Reborn As A Dragon Girl With A System

Chapter 38 - 2 Vs 30000 Part Three

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About four hours passed, and Kana raised her head when she heard a cracking sound. She turned to see the egg that encased Ceilie was starting to break. "Kana, the human's evolution is finishing."

"Her name is Ceilie..." Kana replied.

"Fine… Ceilie's evolution is about to conclude." Lysairth corrected her way of calling Ceilie.

The cracking sounds began to get louder and louder until finally, a hand broke through the egg and pulled hard on the shell, creating a large opening. Ceilie poked her head through the shell and stood up, stretching her limbs. She then climbed out of the eggshell and stood in front of Kana, who was staring at Ceilie in shock.

"Ceilie?" Kana asked as she tilted her head to the side. Staring at the extra things attached to Ceilie. She walked around Ceilie's body and reached up and pulled hard on a long black furry thing sticking out just above Ceilie's butt.

"Ouch! Kana, what was that for… Huh??? What the hell!? I have a tail!?" Ceilie just now realized she had a black fluffy tail coming off her backside.

"It's attached..." Kana said. Her expression showed much confusion.

"It seems Ceilie unlocked a special evolution. This is a rare occurrence, but it does happen. She is no longer human but a demi-human." Lysairth tried to clear things up.

"Was this because I chose the special evolution option beast hunter? But why do I have a tail?" Ceilie felt something else was off, so she reached on top of her head, and her eyes widened even more. "I have animal ears!"

"Ceilie, you look like a black cat..." Kana said while still tugging on Ceilie's tail. Each tug was knocking Ceilie off balance.

"Kana, can you stop that!?" Ceilie pulled her tail out of Kana's claws and hugged it. But when she felt how soft it was, she instantly began rubbing it against her cheek. When she went to start her evolution, she noticed a new kind of evolution had appeared. Normally humans only get one selection based on the stats they had. For Ceilie, she had stats that allowed her to be an archer. But there was suddenly a new selection that was called a beast hunter. Knowing that they were going to be in for a rough fight soon, Ceilie threw caution to the wind and hoped the Beast hunter class would give her a boost.

But not only did this class boost her stats almost threefold, but she was given many more skills, and best of all, she was no longer a human. When she looked at her race, it said Cat Sith. All her hair on her body was now black. Even her eyes had changed. They were now a golden color with feline pupils. Ceilie's smile grew wider and wider until she could no longer contain her happiness and excitement as she jumped up and shouted, "I am no longer a dirty fucking human!"

Kana smiled and nodded her head while crossing her front legs across her chest. "You did well!" It was as if Kana was the one who made this happen. Although, in a way, this was not far from the truth. The reason why Ceilie was given such an option was because she reached the requirements to do so. First was she must hate the human race with a passion, and second was to gain the full trust of a beast with intelligence and fully trust them in return. These allowed her to gain the beast hunter class and evolve from a human into a cat sith. Ceilie now had not only archer skills but blade skills. She can now fight toe to toe with a melee wielder just as good as she could fight long-range with a bow.

"It's good her evolution did not take long. You two need to grab some rest because the morning will be a fierce battle." Lysairth could feel the human army was getting closer and closer. She still had uncertainties about the battle ahead, but if things were done right, they should be okay. Lysairth knew that their position, although an advantage, was also a disadvantage to them as well. While it would force the soldiers to file in a tighter area for battle, the mages in the backline could easily bombard them with spells making the fighting much harder.

"Ceilie, we need to get some sleep. I can sense the humans will be here early in the morning." Kana took Lysairth's words to heart and had no choice to break up Ceilie's good mood.

"Your right. Let's get some sleep." Ceilie knew now was no time to be so over-excited. She waited for Kana to lay down and get comfortable before joining her, using Kana's stomach as a pillow.


"Men rest up for five hours. We will be locked in battle come morning. Those who are on watch tonight, be vigilant! We are deep in the forest where monsters are all at a higher level! " The man on the black scaled horse yelled out. He then climbed down from his horse and brought it over to a tree feeding it some water and feed. Once again, a glowing bird landed near him, making a report. "So they are still in the cave, good! This will make tomorrow go very smoothly. Fall back and get some rest. They can not escape anymore even if they wanted."

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