Skyfire Avenue

The End

The End

Author’s Note:

At last we’ve come to the end of Skyfire Avenue. Frankly speaking there was a lot in this novel I wanted to write for myself. My favorite part was the beginning, but many of my dear readers expressed a lack of understanding. Later I changed direction and focused more on conflict and combat. This book was an experiment, with the beginning following more of a novella-type arrangement. I truly enjoyed the world of Skyfire Avenue and the people in it. I’m curious who you liked best.

Readers who are familiar with me will know that my works are seamlessly connected. In some ways I’m disappointed with where this novel ended – there was a lot I didn’t exactly agree with. However, it is time to put the novel to rest. Perhaps when I have matured I will revisit it and make some modifications, and add some things I feel it needs.

It was my hope, when I started writing Skyfire Avenue, that I might be able to teach my readers about some of the finer points of etiquette and high culture. I fear I wasn’t very successful. As you continue to make your way through like you will encounter more of the things we discussed in the novel and then you will understand. I was very meticulous in my research, and much of what I described you can find today.

I find myself conflicted. Skyfire Avenue has been completed, so what will the next project be? I suspect many of my readers already know. It’s a project that’s been brewing in my mind, that I’ve been preparing for, for a long time. I think you will be pleasantly surprised when I tell you it is part three of the Dou Luo Da Lu series, <>.

Readers of the previous novels and its peripheral works will be able to guess some of its content. The Dou Luo Da Lu series is undoubtedly my favorite to work on, and now it’s time for it to continue its progress. What marvels await us in the third installment? We’ll have to wait and see. All I can say is I’ll be returning to my roots as a more experienced and mature author. I promise to provide you all a feast for your imagination. I’m sure you all will enjoy <>!

Translator’s Note:

Before RXW approached me with the offer to translate Skyfire Avenue, I had never even read a Chinese novel. My translation experience did not extend past paragraphs of medical texts. I’ve forgotten precisely when I began working on Skyfire Avenue, but it had been a project that has spanned years. Over that time there have been challenges and triumphs, and I have grown professionally during the course of this novel.

As Tang Jia San Shao expressed above, many of you shared similar concerns about the beginning of this story with readers throughout China. The author was bold in his decision to try something new, which ultimately didn’t have the effect he wanted. While there were ups and downs with the path he chose, I think we can agree that it created an engaging world, with multifaceted characters that were fascinating to follow. Tang Jia San Shao’s experimentation produced a unique work that I think stands alone in a difficult genre, completely unlike any other translated work. As a whole, while it may have felt tedious from time to time, I feel that the final product would not have been as satisfying if the setting had not been established as the author had chosen.

Where I was as a translator and reader changed throughout the course of the novel. In the beginning I was a novice, translating part-time between classes. I had passion for the prospects ahead and excitement in pursuing a new skill set. I think in some ways that might shine through in the product. Over time, when readers dwindled and I felt more like a burden to my employer, that passion waned. I always strove to make sure that my work was as engaging as I could make it, however, and I think that my ability to understand the intent and ‘voice’ of the author improved.

Now as we close the proverbial book on Skyfire Avenue I hope that all of you enjoyed the journey. Though I did not create the world Lan Jue lived in I did have an opportunity to put my mark on it, and in so doing I’ve become invested in its reception. If it brought you any measure of joy, if it made a tough day better, if you laughed or scoffed or got teary-eyes than I’m proud I could help bring that to you. I’ll see you wherever the journey brings us next.

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