Reincarnated as a Red Dragon, Discipline Makes Me Stronger!

Chapter 27: Thunder Mage King

Chapter 27: Thunder Mage King

The five elements corresponded to five different types of magic. No creature, be they humans or dragons, was incapable of breaking this rule.

Of course, the Silver Dragons who were capable of using space-time magic were an exception.

Unlike other lifeforms, however, Dragons did not need to train hard to sense the existence of the elementals to use magic.

Dragons were born with innate knowledge of magic.

For example, the Red Dragons were born with a high affinity for the Thunder element.

Most Red Dragons were capable of using thunder-type magic since birth.

Of course, there were still exceptions.

Dragons like Max, who were incapable of casting magic at birth, were a small minority among the dragons.

This was a problem that troubled Max as well. After all, a Red Dragon that was incapable of casting thunder magic would be looked down upon by other Red Dragons.

However, Max need not worry about the issue any longer.

“System, show me see my attributes.”

“Okay, loading…”

[ True Name: Max Agatha Hill Alexander ]

[ Race: Red Dragon (Neutral Evil)]

[ Current Dragon Rank: Hatchling ]

[ Age: 1]

[ Maximum Lifespan: 12,000 (Ancient Dragon)]

[ Attack: 25 (Normal Red Dragon Hatchling 15)]

[ Spell Strength: 500( Normal Red Dragon Hatchling 25)]

[ Defense: 20 (Normal Red Dragon Hatchling 10)]

[ Speed: 30 (Normal Red Dragon Hatchling 13)]

[ Magic: Lightning Arrow, Lightning Arrow Rain, Thunderstorm, Thunder Paralysis, Thunderclap, Light Affinity, Thunder Immunity, Thunderous Divine Retribution, Ten Million Volts of Thunder… ]

[ Abilities: Bite, Claw Strike, Stomp, Tail Swipe ]

[ Breath: Lightning, Strong Acid ]

[ Remarks: You’ve learned these many spells just by sleeping? Can you please keep a low profile? ]


Max looked at the stats interface that was occupying his field of vision.

The magic panel had occupied the largest area within the interface.

There were way too many spells, and it had taken one good minute to read through it.

However, even after reading through the entire list, Max gave it yet another read. 

“My God, I have almost all the thunder spells?”

Max could not believe that he had obtained all the thunder spells just from Killing Tahir.

At this point, it was no exaggeration to call Max the Thunder Mage King.

Increase in combat prowess aside, there was also another benefit to obtaining those spells.

‘With these spells, my identity as a transmigrator would no longer be obvious.’ 

It was said that the Red Dragons, a race famous for their use of thunder magic, had also possessed a physique that made them resistant to thunder magic. As a result, the common way for them to greet each other was to fire bolts of electricity at one another.

‘Had I not learned thunder magic, I would be incapable of facing other Red Dragons in the future!’ 

‘I might not even be able to find a partner had I continued being incapable of casting magic!’

Max did not want to be a single dragon. He had been single for eighteen years in his previous life. Without a partner, how would he able to live through his long years as a dragon?

Although Max was overjoyed, he made sure to check Mia’s stats as well.

“System, check my sister’s stats.”


[ True Name: Mia Agatha Afindore ]

[ Race: Red Dragon (Neutral Evil)]

[ Current Dragon Rank: Dragon Hatchling ]

[ Age: 1]

[ Maximum Lifespan: 10,000 (Ancient Dragon)]

[ Attack: 5 (Normal Red Dragon Hatchling 15)]

[ Spell Strength: 250 Normal Red Dragon Hatchling 25)]

[ Defense: 7 Normal Red Dragon Hatchling 10)]

[ Speed: 12 (Normal Red Dragon Hatchling 13)]

[ Magic: Lightning Arrow ]

[ Ability: Bite ]

[ Breath: Lightning ]

[ Remarks: Did she get an extra zero in the Spell Strength column? ]

Max nodded and looked away.

‘Not bad. As expected of my beloved sister.’

‘Her Magic Strength is half of mine!’

‘And these are just the results from Mia’s sleep. Her high aptitude for magic that was mentioned by the System was indeed correct.’

Max climbed out of the lair and enjoyed the scenery outside.

The vast sky was like a pure blue board. There was not a single cloud to be seen.

There was no sign of Agatha either.

“Hmm, she hasn’t abandoned us, right?”

Usually, dragons would raise their young until they had become Teen Dragons before leaving them.

As for whether they would have the chance to meet again in the future, it was all up to fate.

However, even if they were to meet, they would not reminisce about the past together. At most, they would only treat each other as another unfamiliar Red Dragon.

This was the ethics of dragons.

The mothers who were on the kinder spectrum of dragons would raise their young until they were Adult Dragons before leaving them.

Conversely, there were also the irritable ones that would eat their own dragon eggs as snacks.

Max had originally thought that his mother, Agatha, would raise them based on the common practices of dragons. However, it seemed that Agatha was unwilling to do so.


Max heaved a long sigh. ‘Sure enough, there’s a trade-off. I’ve become a powerful Red Dragon, but now I’m left without a mother.’

‘But no matter. I’m not a Dragon Hatchling that’s only a few months old. I’m a Dragon Hatchling with 18 years of experience as a human.’

‘Plus, even if Agatha had really left without saying goodbye to us, I still have my dear sister to accompany me.’

‘With my 500 points of Spell Strength, as well as the hidden ballista and the giant ruby, I have more than enough strength to continue living on in this world!’

‘Worse comes to worse, I can always rely on the Battle of Existence to defeat my enemies, and at the same time, I can also plunder a portion of their abilities!’

‘But there’s still a risk of doing so. After all, I can only use it when I’m in a life-or-death situation.’

‘If I’m even a second late in using it..’

‘I’ll die.’

While Max was trying to plan out his future without Agatha…

A pale red shadow streaked across the sky.

Agatha had returned.

With a mouth full of camels at that.

“Pah.” Agatha spat out the camels. “Max? What are you doing at the entrance?”

Max cleverly replied, “Waiting for mother to come home, of course.”

Agatha rolled her eyes in disbelief at such an answer, but she still picked the largest camel and threw it to Max.

However, Max did not eat the food in front of him. Instead, he said, “I’ll wake Mia up. We’ll eat together.”

As he said that, Max flew down and gently patted Mia’s head, just like he usually did.

Mia slowly opened her eyelids. However, upon smelling the metallic stench in the air, she immediately jumped up.

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