Reincarnated as a Red Dragon, Discipline Makes Me Stronger!

Chapter 13: Hunting Dragon Hatchlings

Chapter 13: Hunting Dragon Hatchlings

“Brother, I’m not full yet…”

Mia puffed up her cheeks and complained behind Max.

Max used his claws to pressed down Mia’s puffed cheeks. “I told you to stop imitating me. If mother sees you acting that way, she’ll beat you to death.”

Max had been trying his best to restrain his human habits. Unexpectedly, however, Mia had noticed his human habits and attempted to imitate them. Worse still, she thought that his actions were very cool.

“There’s nothing we can do about that.” Max sighed. “We must head back.”

Max reasoned that he would stand a chance against those adventurers if he was alone. After all, he was a transmigrator who possessed all sorts of cheats.

Even if he was pushed to the end of his rope. He could just start a Battle of Existence against the adventurers.

However, Mia was different. She had a weak physique, and she would definitely fail to hold on against the adventurers. At worst, she might even be killed in an instant.

“Why do we need to head back?” Mia blinked her eyes and asked, “Are we in danger?”

Max nodded and answered truthfully, “Yes, we have enemies coming after us.”

‘If memory serves, one of the traits of Red Dragons is to never back down, even in a losing fight.’

Max recalled the information he had read online from his previous life. It said that Red Dragons were very arrogant and they would only retreat when they were grievously wounded.

Max remembered praising this particular characteristic back then. “What noble behavior!”

However, now that he himself had become a Red Dragon, he merely chucked at the thought.

‘Retreat only when seriously wounded?’

‘How on earth can I escape safely if I retreat in that condition?!’

Red Dragons exceled at lightning and illusory magic. Unlike SIlver Dragons, they were incapable of manipulating time and space. How could they treat the battlefield like a washroom and come and go as they desired?

Moreover, with their weak physique, there were only two likely scenarios in a battle. The first was that they would win the battle unscathed, and the second, was that they would be killed in a single hit!

The noticeable lack of Red Dragons could most likely be attributed to this particular behavior!

“Brother, but I.. .”

Upon hearing the words “enemy”, “danger”, and so on, Mia’s expression changed. After her initial shock, she then revealed her fangs that she had usually kept hidden, and her pupils had also become a thin vertical line. 

“Brother, I want to tear them up. I want to eat them. I’m hungry!”

Mia’s violent dragon personality was awakened at this moment. Slaughter and conquest were engraved in the genes of all dragons, and this held true, even for Dragon Hatchlings.

Max slapped Mia’s head heavily and returned Mia’s vertical pupils to their normal shape.

“Eat, eat, eat, is that all you know how to do? In that case, come and eat me, then!”

Mia lowered her head. “No…”

After taking a glance of Mia’s dejected expression, Max heaved a sigh of relief.

Although it was true that the dragon’s personality of not retreating was very cool, had they really stayed on the scene, Max would most likely be injured heavily, but Mia would most likely perish.

Whoosh —

While Max was lost in his thoughts, he suddenly heard a whizzing sound.

A huge crossbow arrow had brushed past him.

“They’ve already caught up?”

Although dragons lived in the dark, they needed to spot their pray from the air, and thus, they had excellent eyesight.

Max peered downwards. There was an indeed an adventurer on the ground.

That adventurer was wearing half-body armor. Her long hair was tied together, and a crazed smile hung on her face.

Beside the adventurer, however, stood a 2-meter-tall ballista.

The arrow from earlier was obviously fired from the ballista. It had almost struck him.

“What’s that, brother?”

Mia had never seen such a contraption before. As such, she had no idea what it did. Despite that, the memories passed down from her ancestors were blaring alarms in her mind. “DANGER! DANGER!”

Dragon-vanquishing Ballista!

Naturally, Max recognized the ballista at first glance. Once again, this was attributed to his experience in video games.

The ballista was 2 meters tall. The material that made up its bowstring was undoubtedly a dragon tendon. Through various pulley interactions, the dragon tendon was stretched back, and once fired, its arrows would also be imbued with magical bonuses. It possessed great firepower, so much so that even Agatha would feel threatened!

Max did not have time to explain. He quickly pulled Mia and dived towards a sand dune.

The sand dune was not a suitable shelter.

At most, it had only served to block their pursuers’ vision. It was incapable of blocking the bolts from the projectile. Nevertheless, it was the best option that Max had.


A trace of doubt suddenly appeared on the celebrating Carvella’s mind.

Her ballista could also serve as a magic-powered skateboard when dismantled. It was for this reason that she had managed to catch up to the two Dragon Hatchlings before Tahir and Rafik.

It was exactly as Tahir’s intel had reported. There were indeed two Red Dragon Hatchlings.

The two Dragon Hatchlings were flying at a low altitude. Moreover, since their mother was nowhere to be seen, it meant that the two Dragon Hatchlings had no reinforcements to back them up.

This was great news for Carvella. Carvella quickly assembled her ballista and prepared to fire her shot. Her ballista contained enough firepower to kill even Ancient Dragons! Moreover, her target was only two newborn dragons.

Although the dragons were extremely powerful, it was precisely because of their strength that the dragons did not bother to use their brains in battle. Their tactical intelligence was like a mere toddler’s when compared to an average human.

There were many dragons that relied on their powerful draconic aura to fly straight in the sky. They wanted to let the whole world know of their existence.

Those dragons would not change their directions. They did not slow down, nor did they accelerated.

This made them easy shooting targets for Carvella, who possessed the Dragon-vanquishing Ballista,

Killing a Dragon Hatchling was supposed to be an easy task that Carvella could do with her eyes closed. This was because Dragon Hatchlings did not possess the hard scales of Adult Dragons, nor would they realize how much threat her ballista had posed.

She had shot down five Dragon Hatchlings before. So long as they were in range of her ballista, Carvella had never missed her shots.

‘But didn’t the two Dragon Hatchlings hid themselves earlier?’

‘Something’s not right.’

Carvella recalled the scene from earlier. it seemed that the stronger of the two Dragon Hatchlings had dragged the other one down with it.

‘That Dragon Hatchling looks like a newborn, but even so, it’s already this cunning?’

‘Plus, dragons are supposed to be cold-blooded animals. They value their relatives less than their treasures. In order to obtain more treasure, they would not hesitate to kill their own brethren.’

‘That stronger Dragon Hatchling protected its own kind?’

“When you grow up, you will definitely become a famous Red Dragon. Unfortunately for you, however, you won’t survive tonight.”

Carvella twisted the gears on her ballista and lowered the muzzle.

With her sights locked onto the sand dune that Max had escaped to earlier, she then placed down a crossbow bolt that was made from a dragon claw. Then, she pulled back the dragon-tendon bowstring.

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