Outside Of Time

Chapter 1245 - Chapter 1245: Return to the Light

Chapter 1245: Return to the Light

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This scene caused the hearts of the Eldest Prince and the group of humans in the distance to tremble with disbelief.

The battle between Xu Qing and Prince Mingnan truly exceeded their judgment.

That kind of law of time that reversed life and death was already strange and astonishing, let alone the taboo weapons Xu Qing summoned with a wave of his hand.

Three of them had clearly been used by Prince Mingnan just earlier.

In a short period of time, Xu Qing actually displayed the same three weapons. Two words rose in their minds.

A monster.

Only a monstrous being could possess such terrifying comprehension ability!

Even the morning glow, by traditional standards, couldn’t reach such terrifying levels. This was the result of Xu Qing combining his divine intent with numerous comprehensions, pushing ir to an unprecedented and unimaginable degree.

Back then, even rhe heir and Third Grandma were shocked, let alone rhe others.

Hence, at this moment, the waves in the young prince’s heart had already surged into the sky, transforming into countless muffled thunder that kept exploding in his mind.

The muffled rumbling sound caused his breathing to become hurried and his body instinctively retreated. He looked at the taboo weapons beside Xu Qing in disbelief and tried his best to control his emotions, trying to calm down.


He couldn’t finish his sentence.

This was because an even greater shock was displayed by Xu Qing at the next instant. It shook everyone.

Xu Qing lifted his right hand and looked at the serene sky. In an instant, a loud explosion rang out from the sky.

This sound was like the roar of a god. As it echoed through the world, the stars in the starry sky dimmed!

Only the nine stars shone brightly.

Starlight scattered down, forming four vast fingers under the sky that enveloped the ground and Prince Mingnan.

It was… Prince Mingnan’s Thirty-Six Immortal Energies’ Star Shifting Nine-Stars Suppression.

Impossible’1‘ Prince Mingnan could no longer control his expression.

It’s impossible to learn an emperor-level cultivation art without a Dao seed!

Xu Qing calmly took a deep breath.

The world rumbled as endless power rapidly entered Xu Qing’s mouth. In fact, a huge vortex formed in the surroundings. One could see how strong the suction force was.

As the power from all directions gushed in, Xu Qing’s physical strength soared!

Seventeen consecutive times!

The color of the world changed and the wind howled. A terrifying force that caused one s heart to tremble rose from Xu Qing’s body.

Prince Mingnans expression was gloomy as he stared at Xu Qing.

What you displayed isn’t a true emperor-level cultivation art. It’s a simulation. It only has its form and doesn’t have its essence!”

However, this battle is meaningless.

As he spoke, he turned and sped away without any hesitation.

He didn’t want to fight anymore. Although he still had many methods and trump cards, if this continued, he had a feeling that all his trump cards would probably be unable to kill the other party.

Although he also had a similar method to reverse life and death, he instinctively didn’t want to show it in front of Xu Qing.

The feeling of nurturing the enemy was very disgusting.

Hence, he fled extremely fast. In an instant, he arrived at the horizon and was about to leave.

Xu Qing stared at him. He then lifted his right hand and waved it forward as a calm voice rang out.

Do you think you can fight and leave whenever you want to?

The moment he finished speaking, four fingers in the sky descended, heading straight for Prince Mingnan. East, west, south, north, spring, summer, autumn, and winter descended in unison.


Seal his soul and seal his possibility of escape and teleportation!

There were also four rainbows that represented death that rushed out from Xu Qing’s side, cutting through the sky as they rapidly approached Prince Mingnan.

Xu Qing’s counterattack was fully unleashed at this moment. The sky turned blurry and the clouds rumbled. A huge prison that covered an area of 50o kilometers appeared in the sky.

It immediately descended to the ground.

In this prison, one could see rows of cells. Many of them were filled with prisoners. Some were at a loss, some were laughing foolishly, some were wailing, and some were crying.

The myriad of forms of all living beings were all revealed here.

On the other hand, the head and the others let out strange cries. The god’s finger also flipped over and slammed fiercely.

Immediately, D132’s sealing power soared and rapidly landed on the ground.

If it wasn’t for the sealing power of rhe four fingers, it was possible for Prince Mingnan to escape. After all, Di32’s descent required time. This was also one of its few flaws.

But now, Prince Mingnan couldn’t escape.

The four fingers’ seal began to collapse under his counterattack, but he was still delayed. At rhe next instant, the world darkened.

D132 landed in the human world.


Ir encompassed 500 kilometers which included the area Prince Mingnan was in!

Immediately after, misfortune began to spread and forgetfulness began to grow. Four taboo weapons intertwined and arrived. Prince Mingnan’s breathing was hurried. He could sense how terrifying this prison was, so he performed a series of hand seals and counterattacked, while trying to break out.

The four taboo weapons chased after him. Every time they landed, they would unleash destructive power.

Rumbling sounds echoed out, difficult to determine what was happening.

Immediately after, countless sounds rang out from the cell. Among them, the head’s voice was the sharpest.

A prisoner wants to break our of prison and destroy the unity!1’

All rhe cells instantly opened and figures rushed out one after another. They pounced at Prince Mingnan with malice and greed.

What was even more astonishing was that D132S cage actually began to shrink, forming a crushing force, making it increasingly difficult for Prince Mingnan inside.

As misfortune completely erupted, forgetfulness became increasingly intense and the effects began to act up.

At the same time, Xu Qing appeared in front of D132 in the blink of an eye. His terrifying physical strength transformed into soul-stirring might as he pressed down with his palm.

Prince Mingnan spat out a mouthful of blood and his body paused. The four taboo weapons behind him were almost upon him again. He was about to use his divine ability to counterattack.

However, an accident occurred, the divine ability that should have activated smoothly halted. Even though it started activating immediately after, it was still a moment late at this critical moment.

The black spear pierced through his back at a speed that surpassed lightning, creating an explosion.

Prince Mingnan let out a grunt, his expression ferocious. With a low growl, his whole body shimmered with black light, forming a protective array in the shape of an inner circle surrounded by a triangle. It rotated in a certain pattern to block the remaining three taboo weapons.

However, it couldn’t block Xu Qing’s rapidly approaching punch.

As the punch landed, the black light collapsed. Prince Mingnan spat out another mouthful of blood and wanted to use a spell. However, a hint of confusion flashed in his eyes.


The trident rushed over and pierced through Prince Mingnan s abdomen.

The black long saber swept over and slashed at his waist.

The instant his body was split into two, the blood-red battle-ax got close and hacked fiercely.

The intense pain and life-and-death crisis caused Prince Mingnan’s expression to immediately recover. At the critical moment, he forcefully dodged the battle-ax that was about to land on his forehead, causing it to slash down from his right shoulder.

With a boom, half of his upper body was completely cut open.

As blood spurted out, Prince Mingnan let out a wail and controlled his body to retreat rapidly, wanting to continue to use a spell. However, at rhe next instant, the Diamond Sect’s ancestor rushed over and stabbed into his forehead.

The huge force caused Prince Mingnan’s body to roll back.

At the next moment, Xu Qing’s figure appeared behind Prince Mingnan. Killing intent flashed in his eyes as he lifted his right hand and a dagger appeared. He stretched it out in front of Prince Mingnan’s neck and ruthlessly slit it.

The head flew up!

This series of killing moves was completely smooth with no delay in-between.

He directly killed him!

Xu Qing’s habit made him instinctively wave his hand. Immediately, the power of the Poison Restriction spread out, enveloping the remains of Prince Mingnan and rapidly corroding them.

D132’s contraction also stopped at this moment. All the prisoners inside let out strange laughter.

However, Xu Qing’s expression darkened.

D132’s cell didn’t have Prince Mingnan’s soul!

This meant that… this person wasn’t dead!

As a cold glint rose in Xu Qing’s eyes, wisps of green smoke suddenly appeared at rhe place where Prince Mingnan had died earlier and instantly gathered together. As a voice echoed. Prince Mingnan s body directly formed.

Return to the Light!”

A majestic force rose from Prince Mingnan’s body, seemingly unrelated to rime but more like a blessing.

Xu Qing’s eyes narrowed as he observed carefully.

D132 shook under the power of blessing. As for Prince Mingnan, his eyes suddenly opened.. His expression was gloomy and his eyes revealed killing intent as he looked at Xu Qing.

I can also reverse life and death. I just don’t want to continue fighting with you. Do you really think I can’t do anything to you?!11

As he spoke, he lifted his right hand and a black copper coin appeared in it. He bent down and pressed it fiercely on the ground.

With this push, the ground of D132 trembled and a green array formation instantly spread in all directions with Prince Mingnan as the center.

The center of this array formation was round, the outer layer was triangular, and the outermost layer was circular. They rotated together, emitting rumblin sounds. At the same time, it also looked like a special compass.

It was filled with a large number of runes. At this moment, each of them shone with a golden light. Six runes rose into the air and grew larger.

Their shapes varied, resembling

The moment they appeared, they enveloped rhe surroundings, each of them distorted into black stone doors, exuding the aura of ancient times and accompanied by chilling winds laden with death.

There were six runes, but seven doors.

The last one appeared behind Prince Mingnan. Unlike the aura of death emitted by the other six doors, this seventh door exuded vitality.

Human, since you seek death, let’s see if your laws of time can reverse my taboo killing spell!”

Taboo six runes and seven doors’

As rhe voice echoed and merged with rhe chilling wind, the six runes began to rotate. The doors behind them stood tall and slightly opened. Voices from the netherworld seemed to be calling from within.

They called out to Xu Qing!

Amidst the calls, Xu Qing’s blurry figure appeared above the six doors and was being devoured by them.

The faster the six runes rotated, the faster they would devour!

Xu Qing’s body trembled. As cracking sounds rang out, six long marks appeared on his body. They entered his soul and began to tear it.

Seeing this, Xu Qing narrowed his eyes and immediately sat down. His right finger landed on his forehead, hovering three inches apart from it.

A large number of black patterns rapidly formed on his forehead. The densely-packed blood vessels formed a sinister ghost face.

As soon as the ghost face appeared, a cold wind gusted. It was like a lantern swaying and igniting in the cold wind.

It was the Seven Lanterns Underworld Fire Curse!

Using a curse technique to suppress the taboo art.

See who dies first!

Or perhaps, it would depend on who was unable to withstand the other’s spell!

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