Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 9: You're a fool!

Chapter 9: You're a fool!

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Hearing this familiar voice, Lin Que's face looked like he saw a ghost. He stood up quickly and knocked his chair over.

"Uwaaagh! Ye... Ye Wan Wan!!!"

"How could it be?"

"You got plastic surgery!?" Lin Que gaped at her in surprise.

But, that's not right either, how could the procedure be so quick? She still looked horrendous when he last saw her a few days back.

Ye Wan Wan exploded in anger, "You're the one that went for plastic surgery! I have always looked this way! Also, tell me clearly how am I fat!"

A trance-like look appeared on Si Ye Han's listless face.

The girl looked as if there was a fire in her eyes--a long time since they were so intense.

The raging Ye Wan Wan suddenly felt a cool palm stroking her head, like someone trying to tame an angry beast.

At the same time, a warm voice went through her ears, "You're not fat."

Ye Wan Wan was taken aback and looked at Si Ye Han.

Had she lost her mind? How could she find Si Ye Han... gentle...?

Ye Wan Wan stopped her train of thought and realized that she was overly agitated. "I'm not fat at all now..." she said, embarrassed.

Si Ye Han said, "You weren't fat before either."

Lin Que turned serious, "9th brother, say that again with your conscience!"

Ye Wan Wan gritted her teeth in rage.

Si Ye Han turned to look at Lin Que slowly, "I have given that piece of land in Cheng Dong to Xie Zhe Zhi."

Lin Que was suddenly dumbfounded, "What? Don't joke about this, 9th brother! Didn't you promise to give it to me? Have you already given it to Xie Zhe Zhi or did you just decide to give it to Xie Zhe Zhi in that one second?"

Si Ye Han: "I just decided."

Lin Que: "...!!!"

Damn! Just because I called Ye Wan Wan fat just now?

"You're... You're a fool!" Lin Que retorted.

Not only did Si Ye Han not refute, he enjoyed this title. With an expressionless face, he said, "You're in the way, you should leave now."

Not only was he foolish, he's even biased towards his lover and finds his own brother a nuisance.

Lin Que's heart broke and he ran off in tears.

After Lin Que left, Ye Wan Wan and Si Ye Han were left alone in the dining room.

With Lin Que around, Ye Wan Wan breathed easy but once he left, she tensed up again. The presence of the man was instantly magnified.

"Eat more."

Her plate had another Xiao Long Bao from her favourite breakfast store.

Ye Wan Wan had conflicting emotions.

Ever since she appeared, Si Ye Han did not have any special reaction to her change in appearance at all.

It was more normal to react like Lin Que right?

Ye Wan Wan couldn't hold it in and asked, "Si Ye Han, don't you find anything different about me today?"

Si Ye Han placed a prawn dumpling on her plate, "What?"

Ye Wan Wan: "My looks!"

Si Ye Han furrowed his brows,"What's the difference?"

Ye Wan Wan was stunned, "..."

Is this man blind?

He looked at her unbelievable expression and gave a little laugh. He cupped her delicate chin, ran his finger over her lips and said in a deep romantic voice, "Still look as delicious."

Ye Wan Wan:"..."

Look as delicious?!

He actually finds my previous horrendous look delicious? And it isn't any different from how I look now?

Ye Wan Wan was in shock by his perverted taste...

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