Paragon of Sin

Chapter 1231 1225: Radiant Star, First Visitors

Chapter 1231 1225: Radiant Star, First Visitors

There was no location, no realm, no planet, no voidship—there was nowhere in the entire Sealed Region that Wei Wuyin's message hadn't reached. The Minor Authority of Spatial Law was too pervasive, his Spiritual Strength that had been maximized from the beginning of the Astral Core Realm to now was simply too strong, and his will was unquestionably tyrannical!


Grand Cyclic Stellar Region, Born True Starfield.

The violet-robed figure, the seating leader of Trueborn, had been exuding spiritual light from their fingertips, caressing the shadowy mirror, executing an exquisite Incarnation art to conjure a terrifyingly powerful avatar to descend upon the new star for a thorough investigation!


"...declared this territory as the Neo-Dawn Starfield!"

The pupils beneath their hood violently constricted; their finger movements halted, and the spiritual light began to spurt out abruptly, becoming hectic and inconsistent, while their hands shook quiveringly.

"Minor Authority? Of Space?" There was an unease in every syllable spoken. Gradually, their hands lowered to their sides, and they gazed at the shadowy mirror covered in a ghastly haze for a long, long moment.

The day Wei Wuyin struck down Xun Yicao, they had been watching. Then, they noticed that a mortal, a mere Timelord, had grasped, nurtured, and birthed a Law. A LAW! It had entered the Minor Authority stage, and it was of the law of time, one of the most complex laws to nurture or even birth a seed for. It had stringent, unholy requirements, and the slightest flaw could push one into an endless quagmire of temporal dissonance, much like entering a Time Vortex unprotected.

Now, they witnessed, no—felt the law of space!




Eventually, the violet-robed figure stopped all action, no longer continuing to execute their art. They had decided to stay! They had decided to watch!

Turning their eyes back to the Heptasage Pillar Stellar Region's former location, now the Neo-Dawn Starfield's territory, their pupils constricted to a greater degree than ever before!

Eighty-one unfathomable auras manifested through the mirror! Eighty-one! Their breathing continued for quite a while, heavy and shaken.


The violet-robed figure wasn't the only one to notice the eighty-one unfathomable auras as they grew closer; those en route to the star to investigate sensed it too, and their expressions had varied intensity, but a singular emotion was upon each and every one of their faces: Shock!

There was no exception—Ma Zheng's eyes widened as, for the first time in a long, long time, his jaw dropped! While he had close ties with Wei Wuyin, closer than any other power within the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region that didn't originate from the Everlore Starfield, he had no idea that Wei Wuyin could bring about eighty-one Earthly Saints!

Suddenly, an Earthly Saint of the Inferno Solaris Church, Song Cixi, otherwise known as Cardinal Song, spoke in a hoarse voice strained by shock and awe. She said: "Saintmaker!"

A single word, yet the members of the Inferno Solaris Church reacted intensely; not even Pope Huoyan, a figure amongst the top ten strongest Earthly Saints, originally top five until Ma Zheng and Wu Yu had appeared, was spared from his wrinkly features from displaying his heart's quivering emotions! The term 'Saintmaker' spread more and more as time passed, especially after Ma Zheng and Wu Yu didn't deny that Wei Wuyin's bestowed products had a direct impact on their success in entering into the Earthly Saint Phase.

It might not have been so prominent if it wasn't for both of their absurdly high Runic Ascendant States. Furthermore, recently, Earthly Saints close to Wei Wuyin were rising in their Runic Ascendant states in a very, very short period.

Zhang Ziyi had leaped from the 1st Runic Ascendant, the lowest of the low, to the 3rd Runic Ascendant. She didn't bother hiding it at all.

Han Yuhei had been at the 4th Runic Ascendant for thousands of years, and then he reached the 5th Runic Ascendant in a few decades.

Sun Li, Earthly Saint of the Golden Life Pavilion and Branch Manager, had entered the 4th State from the 3rd.𝐟𝓇ℯe𝒘𝘦𝒃𝑛𝒐ѵe𝙡. 𝑐𝗼𝓂

Yang Chaoyue, the Sky Monarch of the Imperial Clan, and also publicly known by the upper echelons as a future Ascended-level lover of Wei Wuyin, a fact that, while she didn't openly declare it, she certainly hadn't bothered to try hiding at all, had experienced a rise in her Runic Ascendant state too!

It didn't just stop there; there were numerous reports of advancements of Runic Ascendant States across the board, especially as the average Rune Ascension was at the 3rd Rune, while the average Runic Ascendant State was at the 2nd Rune, so they had an easier time feeling this gap, none of them hid their newly attained strength like the Soul-Rising Saint had. They publicly exposed their foundation and advancements as if to showcase their benefits, and anyone with a single brain cell could determine the cause!

A single connection they all shared that had recently risen!


Saintmaker Wei Wuyin!

This ignited a subtle yet unstoppable movement, and the attitudes of Ascended beings toward those related to Wei Wuyin grew noticeably better, even ingratiating.

It had even ballooned Yang Chaoyue's ego as she acted in a way the Imperial Clan was at a loss about how to deal with her! Of course, she was a Sky Monarch and an Earthly Saint, so her infuriating attitude wasn't punishable by death or crippling, but they were still unable to deal with her.

The True Element Sect began to return to its former glory as their fractured territory started to unite after removing the Parasite Clans' influence, and very few other forces tried to take advantage of this recovery period. Han Yuhei's insistence on becoming Wei Wuyin's Alchemic Knight was evident to all as he had publicly acted on his behalf quite a few times over the last two decades.

Countless were afraid of the Oathless Calamity, bound by no rules, restricted by no oaths, with a terrifying Alchemic Knight by his side that had no issues making belligerent cultivators disappear without rhyme or reason. It was terrifying!

The Ascended beings felt the eighty-one Earthly Saints guarding the borders of the Neo-Dawn Starfield, exuding an aggressive aura in all directions; it was clear that Wei Wuyin's title was undeniably, remarkably, and unbelievably true!

On a cruising Sky Destroyer, Empress Xiaocheng's eyes narrowed slightly as she felt the eruption of Mystic Aura from afar. She could also see the black flag that was being waved in the Dark Void, proudly showing 'Neo-Dawn' written across its wavy surface.

"Your Majesty?" The Sky Monarch piloting the ship had tightly gripped the edges of the Sky Destroyer's control talisman; his eyes shook slightly as he looked to the Empress for orders!

"..." Empress Xiaocheng's eyes lowered thoughtfully. After a moment, she softly ordered: "Continue forward." Discreetly, she sent out a series of Spiritual Transmissions.

The Sky Monarch held his rising urge to gulp. With a heavy breath, he kept the Sky Destroyer steady and true! They were going to the new radiant star!

It wasn't just the Empress that decided on this course! In fact, many Earthly Saints' first urge was to retreat before this immense display of power, but as they grew closer, the radiance from Baby Defiant was causing their Mystic Souls to throb energetically. This was a very, very rare occurrence, and while most wanted to retreat, several of the leading powers received transmissions from other forces, including Empress Xiaocheng, and they began to consider their options.

In the end, going there didn't mean fighting! Couldn't they just come as visitors? Offer congratulations? Give gifts? They distorted their decision-making skills as they reasoned out the possibilities and their stances, and after settling on not engaging, they began to boldly go forward!

Of course, their greatest source of confidence was the fearless stance of the Imperial Clan! Since they were going, the others believed that they could at least bear witness to the new star up close, investigate its origins, and meet the elusive Wei Wuyin, who was more difficult to meet than the Divine Emperor!

Besides brief appearances without any indication otherwise, no one could guess his movements over the last four decades, and this consistent mystery left many sighing ruefully at their misfortune. They could only contact Wei Wuyin through others, such as the Golden Life Pavilion or meeting the Ascendants, and even then, there was very, very little chance of actually meeting him!

Now that he was here, they could at least try to form an in-person connection!

More importantly…

…Baby Defiant was too insane!

They needed to know, to experience it up close, and understand what it was!


Wei Wuyin quietly observed the initially hesitant attitudes of those coming, and then saw the renewed vigor of the incoming Ascended beings as they sped forward energetically. His eyes narrowed slightly as he received a transmission detailing the message that the Empress had sent from an incoming Earthly Saint.

His eyes gradually turned cold.

"Well, if you want to be the first visitors to my starfield, then I welcome you," Wei Wuyin smiled faintly. He checked on the status of the Exodus Project, and he was satisfied after receiving an update. Soon, the Neo-Dawn Starfield will be fully established.

Decades of effort will finally come to fruition.

This will be his first real step to realizing his ambitions, the very same ambition he had when he first saw the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region that day.

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