Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage

Chapter 930

Chapter 930: The Three Sisters Zaka

White Lotus Sword Domain, the boundary of the mortal area.

A deep red dragon was staring fiercely at a tall wall not far away, with a body about ten meters long, releasing terrifying high temperatures.

The human soldiers on the tall wall trembled with fear when they saw the red dragon looming outside, not even daring to show their heads over the edge of the wall.

Even though the wall was fifty meters high, it still couldn't give these elite human soldiers a sense of safety in front of the flying dragon.

Now, there are still several large holes left on the wall that were sprayed out by the dragon's breath, vaguely revealing unknown objects resembling debris.

"Ah... roar... roar..." Red Dragon Zaka, still in the juvenile stage, bit her own tail and felt uncomfortable all over.

Why, after waking up from a nap, the happy days of being together with the prince and playing around all day long are gone forever.

Luckily, the great original mother dragon is still here, even though she appears as a human and restrains her own powers, she still has the power to break all the rules.

Now, Desert Dragon Zaka, Ice Dragon Zaka, and Red Dragon Zaka are all born! The time for the Zaka sisters to reunite with Zaka is not far away!

What White Lotus Secret Treasure, what chosen trial, as long as the Zaka sisters gather together, it will be a piece of cake.

Compared to that White Lotus Secret Treasure, obviously the missing "Yun Xi " who is the prince and eternal lover of the Zaka sisters is more important!

"Hiss!" Red Dragon Zaka, who is in a bad mood, starts to inhale and spreads her wings to fly into the sky.

"Here they come!"

"Here they come!"

"Red alert! Red alert!"

"All troops, pay attention, do not counterattack, I repeat, do not counterattack!"

The commander of the army shouted desperately from the fifty-meter-high city wall, filled with fear and trembling, but they had no choice but to face it head-on.

There was no other option, defending the city wall was their duty, even if the opponent was a giant dragon.

"Hah!" The Red Dragon Zaka, who deliberately used the strongest structure of the White Lotus Sword Domain to train its breath attack, didn't care about the humans at all. It directly unleashed a breath attack on the center of the fifty-meter-high city wall.

The city wall, designed to withstand multiple layers of spells and imagined targets of dangerous creatures ranked fifth and sixth, was left with a visible gap after the explosion.

The protective layer formed by extracting the Earth's energy melted like snow encountering scorching sun under the breath attack of Red Dragon Zaka.

The sturdy wall made of granite couldn't withstand the terrifying heat, turning into ashes in large quantities until some massive remains hidden deep within the wall were exposed.

"Hmm..." Red Dragon Zaka shook her head, feeling greatly dissatisfied with the weakening of her fighting power.

In her prime, just one breath of hers could turn this wall and the towns behind it into a lake of lava.

As a great ancient dragon, born from a dream, she should have the power to cause such destruction.

If she could unite with her prince again and unleash the sacred crimson light of the Dragon Roar Wave, it might be possible to destroy this White Lotus Sword Domain.

But now, this young form of hers is too weak and helpless!

When will she be able to restore her true form as the Red Dragon Princess?

These walls should be knocked down quickly, just like she wants to... *cough, cough*

"Are you used to this world here?" Another blue dragon, whose body was similar to Red Dragon Zaka's, descended from the sky and patted Red Dragon Zaka's wings.

"I'm not used to this at all, it's such an unrealistic world." Red Dragon Zaka purred in her sister's arms, enjoying the attention.

"I can't even use one percent of my power!"

"If I were in my true form, I could blow this wall away with one breath."

Ice Dragon Zaka nuzzled Red Dragon Zaka's head, remembering how she had doubted if this world was real when she first opened her eyes.

Just recently, the four sisters had chosen to betray the great and ancient original dragons and fight against their own mother, who was about to marry them off to a prince as his princesses.

But now, everything had changed when they woke up.

Their mother, the original dragon, had brought them to this new world, many years after the one they were born in.

If it wasn't for their mother and their lovers still being here, she would have thought it was all just a dream.

Their bodies had regressed to a juvenile state, whether in dragon form or human form.

The whole world seemed to expand a million times in an instant. How long did they sleep for?

Luckily, "Prince" or the great original mother dragon's "Little Xi" was still there.

Hmm, as long as things are like this, time doesn't really matter to the great dragon.

After getting used to this world, they found that it was actually quite nice. The original mother dragon clearly broke free from that small world and brought them four sisters to this larger, more incredible new world.

At the end of the horizon, a fierce sandstorm began to blow, and Desert Dragon Zaka emerged from the desert, with a content expression on her face.

Behind her, there was a large group of silly desert scorpions, more than ten times the number in the original dragon world.

"Not bad, not bad at all! There are so many subordinates in this world!"

Compared to her two sisters who focused on their own strength, Desert Dragon Zaka had exceptional leadership skills within the legion. In just about three days, she assembled a desert monster army that was strong enough to make the ordinary world of White Lotus Sword Domain despair.

Originally the weakest among the three Zakas, Desert Dragon Zaka now became the strongest among them.

"Is the mother still exploring that unknown area?" Red Dragon Zaka curiously asked Desert Dragon Zaka, who had summoned the desert army.

After giving birth to all three Zakas, Hua Huo who had expended a lot of her energy hurriedly entered a forbidden area in the sword domain and still hasn't returned.

Soon, it would be time for the White Lotus Secret Treasure to open. The three Zakas have been practicing their skills against this wall and have improved quite a bit.

Even though she couldn't fully unleash her true power as the original dragon deity due to her physical limitations, Red Dragon Zaka effortlessly annihilated those so-called human heroes.

Even a breath with only one percent of its power is still genuine dragon fire.

Red Dragon Zaka had already perfected her breathing rhythm using the White Lotus Sword Domain's walls, and her skill level was almost maxed out.

"She should be coming back soon, and we need to set off too!" Desert Dragon Zaka proudly lifted her head.

The three sisters are about to go into battle once again!

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