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Perverted Daddy System

Perverted Daddy System







Perverted Daddy System

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“What the fuck? What is going on? Have I completely lost it?”

As I stare panicky at the dot unable to decide what to do, the white dot disappears and a line of text appears in its place.
[Installing files. 1% done…]
As I watch the text in shock, the percentage gradually increases. […2%...3%...4%...]
I move to the living room in a zombie-like manner, too shocked to think clearly and lie down on the couch.
“Something is wrong with me; I think I finally lost my sanity…”
Unable to affect the situation in the least, I stare dejectedly at the percentage increase, while my mind starts exploring the possible explanations. In the end, as the percentage hits 90%, I narrow it down to three possibilities.
The first possibility is that I am in fact still unconscious and this is all a product of my mind. I pinch myself and whimper at the pain, as in my nervousness I used almost all my strength.
Nope, the first is out.
The second possibility is that I have completely lost my mind and am suffering from delusions. Hmm, I cannot exclude this, but while possible, I don’t think that this is it. The only thing out of the ordinary is that fucking line of text.
The third possibility …

[Installation successful!]
The text disappears and a new message appears in my eyes…
The third possibility … is that I gained a system. I read the message with my mouth agape at the implications.

[Welcome user, to the Perverted Daddy System!]

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