Reborn In The Apocalypse: It Had Always Been You

Chapter 168 - 168 Finale

168 Finale

Su Shanshan and Gu Jincheng held their wedding a month later. Su Shanshan, who was wearing the wedding dress that Gu Jincheng had specially traveled across two cities to find, walked towards Gu Jincheng with flowers in her hands.

Everyone in the base had witnessed their love. It was not easy to have such pure love in the post-apocalyptic world. They saw hope in Su Shanshan and Gu Jincheng. It turned out that life could be beautiful in the apocalyptic world. Other than the zombie crises, they also experienced happiness.

The people in the base looked at each other and smiled. Their yearning for life rose in their hearts. They were no longer just living, but living happily.

It was said that several people found their partners at the wedding venue. It was not known if this was true, but life was indeed looking up.

Su Shanshan’s married life was very happy. The Southwestern base was also developing well. She recruited a few people who survived after the zombie birds broke into the base. The overall strength of the base became the strongest among the human bases.

In the blink of an eye, six years had passed. Su Shanshan stood in the courtyard with a big belly and shouted at Gu Jincheng, “I want to eat ice cream today!”

Now, life in the base was back on track. Talented people from various industries before the apocalypse returned to their old jobs. Therefore, many things that existed before the apocalypse also appeared after the apocalypse.

Like ice cream

Gu Jincheng, who was protective of her said, “You’re pregnant. You can’t eat cold food.”

Su Shanshan’s face was cold. She held her five-year-old son’s hand and said, “If you don’t let me eat it, I’ll leave home with your son.”

Gu Jincheng was speechless.

Their son looked at his unreliable parents and sighed. He was seriously being used as a bargaining tool. He had a serious expression at such a young age, just like Gu Jincheng.

“Do you want to go out and have fun tomorrow?” Gu Jincheng said slowly.

Su Shanshan’s eyes lit up as she threw herself into his arms. Gu Jincheng was so frightened that he quickly supported her. Does this woman have any awareness of her pregnancy?

“You’re not eating ice cream anymore, are you?” Gu Jincheng pinched her face and asked.

Su Shanshan shook her head violently. Compared to going out to have fun, ice cream was nothing.

The five-year-old Gu Dabao was already used to seeing his parents reconcile. He walked back to the study with his short legs, but Su Shanshan grabbed the back of his neck and said gently, “Did you report me for eating ice cream just now?”

Gu Dabao’s body stiffened. He looked at his father, but Gu Jincheng, his unreliable father, had already directed his gaze elsewhere.

The corners of Gu Dabao’s mouth twitched. Who is this unreliable father doing this for?!

In order to punish him, Su Shanshan asked Gu Dabao to play with her for a day.

Of course, Su Shanshan insisted that she had played with Gu Dabao for a day.

After a few years of development, humans had already found a suitable way to survive in the apocalypse. The zombies were chased to the west, while humans lived in the east. A natural barrier was formed between humans and zombies, and they did not disturb each other.

As humans worked hard to develop, zombies were also evolving. They gradually developed consciousness and had the ability to think. They were very similar to humans in all aspects, but their living habits were completely different.

From the looks of it, humans and zombies seemed to have reached a peaceful coexistence. However, it was uncertain if this peace would be broken in the future. This was also what humans were most worried about.

A meeting was held at the human base. The main topic was that a zombie kingdom had been established with a zombie being crowned as their king.

Legend had it that he looked exactly like a human and had a pair of red eyes. It was also said that he was one-armed

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