Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 35: I. Really. Want. To. Chop. That. Arm. Off!!

Chapter 35: I. Really. Want. To. Chop. That. Arm. Off!!

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Everyone's eyes glistened when Liang Li Hua mentioned the theatrical performance--especially the girls in the class.

For this performance, the girls in the class had been having a catfight for quite some time.

The reason behind why the female lead was still undecided was because some girls fought too hard over it previously.

Many students in the class had families with notable backgrounds, resulting in total chaos. They secretly bought votes, threatened students to vote for them and even almost caused a fight directly in school. It caused Liang Li Hua to be in a terrible position, tossed from side to side. Thus, she'd postponed the decision of female lead until after exams.

After much thought, she decided that drawing lots would be the most effective and the girls wouldn't have to fight anymore.

So Liang Li Hua continued,"To be fair and to ensure that every student has an opportunity to participate, I have decided that we will draw lots to decide on the candidate! Nobody is allowed to disagree!"

"Teacher, I agree!"

"Me too, let's go by drawing lots then!"

All the students agreed with Liang Li Hua's decision.

The girls who had lower chances initially would now have an equal opportunity. Since everybody was on equal grounds now, naturally most students would agree to this.

Only the few girls who had higher chances glared, especially the class beauty, Cheng Xue, who was always teased by the class to pair up with Si Xia.

Liang Li Hua heaved a sigh of relief with the outcome. She instructed the class monitor to write down the names of every girl in the class on small pieces of paper and then placed them into a little box.

"For this title, let's get Si Xia to draw it!" Liang Li Hua said.

Otherwise, if it was drawn by someone else, those girls would be unhappy again.

All the girls nodded their heads in total agreement.

Wow! The hunk himself is drawing the lot!

The person who's chosen... must have saved the Milky Way in their previous life!

The class monitor carried the box over, "Si Xia."

Si Xia was feeling depressed at the moment and was not in the mood. Under the gaze of many eager students, he casually slipped his hand into the box to draw a lot and tossed it to the class monitor without looking at it.

The monitor took that slip of paper and was almost burnt by the glare of the girls' eyes.

"Oh, the person Si Xia has drawn is..." the monitor opened the small slip of paper carefully while speaking.

Just as he was about to read the name...

The monitor stared at the paper and stood rooted to the ground with his eyes big and mouth gaping wide as if he had been struck by lightning.

Si Xia noticed that the monitor's expression was odd, so he raised his brows and looked over.

The expression on the monitor's face gave him a bad feeling...

At this moment, the monitor didn't dare look in the eyes of Si Xia and was even more afraid to look at the girls' expressions. At everyone's insistence, he then swallowed hard and stammered, "The... The one who was drawn is... Ye.. Ye Wan Wan... "

"What did you say?" the boy snatched the paper from the monitor.

On the paper was "Ye Wan Wan", three words as clear as day.

Ye Wan Wan woke up to the noise next to her, wiped the saliva off the sides of her mouth, opened her eyes in a daze and looked at her partner, "What is it..."

Si Xia looked at the girl's frightening face with hair as messy as Sadako's, the way she drooled and her half-opened eyes: "..."

I. Really. Want. To. Chop. That. Arm. Off!

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