Raising My Children With My Personal Spatial Ability

Chapter 1299 - Chapter 1299: What’s the Point of Keeping Her?!

Chapter 1299: What’s the Point of Keeping Her?!

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“We’re going to the Zhanling Military Camp. Do you want to take a look together?”

“Huh?” Young Master Nie was stunned by his words.

He invited them to go to the Zhanling Military Camp? But they were from Yueming Empire! It would not be appropriate for them to go to the Zhanling Military Camp, right?


‘Why? Do you have elsewhere to go?” Qian Jiyun asked.

“Uh…” Young Master Nie was stunned again.

Qian Jiyun’s words were true, but for some reason, they made him feel embarrassed.

He and his guards had nowhere to go. However, he did not want to lose face. After all, he was a man, so he could not admit that he was incapable, right?

However, his pride seemed to be useless now, right?

“Why are we going to the Zhanling Military Camp?” he asked.

“You’ll know when we get there.” Qian Jiyun ignored them and left with An Jiuyue.

An Jiuyue glanced up at Qian Jiyun as they moved away from the others. “Have you taken a fancy to that kid’s ability and want to find a helper for Zhan Beiye?”

“Zhan Beiye will treat him well.” Qian Jiyun did not deny it. He wanted to find a helper for Zhan Beiye.

Zhan Beiye had been severely bullied in Zhanling Empire. Even his father saw him as a thorn in his flesh and wished he could kill him quickly.

Qian Jiyun even suspected that Zhan Beiye was not the Zhanling Emperor’s biological son like him.

However, that was different. If Zhan Beiye had not been the Zhanling Emperor’s biological son, he would have died earlier and would not have achieved what he had today.

“That’s true.” An Jiuyue nodded.

A good horse deserved a good saddle.

Young Master Nie would not have to endure the treatment he received in the Yueming Empire, where even menial guards dared to give him attitude.

“You’re so thorough about this.”

“Ha!” Qian Jiyun chuckled.

It was not that he was thorough, but these people were not the sort who had done all kinds of bad things. He did not want to kill them all.

Instead of letting them fall into the Yueming Emperor’s hands again, he could do a good deed and give them to Zhan Beiye. Even if it caused Zhan Beiye a headache, he would let him have it.

Meanwhile, Zhan Beiye was not having a headache.

The one with a headache was Ming Fucheng. Watching Yue Suiyu bound on the city wall and unable to speak, the veins on his forehead throbbed incessantly.

“That idiot! We’ve given her so much time, but she can’t escape! What’s the point of keeping her?!”

He sat on his horse, bitterly staring at Yue Suiyu, wishing he could shoot her with an arrow. That way, he would no longer have any scruples.

However, he could not do that.

Many soldiers were watching. If he killed her now, he would no longer have to fight this war.

“Your Highness, what should we do now? Zhan Beiye is obviously using the Princess to threaten you,” a deputy general said to Ming Fucheng.

They utterly hated this princess! Why did she come to the border? Was she here to cause trouble for them on purpose?

Everyone was already in a bad mood because of the repeated defeats in the war, and now there was this additional trouble.

“Zhan Beiye is a spineless coward. If he has the guts, fight me head-on.” Ming Fucheng took a deep breath and gritted his teeth.

Zhan Beiye had personally brought people to burn his food and firearms. Now, he was even threatening him.. How despicable could he be?

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