Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 40 – “Identity uncovered”

Chapter 40 -“Identity uncovered”

Thousand Treasure Pavilion back courtyard, devoid of people.

Leading Huang Yue Li through a corridor, the small serving boy stopped at a door.

“Master, the Young Master has arrived.”

“Bring him inside.”

A cool and deep voice voice sounded, distracting Huang Yue Li slightly.

This voice…..she seemed to have heard it from somewhere?

Walking inside, she came to an understanding.

The man sitting inside had a perfect figure, with pale coloured lips that seemed indifferent yet seducing. The silver mask that covered his eyes and brows portrayed him as both mysterious and dangerous.

His build was tall with an overbearing and arrogant air. He was only sitting, yet he gave an intense sense of strength that could not be resisted. This caused people to unconsciously bow down their heads.

This was clearly……the man whom she had meet near her courtyard a few days ago.

How coincidental. These two people were meeting again.

The serving boy who led the way was only an ordinary person. Standing at the entrance, he gave a quick bow and ran off pale faced.

Calmly looking at Huang Yue Li, the man found that she a faint frown on her face. But this quickly disappeared.

He was a bit surprised.

No matter how you looked at it, this “young master” in front of him did not possess the slightest shred of profound qi. He should not be this tranquil in front of someone like him, who was this powerful……

Deserving to the little fox that caught his eye!

Staying silent for a while, the man spoke. “Young Sir, please sit!”

Huang Yue Li didn’t cause a fuss and sat across from him. She asked: “You are the the owner of Thousand Treasure Pavilion? Don’t know the purpose of you wanting to see me?”

The man’s ink black eyes rested on her face for a duration before responding: “To see a seller take out this many Third Level Armaments is a rare sight to see. This one is very interested in becoming friends with this Young Sir.”

Feeling the gaze of those eyes, Huang Yue Li felt immense pressure.

The man was dangerous, extremely dangerous!

Her soul was very powerful. Though her soul had suffered greatly from that explosion, her soul was much stronger than the average person.

But this man only used a single gaze to make her feel pressured. This caused her feel ill at ease.

It meant that his strength was higher than the fifth level of the Dream Profound Realm.

(Z: May change later, as the word means more like wish, idea, intention…etc……)

With her current trashy strength, she could not provoke him!

Cautiously Huang Yue said: “Lord Owner, you are jesting. Third Level Armaments are not that hard to see. And towards an expert like you, it cannot count as anything! Furthermore, I am nothing more than an apprentice Armament Refiner. The creator of those armaments is not me either. I simply do not have any qualifications to become your friend.”

The man’s mouth curved, “Apprentice……..Armament Refiner?”

“That’s right. Those Third Level Armaments were all refined by my master. I am only selling them in his place.”

At this moment, Huang Yue Li was very pleased at her smooth acting. She also compiled some lines to say too. Otherwise, it would be hard explain and defend against anything.

This man was extremely powerful, but if he was able to obtain any benefit from her, it would be extremely beneficial to him.

Unfortunately Huang Yue Li always knew herself well. Cheating others is very amusing, but if there was too large of a gap between them, it would she would turn to scheming tiger but losing her fur as well. Most of the time, she would not be able to retreat unscathed.

It was best to show respect from a distance.

Lightly he laughed. The sound of his laugh was deep and very sexy. It was full of tantalising charm.

“Is that right? These armaments were not refined by you? Then two days earlier, why did you come to Thousand Treasure Pavilion to by an armament furnace? Where did those armaments materials also disappear to? Third Young Miss Bai?”

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