Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 2729 - 2729 Rushing

2729 Rushing

G3 had cooperated with Ye Jian a few times, so he had some understanding of Ye Jian. “Her ruthlessness won’t be built on the fact that she has no way out. She knows how to protect herself and even knows how to arrange a path of retreat. Q King, your girl is extraordinary. All our comrades admire her.”

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With the addition of Azure Bird, the atmosphere in the Xueyu unit wasn’t boring anymore. Their training wasn’t boring either. How could something happen to such a good comrade?

Nothing would happen!

Xia Jinyuan pursed his thin lips tightly. “Everyone’s communication has been restored. We even had a satellite video call with Major General Yang. But Azure Bird… So far, there’s no news from her.

“I’m worried that she might be injured…”


It was hard to guarantee that she was not injured. G3 couldn’t even open his mouth. After a while, he patted Xia Jinyuan’s shoulder and his steps were a little heavy.

The team members passing through the forest felt heavy and depressed. No one spoke. Azure Bird hadn’t returned to the team, so they weren’t in the mood to say anything.

An hour later, they passed by the rock where Ye Jian and Xia Jinyuan split last night. After walking down for a few hundred meters, they could clearly see a line of bear paw footprints.

The eyes of the team members lit up when they saw the paw prints.

“Go! Follow the pawprints!” Sparrowhawk, who was in charge of searching for details, waved his arm. Then, he rushed down like a king in the mountains.

The comrades behind immediately followed.

The pawprints were intermittent. It was indeed heading toward the area that Xia Jinyuan had guessed.

“Q King’s deduction is correct. I really respect him.” Behind him, Big Shark and the other water ghosts closed the channel and communicated in low voices. Their journey… was indeed correct.

“After all, Azure Bird and the rest are comrades in the same brigade. They’ve already established a tacit understanding with each other. If it was Demon King Li, he would be able to do it too. Just like the last time, when a few recruits went into the water and lost contact with us, we were all anxious but he was the only one who divided the underwater area and brought us to search the deserted island.”

“It’s not easy to be the captain of a big team. They always know more than us. Otherwise, they won’t be able to convince the public.”

Before the water ghosts could finish their conversation, the voices of their comrades from the Xueyu unit came from the earpieces. “There’s a small cave-in in front. Come over quickly!”

The water ghosts’ expressions changed when they heard this piece of news. They couldn’t chat anymore. They immediately turned on their earpieces and carried their backpacks as they ran forward.

“Go around here. Be careful!”

The special forces soldiers from the Xueyu unit had already started walking down. Li Jinnian and Xia Jinyuan were at the front. The two of them slid down with their hips.

From their backs and actions, it could be seen that the appearance of this cave-in made the two of them anxious.

Xia Jinyuan and Li Jinnian had already started their search. They needed to use the marks on the ground nearby to determine if Ye Jian was inside the cave.

This was something that no one could guarantee. They had to search first before making a judgment.

“There are footprints here!” Xia Jinyuan’s voice broke the silence. As he finished speaking, the air became lively and the ruthlessness on the faces of the special forces soldiers disappeared.

The comrades who were in charge of carpet searches were all running toward Xia Jinyuan. Even when the branches hit their faces, it didn’t stop them from running over.

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