Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 2960 - 2960 Keep Your Arrogance

2960 Keep Your Arrogance

Senior Colonel Amitabh straightened his back and looked at the generals from other countries who stood up for China and wanted to embarrass him and his country. He sneered and said, “What can an individual’s strength possibly prove? The strength of a country, an army, or a person is like a drop of water in the Indian Ocean. Sir, do you think this drop of water can affect the Indian Ocean?

“No matter how powerful this Chinese female soldier is, so what? I’m sorry, I don’t think she can do anything. She’s very powerful, but the soldiers in my country are also very powerful, so…”

Senior Colonel Amitabh paused arrogantly. He raised his chin slightly before continuing, “Do I need to suspect a female soldier? Hahaha, look at the situation. Which country would send a female soldier to participate in the competition?

“This country requires female soldiers to come out and work. Hahaha, China’s strength? A miracle that came from her strength? I’m very sorry, but I think all of this is a joke. A very, very funny joke.

“I really don’t understand why you acknowledge China’s strength. I can even see fear in your eyes. Is it because you’re afraid? You’re afraid, but our SFS border defense soldiers won’t be afraid!”

“Senior Colonel Amitabh, the words you say are like those of a young man who has just entered the world and wants to be Superman, protecting the people of the world. They’re full of arrogance, conceit, and…” General Karlisle, who was standing at the front, looked at Senior Colonel Amitabh, who was still laughing, with a puzzled gaze. He deliberately paused for a moment. Seeing that the other party’s ostentatious smile was gradually disappearing, General Karlisle said the last word in an extremely disdainful tone, “And ignorance.”

The smile on Senior Colonel Amitabh’s face had not completely disappeared. His eyes suddenly turned cold. “General Karlisle, please apologize to me!”

“Please apologize to the Chinese participants!” General Karlisle said sternly. “The Chinese special forces represent China. They’re low-key, reserved, humble, and polite. And you, as well as your SFS border defense soldiers, are full of arrogance and prejudice against the Chinese special forces!

“Colonel Amitabh, I think the most important thing for you to do now is to apologize to the Chinese participants! I hope I won’t see you being so rude and ignorant again! And get rid of that ridiculous arrogance of yours too!”

General Karlisle’s words received the approval of the generals of several countries. For a moment, the generals of several countries criticized Senior Colonel Amitabh’s actions.

“General Karlisle is right. You’re rude, and your arrogance is simply ridiculous! The Chinese participants have never been as arrogant as you!”

“Senior Colonel Amitabh, you should apologize to the Chinese special forces for your arrogance and prejudice!”

“Put away your arrogance, Senior Colonel Amitabh. Your actions and words have angered many of us.”

That was right. The special forces soldiers from China were indeed like their country. They were low-key, reserved, humble, and polite.

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They had never taken the initiative to cause trouble, let alone make things difficult for other countries. All the generals had seen was their low-key and reserved side.

No one would question China’s capabilities anymore. No one would suspect that China’s results were fake. From the start until now, the Chinese special forces soldiers had always maintained a polite side and had not made any excessive demands on the SFS border defense soldiers.

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