Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 44 - Evil Deeds Exposed

Chapter 44: Evil Deeds Exposed

Just as Lin Cheng was rushing to the company to check on the situation, the head of the Ling family, Ling Ao, called.

“Lin Cheng! My daughter has suffered so much in your Lin family. Are you going to let others slander my daughter’s innocence?”

“Huh? What is it?” Lin Cheng listened to the other party shouting on the phone with a blank expression.

“Don’t you know what your daughter did?” Ling Ao’s voice was even more domineering.

“I, I don’t know anything…” Lin Cheng was still holding the phone in a daze.

“What did my daughter do? No, which daughter of mine?”

Lin Cheng was confused by Ling Ao’s roar and really didn’t know what had happened.

Seeing this, Ling Ao knew that Lin Cheng had not seen the video on the Internet.

In that case, he should strike first!

Ling Ao roared angrily, “Your daughter, Lin Yun, caused my daughter to be injured. Not only did your Lin family not come to the hospital to visit her, but she even got someone to spread fake videos on the Internet to slander my daughter!”

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“What video?” Lin Cheng was even more confused by Ling Ao. Right now, he was only focused on finding Lin Yun and asking her.

“Go ask your precious daughter!” Ling Ao said angrily and hung up.

Lin Cheng was at a loss for a moment, but he knew that he had just been scolded to the point of anger and was anxious to find someone to vent it on.

He roared in the direction of the hall, “Butler! Call Lin Yun to the study!”

The butler hurriedly ran to Lin Yun’s room.

Lin Yun had just finished washing up and was about to go to the hospital for a checkup when she heard Lin Cheng’s angry roar.

The video from last night must have brought some effect.

Lin Yun shrugged. When Butler Lin appeared in front of her, she had already smiled and welcomed him.

“Butler Lin, let’s go!” Lin Yun nodded at Butler Lin, indicating for him to lead the way.

Although Lin Yun asked Lina not to post the video online, it didn’t mean that Dark One wouldn’t do it.

It only took Dark One five minutes to adjust the clarity of the video and design “Nicknames” for each protagonist.

After wiping away all traces of Lina, she posted the video on various websites.

After all, if material with traces of the original video was uploaded online, it was very likely to cause other unnecessary trouble for Lina.

After Dark One handled the video, there were no more worries.

Lin Yun followed the butler to the study room. She knocked lightly on the door and pushed it open.

As soon as Lin Cheng saw Lin Yun, he asked angrily, “What did you do to Ling Na?”

Lin Yun looked at Lin Cheng innocently. “Dad, don’t you know what happened?”

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Lin Cheng roared fiercely, “If your Uncle Ling hadn’t called to denounce you early in the morning, I really wouldn’t have known that you had the guts to hurt Ling Na!”

“Dad, is there a misunderstanding?” Lin Yun looked even more aggrieved.

“Misunderstanding?” Lin Cheng snorted and said, “Alright! Then I’ll give you a chance to explain!”

“However, if your reason is not enough to convince me, you will be the one to compensate the Ling family for their losses!”

“The Ling family’s losses?” Lin Yun covered her mouth with one hand and looked at Lin Cheng in surprise.

“Dad, don’t you know that our Lin family’s stocks fell because of the Ling family?”

Hearing Lin Yun’s words, Lin Cheng’s eyes widened. “What did you say?”

“Dad, it seems like you still don’t know what happened!” Lin Yun sighed helplessly.

She walked forward and turned on her phone. After clicking into a website, she let Lin Cheng watch the video that was popular all over the Internet last night.

After watching the video, Lin Cheng slapped his desk!

“Ling Ao! How dare he complain first!”

The video clearly showed how Ling Na and the other rich ladies framed Lin Yun and even bullied her!

The netizens were in an uproar, denouncing Ling Na and the other three rich daughters.

The Lin family’s share price had fallen because their cooperation with the Ling family had been affected!

The more Lin Cheng looked at it, the angrier he became, but he didn’t know how to deal with it.

After all, even if the Ling family really bullied Lin Yun, the Lin family could not afford to offend them!

Moreover, why would the Lin family stand up for an adopted daughter and go against the Ling family!

Lin Yun could naturally tell what Lin Cheng was thinking.

She put away her phone and said softly, “Dad, I have a way to expose the Ling family’s evil deeds and prevent our Lin family from being harmed!”

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