Our Binding Love: My Gentle Tyrant

Chapter 340

Chapter 340

Land in the Southwest (2)

He first carefully looked at the map, and then said, “Your Majesty, the place drawn on this map indeed is well-situated with good feng shui! This lowly one* guesses, this place was originally left for the last dynasty’s emperor to build an underground palace** for himself, but didn’t expect that in the end it would be used to hide treasure.”

*he’s using another way of saying a self-depreciating “I”

**the coffin chamber of an imperial tomb

Mo Linyuan motioned him to continue, so Lin Zhizhao did.

“This map has drawn two dragon veins*. Your Majesty, please look, the overall context of this mountain is that of a dragon. The ground is the dragon’s flesh, the rocks are the dragon’s bones, the plants and trees are the dragon’s scales. If you follow my finger, you should be able to see two dragons encircling from the top to bottom.

*terrain that looks like dragons – here it’s related to feng shui

More info: https://steemit.com/culture/@c136/the-dragon-vein-decides-the-feng-shui-good-and-bad-qingming-festival-will-arrive

“Before looking for the dragon, we should find the ancestor and parent mountains first, examine the qi*, that the qi is not resentful, and split it into Yin and Yang. The so-called ancestor mountains are the mountains’ origins, where the mountain ranges come from**. Examining the qi refers to whether or not the mountain ranges are undulated, and whether or not the formation of the mountain ridges has a halo effect. If there is a halo effect, it’s auspicious; otherwise, it’s ominous.”

*气 (qi ) – good energy that makes a place auspicious

**if this sentence is confusing – it’s like the “ancestor” mountain is like a “mother” (the origins), giving birth to the other series of mountains (making the mountain ranges)

“And these dragon veins* run from south to north straightly and smooth**, accumulate and store qi, it’s the best of the best feng shui! It’s hard to come by.”

*terrain that looks like dragons, related to feng shui

**like having no obstacles/hindrance in its way, simply going straiiiiight

Hearing him speak so much, Mo Linyuan felt a little light-headed. He impatiently asked, “Let me ask you, can you locate where these dragon veins are?”

When he asked this question, Ye Mu wasn’t expecting much, but still listened to Lin Zhizhao say, “These dragon veins are like a horse’s gallop, like ripples of water. My guess is, it should be where the southwest mountains assemble! It’s only that place that has a lot of mountains. It’s just that you will only find it by going there.”

“Southwest? You’re sure?” Mo Linyuan skeptically looked at him.

Lin Zhizhao smiled thinly. “It’s not at all difficult to see its position, you can already see it from the dragon’s direction. It’s only that finding it cannot be done in one day. You must go to that place first, then you’ll receive more information.”

Mo Linyuan listened and stashed away the City Boundary Map. He frowned. “In other words, just by looking at the map, you can’t get the exact position?”

Lin Zhizhao saluted and said, “That’s right, Your Majesty. This finding the dragon and tapping the acupuncture points is not an easy task. But this lowly one assures you, except for this lowly one, no one else can find this place! These exceptional dragon veins are inevitably concealed, but this lowly one dabbles in many ways. Breaking the barriers of the acupuncture points is not difficult. Your Majesty, why not bring this lowly one with you? This lowly one will definitely find the treasure for Your Majesty!”

Mo Linyuan narrowed his eyes and scrutinized him. Only after a long time did he say, “This matter will be discussed another time. You can withdraw first.”

Lin Zhizhao also wasn’t bashful, beaming, “Then this lowly one withdraws first!”

After he left, Mo Linyuan sent Wen Feng to follow him and strictly watch over him!

After that, he asked Ye Mu, “The words of this person, how much do you think is credible?”

Ye Mu couldn’t make it out and only said her own thoughts, “Should be fifty-fifty!”

Frowning, she said, “It’s as if that person knows beforehand why we’re looking for a feng shui master, and I think he seems to have some real skills. That being the case, we shouldn’t let him go. Until then, I will be with him. If something is abnormal, I can definitely win against him, so there’s nothing to worry about.”

Mo Linyuan said, “I also feel that he seems to know what I’m looking for beforehand. However, I also believe that there is nothing wrong with his deductions. The treasure in the southwest can be a very big one because the place is sparsely populated, the mountains and rivers dense, and the distance is also near the empire’s country at that time, so I might as well send a group of people to check the southwest.”

Ye Mu nodded. “Then send people to go check. As for whether we go or not, this can be thought over again.”

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