Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 47 - Breaking Ties with the Ling Family

Chapter 47: Breaking Ties with the Ling Family

Lin Cheng and Ling Ao looked at each other. Not only were the reporters dumbfounded, but even Lin Yun was a little surprised.

She only wanted to use this opportunity to intensify the conflict between Lin Cheng and the Ling family, but she didn’t expect it to hit Lin Cheng’s fragile male ego!

Seeing that Lin Cheng actually dared to shout at him, Ling Ao no longer had the oppressive look from before.

He concluded that Lin Cheng must have come with ill intentions.

It seemed that he could not let them see Ling Na!

Ling Ao made up his mind and glanced at the bodyguard beside him.

The bodyguard immediately understood and took a step forward to block Lin Cheng and the reporters.

“Everyone, Miss Ling is injured and needs to rest. Please leave!”

The bodyguard’s words sounded simple and powerful, but it made Lin Cheng frown.

The reporters were naturally unwilling to return empty-handed. They clamored to see Miss Ling.

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Lin Cheng glanced at Lin Yun and thought for a moment before saying, “I brought my daughter here to apologize today. CEO Ling has to give me a chance.”

Lin Yun raised her eyebrows. She had long known that Lin Cheng would blame her.

Even if she invited Mr. Bai, Lin Cheng would point all the signs of conflict at her.

Moreover, Mr. Bai had yet to appear.

Although Lin Cheng and Ling Ao had just gotten into a conflict, the previous conflict between the two families had to be resolved.

Moreover, Lin Cheng still needed someone to take all the blame for this matter.

If there was really no way to prove that Ling Na was not injured, then the person who could take the blame could only be Lin Yun!

Ling Ao glanced at Lin Yun coldly and snorted. “No need!”

“Like father, like daughter. I don’t want my daughter to suffer again!”

Hearing Ling Ao’s words, Lin Cheng gritted his teeth and tried his best to suppress his anger.

He turned to glare at Lin Yun and asked in a low voice, “When is Mr. Bai coming over?”

Lin Yun was about to speak when she heard a commotion from the elevator.

The reporters’ sharp senses immediately noticed the abnormality at the elevator entrance.

The group of people turned around and saw a white-haired old man in plain clothes appear at the elevator.

Many reporters recognized the person at a glance. Other than screams, the cameras also started flashing.

The plain-clothed old man seemed to be used to scenes like this. He walked towards Lin Cheng and his daughter.

The plain-clothed old man only stopped when he reached Lin Yun.

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“You’re Lin Yun?” the old man asked softly.

Lin Yun nodded and bowed to the old man. “Hello, Mr. Bai!”

Mr. Bai revealed a faint smile and nodded. Then, he looked in the direction of the ward.

“Where is the person you want me to diagnose?”

Lin Yun nodded again before continuing, “I hope Mr. Bai can diagnose my friend’s injuries.”

Mr. Bai nodded in understanding and paced towards the ward again.

Ling Ao was about to enter the ward when he was affected by the commotion and followed the crowd’s gaze.

When he saw the well-known national medical expert talking to Lin Yun amicably, Ling Ao’s brows furrowed.

Lin Cheng actually invited Mr. Bai over?

He was an otherworldly expert who had not appeared for many years!

It was said that even the country’s leaders might not be able to obtain his approval if they wanted to seek treatment!

Lin Cheng could actually invite such a figure?

What kind of power had he used?

While Ling Ao was puzzled, Mr. Bai had already arrived in front of Ling Ao.

“Move aside,” Mr. Bai said softly, but his words seemed to have endless power.

Ling Ao subconsciously moved away and actually made way.

Mr. White placed his hands behind his back, as if waiting for something.

Lin Cheng was stunned for a moment and quickly took two steps forward to open the door for Mr. Bai.

Mr. Bai did not say anything. He still placed his hands behind his back and paced forward.

Lin Cheng hesitated for a moment and gestured for Lin Yun to follow.

Ling Ao blocked the door of the ward and stopped Lin Yun from entering.

“My daughter is resting! It’s not convenient!”

Lin Yun did not barge in. She just took a step back and stood quietly at the door of the ward.

When Mr. Bai entered the ward, Ling Ao did not refuse because he did not have the power to interfere with Mr. Bai’s actions.

But Lin Cheng and Lin Yun were different!

In the Ling family’s territory, it was easy for Ling Ao to stop Lin Cheng and his daughter!

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