Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 30: Class ranking: Number One!

Chapter 30: Class ranking: Number One!

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With a stupid student wasting so much time, Liang Li Hua's patience was nearing its limit.

She flipped the report card over to the next page.

However, in the next second, when she saw the language scores, Liang Li Hua was stunned. She muttered in disbelief, "Language... 150 points..."

The students below the podium all looked at each other in confusion after hearing Liang Li Hua's words.

"What did the form teacher say? 150 points what?"

"Did she make a mistake?"

"Uh, 0 points compared to 150 points, which do you think is the mistake?"

Liang Li Hua looked over the sheet repeatedly. The score was absolutely clear; she even tabulated the score again herself and it was indeed full marks.

She thought she had the wrong report card and went to check the cover page but it was still correct, on the cover was Ye Wan Wan's name!

Liang Li Hua furrowed her brows, suspicions high and continued to flip. When she reached the third page, she was even more surprised.

On the third page was the English results-- she actually scored a full 150 marks again!

How could this be!?

She taught the English class and this time, she marked class A's exams. Nobody in the entirety of class A attained a full score--even the highest score was merely 148. But Ye Wan Wan's transcript states that she actually attained a full score for English?

Liang Li Hua continued flipping.

When she turned to the liberal arts page, Liang Li Hua was completely in shock and was speechless...

Ye Wan Wan's scores for liberal arts were: History 100 marks, Politics 100 marks and Geography 100 marks! A full 300 marks!

And on the last page which showed the class position, it stated thatβ€”β€” Ye Wan Wan, class ranking: 1!

"Teacher, you haven't said what my results and ranking are," the girl from the last row spoke up with cold eyes.

Liang Li Hua grasped the report card tightly, face turning more and more gloomy until finally, she burst into a fury, "Ye Wan Wan! You are really something! How dare you cheat!!!"

As if she had expected Liang Li Hua's response, Ye Wan Wan leisurely asked, "Why do you think I cheated?"

Liang Li Hua's expression unpleasant, she snapped, "Ah, you didn't cheat? If you didn't cheat, how could you achieve 150 marks for language?! 150 marks for English! 300 marks for liberal arts! Or ranked first in class!?"

Hearing everything Liang Li Hua said, the whole class was in shock.

"Damn! What? Full marks for language, English, and liberal arts?"

"And topped the class? Ye Wan Wan? You're joking! How is that possible?!!!"

"She definitely cheated!"


"You said that I cheated, do you have any proof?" Ye Wan Wan replied.

Liang Li Hua laughed coldly, "Do we still need proof?! Ye Wan Wan, do you think we're all fools?"

"Then may I ask if anyone else scored full marks for these subjects? If I'm the only one, please explain how you know I cheated?" Ye Wan Wan continued her line of questioning.

Liang Li Hua replied scornfully, "You maliciously tampered with the score. With a brain like yours, even if you were allowed to copy, you wouldn't necessarily copy it right!"

The other students nodded along in agreement. If Ye Wan Wan sneaked into the staff room to tamper with the score, everything made sense.

"This ugly girl is so bold!"

"She thinks that tampering with the scores on the transcript would reflect a change in the exam papers as well? What a fool!"

"The truth will come out just by checking her papers! She can tamper with the transcript but not the exam papers!"


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