Reincarnated With A Summoning System

Chapter 11 - 11

"The timer stopped, but there's another, just over 5 hours" Misha sighs. "You're going to do this to me again aren't you?"

Cid and Cain laugh "To everyone. Three times experience as a bonus. You know you want it."

Everyone checks their gear and mentally prepares to face that insane level of speed run again.

Cain quickly checks his stats

[Name] Cain

[Level] 27

[Class] Puppet Master

[Race] Human



[Summon Lesser Golem] lv3

[Summon Greater Golem] lv1

[Poison Arrow] lv2


[Stats] +25


[STR] 45

[DEX] 15

[CON] 50

[INT] 25


[HP] 200

[MP] 125

That's a lot of stat points. But they can wait for now, he'll use them when they're needed.

"Sort your loot later, we're on the clock." Cid calls in a commanding voice, ushering everyone out to the exit.

"Look at the titles, the Titles!" someone in the lineup calls and waves them to the front. "Going for the full experience?"

"Better believe it." Cixelcid laughs. "At this rate I'll cap out at 40 by the end of the day."

"Cap out?" Lickity asks.

"20 levels above boss level, dungeons stop giving experience for the whole party" he sighs "Once I hit 40 our mission for the day is over. 3 times zero is still zero."

[Massacre Bonus x253 Applied]

[Level Up]

[Quest: Iron Man Competed]

[3x Experience Earned]

[Level Up]

[Level Up]

[Summon Greater Golem] has reached level 2

[Player Cixelcid Has Received Legendary Item]

[Gore Kin Axes] have dropped.

This things are insane, 50 percent damage as a bleed to everything within 10 meters? The party is going to slaughter the next run.

[Massacre Bonus x253 Applied]

[Level Up]

[Quest: Iron Man Competed]

[3x Experience Earned]

[Level Up]

[Player Misha Has Received Epic Item]

[Player Cain Has Received Legendary Item]

[Holy Oaken Staff] has dropped

[Skilled Creation Amulet] has dropped

"An epic and a legendary in one run? And what is that amulet?"

Cain tries a moment and links the description in party chat.

[Skilled Creation Amulet] Puppet Master and Necromancer exclusive. Increases construct damage by 300 percent.

"That is, how do I put this? Broken." Cid laughs. "That big of a buff over so many will murder this dungeon at your level"

"Guys, I know it might seen anti climactic, but I got three new crafting patterns" Lickity smiles.

"I got 2 so far, one of them an epic leather armor set" Stubbs adds.

"One more time, I will be 40 afterwards" Cid grits his teeth and drags himself to his feet.

[Massacre Bonus x261 Applied]

[Level Up]

[Quest: Iron Man Competed]

[3x Experience Earned]

[Level Up]

[Party Member Ineligible] some experience lost

[Player Lickity Has Received Epic Item]

[Silk Bath Robe] has dropped

Lickity has tears in her eyes and a smile on her face after equipping said robe.

"It closes. It really closes." She cries in happiness, finally receiving a decently modest piece of clothing. It's short, and shows a lot of cleavage, but she is right, it closes.

Misha isn't sure if she should congratulate the Succubus, or point out that the robe is just as sexy as the chaps and jacket it replaced, her underwear still visible every time she moves.

"Give her the little Victory" Cixelcid whispers in the healers ear.

"Now that we're all dressed to impress, how about we go grab some Meatloaf specials from the Cafe? Eat and relax while we sort out our loot for the day. It'll give us a chance to exchange items the others can use." Cain suggests.

The beginning of the exchange proves to be easy. There's chain pants and boots, which go to Cain. A cloth cloak which only Misha needs, plus a lot of leather items for Stubbs. It's when they get to accessories that it gets difficult. There's a pair of green rings everyone but Cixelcid wants one of, that reduce ability cost by 5 percent. Plus a blue necklace that increases first strike damage by 20 percent that both Stubbs and Lickity seem ready to fight over.

"How about this? Whoever gets the necklace is out on the rings. I'll bow out on the rings too, casting cost isn't such a big thing for me as it is for others." Cain suggests

"Fine, how are we settling this?" Stubbs asks.

"Rock, paper scissors of course." Lickity laughs, like it's obvious. Maybe it was, she crushed Stubbs 3 in a row. Necklace now firmly around her neck, which immediately changes its appearance to a solid silver ring with a heart shaped loop dangling from the front, Lickity does a little happy dance in her chair.

"One last item, just found it buried in my materials" Cixelcid says, pulling out a green and grey, knee length brigandine coat. "Hunter can use this, so it's yours Cain"

"Thanks man, with new boots, pants and now a coat I'm like a whole new person." Cain laughs.

While looking over his changes and deciding where to put points, Cain finds that he can now give his pair of large Golems shields. Cutting damage done and taken both by 20 percent. But with the new necklace, that's still a huge amount more than he was doing yesterday.

"Hey, my Greater Golems got a tank form at level 30, they can now form a shield. It drops their damage, but reduces damage taken by 20 percent." Cain informs the group who all gasp.

"That puts their damage taken below Cid's. It's like having 2 fully geared tanks with you all the time." Misha cheers hugging his arm.

"Wait, I think I have a thing for you" Lickity informs them, staring off into space as she checks her inventory. "Never mind, don't have the materials."

"That's a shame, but I think I'm doing pretty well, I just need a new bow" Cain shrugs.

"Then you need to head to the next town down the road. There's an ice dungeon there that sometimes drops an epic level Ice bow. It's a level 25 dungeon, so not too far under your power level, and the chance to freeze targets would be huge for you." Cixelcid smiles.

"Are you all headed there too? You've leveled out of this town, and the ones you came back to level to 20 are almost at 30 now." Misha asks.

"No, we'll be going to the main guild branch in the big city. There's an undead dungeon there you might like once you find that bow"

"Before we go, Misha, what spell did you get access to at level 30?" Cid asks.

"The long duration Heal Over Time. I used the base version so much here that it maxed out at level 5."

"Big improvement?" Lickity asks.

"Only twice the healing per tick, for three times the cost, but it lasts 30 seconds instead of 5.. It should be a really big help."

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