into intense light.

Everyone is completely dumbstruck looking at the light rays on the battle stage. A formidable sword cultivator dragon has been killed by Xie Wufeng in the blink of an eye. Qin Yun is also completely stunned. Everyone suddenly burst into commotion, they began shouting and talking in amazement. What they find incomprehensible is the fact that they clearly saw Long Ruosheng’s sword intent penetrate into Xie Wufeng’s forehead but not only nothing happened to Xie Wufeng but amazingly, they did not even see when Xie Wufeng attacked and his sword penetrated into Long Ruosheng’s forehead.

“Long Ruosheng only managed to have his sword intent penetrate into Xie Wufeng’s forehead but Xie Wufeng is a sword cultivator and he can surely defend against such attack! And immediately afterwards, he released his sword intent and his sword followed through!” after being stunned for a while, Netherworld Great Emperor said with bright smile : “In other words, just as Xie Wufeng’s sword intent penetrated into Long Ruosheng’s forehead, his Origin Sword followed through and did the same. Long Ruosheng only managed to use his sword intent and could not follow through with his sword. The difference in their cultivation realm is just too big!”

Qin Yun suddenly realized that Xie Wufeng’s Origin Sword is now in harmony with his sword intent. It can move with his mind’s wish, so it’s speed was far superior to Long Ruosheng’s sword.

There are many sword cultivators present within the spectators. They all sighed one after another. They have seen a true sword cultivator who has already achieved the realm of “Sword follows intent. Intent follows heart’s desire.”. The whole battle has been over in the blink of an eye, it was beyond everyone’s expectation.

“When it is a battle between two sword cultivator, if both are equally strong, it becomes a contest of speed. Being slow means death, being faster means winning and living!” Netherworld Great Emperor said with laugh.

Not only Xie Wufeng was quicker, he caught his opponent off guard. Long Ruosheng basically did not have enough time to defend himself with his dragon scales and he died in just one hit.

Dragon Race people are extremely furious now but they are unable to do anything.

After the barrier deactivated, Xie Wufeng flew away from the stage with calm expression. Everyone can see that despite his calm expression, he is exhausted. Clearly, he consumed greatest amount of his energy to perform that one sword attack.

In this confrontation between Nether Sect and Dragon Race, winners of 3 out of 5 rounds is the final winner. Since Dragon Race has already lost two rounds, they are now under great pressure.

“Round 3, battle between 2nd tribulation Half Immortals!” Long Huatai yelled with a very gloomy expression.

Netherworld Great Emperor looked at Xue Die, Xu Xiaoba, as well as other Holy Sons and Holy Maidens who are all 2nd tribulation Half Immortals.

“Xiaoba, you go up! We have already won two rounds, Dragon Race will surely go all out this time! You must be very careful!” Netherworld Great Emperor warned.

“Sect leader, I got it! I will surely defeat them!” after Qin Yun carved totems on Xu Xiaoba, he feels that he is unparalleled within same cultivation base. So he is filled with arrogance.

Qin Yun immediately sent sound transmission to Xu Xiaoba, warning him to be careful. Qin Yun knows Xu Xiaoba well, he is inherently arrogant, this arrogance won’t wane until he suffers quite a bit of loss.

Dragon Race also understands Xu Xiaoba’s character. This time they will surely send a Divine Dragon Warrior who won’t be easy to handle and also focus on killing Xu Xiaoba.

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