Rest in a Demon's Embrace [BL]

231 Shrew

Luo Xiao did not doubt wether the two brothers had any good martial art techniques. The weaker factions only had average scriptures, and only a few would be categorized as good. These factions were very well aware of their ability to fight against the more powerful sects and clans, so they were struggling in their own way.

However, they were not able to give these techniques to their disciples without anything in return. As the weaker sects, they gained many disciples from ordinary families. Their disciples were not rich, and they could not provide their own resources when cultivating. Everything they needed had to be gained from the sect.

The sect, in return, needed to earn enough resources for their disciples and their staff, so they would make various tasks and events that could provide these talents with contribution points to change for skills or resources in return.

Skills, such as the one that this pair of brothers had learned, were special, and their ability to stay alive was often the most important. If the sect owned any strong fighting skills, then their sect was likely to be targeted by others. In this case, even if the pair of brothers gained any techniques or resources that were very rare during their visit to the Secret Realm, they would have to either use it on their own, or dedicate it to other sects later, in return for something that their own faction could use.

In a way, these weaker sects were rather unfortunate, and their fate was to never step into the ranks of capable factions, but Luo Xiao knew that this was how life was. In this dangerous and brutal world, sometimes being mediocre was safer than being outstanding.

“I will grab an enemy.” Da Tou was the one that had achieved the greatest results in their martial art technique, so he was willing to give it a try when luring an enemy towards them. He also understood that they could not flee from everything.

Xiao Tou took a deep breath and a saber was taken out of his storage pouch. The blade was smooth and clean; the edge was sharp and glistened in the sunlight, but the handle was seemingly old, and a faded red handkerchief was wrapped around it.

Luo Xiao could see that both Xiao Tou and Da Tou had listened to his words and wanted to improve themselves. He also stepped forward, ready to fight against the enemy that they would meet.

Da Tou also took out a weapon from his storage bag. Unlike Xiao Tou’s saber, Da Tou was using a pair of chui hammers. The metal used was rather special, and Luo Xiao had never seen any like it before; it was silverish, but with many black spots within, resembling impurities of the metal.

The two hammer-like weapons with spherical heads were clearly mostly suited for pure physical damage without any special techniques or abilities, making up for the lack of skills that Da Tou and Xiao Tou faced.

Da Tou did not hesitate but took a deep breath as he looked at the meadow in front of them. He knew that they were not suitable for any kind of beast that was living in groups, so many of the lifeforms within were avoided, but he quickly came across an oversized shrew.

At first, he did not intend to target the shrew, but looking at the constantly vibrating nose, he had a bad premonition. The shrew was a poisonous creature, and it was also rather gluttonous, so if it noticed them, they were likely to be targeted.

While Da Tou was thinking, the shrew accurately located his position and rushed over. There was no more chance to consider, and Da Tou turned on his heels and rushed backward.

Although he was moving rapidly, he had memorized the path he had taken on the way into the meadow, and managed to retract the same way out again, making the escape much quicker than the advance.


“They are coming.” Luo Xiao’s expression turned solemn as he heard the sounds getting closer and closer. Although he could be sure that it was a single enemy, he also sensed that it was not an easy target, so he became serious.

Xiao Tou was equally solemn, and the grip on his saber tightened. He did not have any good attacking techniques, but he had trained some very simple but powerful slashing attacks with his saber for many years. He knew better than others what his disadvantage was, so he kept trying to improving in his own manner.

Luo Xiao, who was waiting for the arrival of the target and Da Tou was observing Xiao Tou’s expression, and he could not help but feel admiration. Although Xiao Tou and Da Tou were calm and somewhat proud of their ability to flee, everyone would want to fight when a chance was given. Their current situation was forced by their poor background, but this Secret Realm might be their only chance of moving forward, and they were eager to do their utmost.

Perhaps, their first idea when arriving was to merely survive and grab some crumbs that slipped between the hands of the stronger sects, but after meeting Luo Xiao and hearing his words they began thinking about their own situations. They knew that they could only depend on themselves, and they had to step forward, one journey at a time.

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