Reborn As A Dragon Girl With A System

Chapter 1050 No Love

Chapter 1050 No Love

As the days passed, the time for the test to end had finally come. Kana and everyone else within the strange world were finally teleported out. Many unhappy faces could be seen as many did not get the coins they needed. Kana passed out her family's coins before yelling out to everyone to come get what they needed.

When XY-89 heard her, his face sank. He marched over to Kana and said: "You can't do that! Hand over the coins!"

"Umm…. No? There was no rule that states we can not HAND OUT coins afterward. You only said we needed to TURN in the coins. Not that we could not trade them after we exited the realm. No one has gone up to you to hand in coins yet. You haven't even asked anyone to hand in coins yet. So right now, what I am doing is perfectly within the rules." Kana stated each fact in front of XY-89. He could only stare at Kana and grit his teeth! She was right! There was no rule that said she could not hand out coins! There had never been such a rule since there was no reason for such a rule. But what he did not get was how did Kana actually get her hand on so many! She had a mountain of them!

"Fine!" XY-89 could only give up. He did not care anymore. "Everyone grab your coins and turn them in. as long as you have the right amount, you pass the second trial!"

The pile next to Kana quickly shrank. All the coins were quickly handed out with a few to spare. Kana handed those in as well since she saw no use for them. Her score ended up being over one thousand due to this, even after she had handed out so many.

XY-89 sighed as he waved at everyone to follow him. "I will lead you to the last test."

The group all hurriedly followed them except a few hopefuls who waited for Camlia to move before following after her. Kana watched this scene and saw the annoyance on her big sister's face and found it quite amusing.

They were all brought to a colosseum. It looked no different from the ones from ancient times back on earth. This was a massive fighting arena with seating for millions of people. This was just how big this place was. And it was filled with many students from the academy and family heads of the major clans, who all came to watch the hopefuls.

When XY-89 showed up with the same number of hopefuls who passed the strength test, a man wearing skin tight pink hot pants with a white puffy shirt and long blonde hair was done up in drills, walked over. He swiped his hair back with his hand and covered his lipstick covered lips with the back of his hand as he laughed out loud. "Ahahahaha! What is this? XY-89 deary, did you forget to drop some of the trash?"

XY-89 frowned as he looked at this man. He was always messed up in the head. He dressed like this but still chased after women every day. "Gregory, I suggest you keep your mouth shut before I pull those drill looking pieces of hair off your head and make you bald."

"Humph! I would like to see you try. I am much stronger than you think. Why do you think I rank higher than you in the instructor rankings!?" Gregory asked with a snort.

"Oh? So cheating your way to the top is okay? Then I will also cheat my way to the top next time. Anyway, they all passed the test! Either you let them in, or I will talk to the headmaster." XY-89 was not going to deal with this anymore.

"You! Fine! Go in! But do not think they will get special treatment. The one handling the test this time is…. Hey! What are you doing!" Gregory yelled out as he felt his drills being pulled.

"Hmm? They are actually attached to your head? Hey, how did you do this?" Bi Ling asked as she pulled on the drill like hair strands.

"Sister Bi, you shouldn't pull on people's hair. What if it came off? Remember the last person? You kept pulling until they went bald. He was really mad." Mei Ling kindly reminded, but this reminder made Gregory's face go pale.

"You little brat, let go of me, or I will teach you a lesson you will never for….. Ahhhh!" Gregory suddenly let out a horrid scream as he felt his scalp being torn off.

"Huh? Little Bi, you are wrong. Look how easily it came off?" Kana said as she held the hair shaped like a drill in her hand with a large chunk of bloody skin hanging from it.

XY-89 stood there frozen while Gregory turned and wanted to slap Kana in the face, only to feel another tug on his head again, causing him to yell out in pain once more. "Mama is right. It came off easy." Yana also had a drill in her hand and shook her head. "Little sister, it's not nice to lie."

"I wasn't lying! I was just not pulling hard. There is one left. Let me pull on it." Bi Ling pursed her lips. Her sisters and Mama were mean! She quickly turned and yanked on the last drill, ripping it clean off, and pouted her lower lip. She turned and kicked Gregory's shin and yelled out: "Look! Why is your scalp so weak!? Why did it come off so easily this time!?"

Gregory was in a lot of pain. His head was bleeding, and his shin was just shattered. He wondered where the hell these little monsters came from! "You! If I do not kill you three today, then my name is not Gregory Gon Poopee!"

"Hmmm? Your name is weird…." Bi Ling pursed her lips. She really felt bad for this man. It seemed he had no love when he was little to get such a name. "Did your Mama not love you when you were little?"

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