Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess

Chapter 988

Chapter 988 Disband the Mountain Bandits

“He will get killed, for sure. But he has too many enemies, so I can’t guarantee that he will die in your hands in the end. What I can guarantee is that you can make up a stab to him at least.”

There was irresistible firmness in Lin Mengya’s eyes. Sun Zhuang, who had been staring blankly in the direction of the southwest, took a deep look at Lin Mengya with complex expressions, and finally, he was no longer as stiff and numb as before.

Sun Zhuang got up and walked out of the hall, and the other two bandit chiefs hurriedly chased after him.

“Sun Zhuang, what are you going to do?”

“Arrange for my men to go with her.”

This brief reply declared the dissolution of the mountain bandits on the Mount Five Heroes.

Lin Mengya strolled out of the house leisurely. Currently, the four bandit chiefs had returned to their respective territories to deal with the rest of things.

They checked out the people they had brought. Except for several slightly injured, no one was seriously injured or died.

However, Lin Mengya did not feel happy. Such a thing had happened before they left the border of the Jin State. If they entered Lieyun, most likely, they would be in greater danger.

“Master, have some chicken soup, please. It’s said that chicken here tastes particularly delicious and is not available anywhere else.”

Now Baisu was even more unwilling to leave Lin Mengya’s side. She insisted on handling everything of Lin Mengya’s life in person.

As for living such a half-crippled life again, Lin Mengya was resistant in her heart.

However, she had no say in this matter. Again, the people by her side became allies and unified their speech and action. So she had to accept to be taken care of obediently.

Speaking of which, it was not that Lin Mengya was not grateful, but that she was not used to it.

“How is it going with the interrogation of that advisor of Fort Naratha?”

Leaning on the bed and eating the chicken soup cooked by Baisu, Lin Mengya inquired about the news.

“He has confessed everything, saying that a woman came for Xia Bin and offered him 10,000 taels of silver to take your life. And, those archers were left by her.”

Shi Bupo, who had been promoted to be Lin Mengya’s personal secretary, looked like a slippery hooligan as usual. He was now the most loyal fan of Lin Mengya.

“10,000 taels of silver. I didn’t expect my life to be so valuable. Have you gotten to know that woman’s identity?”

Shi Bupo shrugged his shoulders, with his eyes full of regret.

“Not yet. That woman was very cautious. She only came to Fort Naratha twice, and every time she came, she wrapped herself up tightly, so that no one could see her face. As per that advisor, she was a petite girl, and she should be a daughter of a wealthy family.”

“As expected, it is Long Mengru, Princess Tiancheng,” Lin Mengya thought, with a sneer on her lips.

“It’s her. I didn’t expect her to hate me so much. It’s a pity that her mother has put in so much effort to save her.”

Lin Mengya had promised Shangguan Dongzhu that she would leave her daughter a way out.

Unfortunately, Princess Tiancheng had repeatedly taken the road to ruin, so she deserved it.

“Hall Master, what should we do? Maybe we can wait for her. Since she wants to kill you, she may take the initiative to come to you.”

Shi Bupo licked the corner of his mouth with an insidious look.

Lin Mengya shook her head. After eating up the chicken soup remaining in the bowl in one gulp, she wiped her mouth and continued to say.

“It is too late. Think about what Xia Bin was like. He is vicious and cautious to the extreme. Do you think he will leave us such an opportunity? Besides, they might have some secret connection ways to each other. If you don’t believe me, you can go ask that advisor. I am sure that he doesn’t know how to contact that woman. Xia Bin must have done it all himself.”

Moreover, those archers hiding in the forest probably would see what happened.

Therefore, this method did not work. But Lin Mengya knew that since Long Mengru had the nerve to attack her this time, she might do it a second time.

As long as Lin Mengya was alive, Long Mengru would never stop making trouble for her.

Lin Mengya thought, “So it is not bad, lest I will feel bored along the way.”

Chang Hu and the other three took quick action to reorganize their men. As turned out, each of them had a team of about 200 people.

This time, Lin Mengya did not mix these people with her original team. After all, they were not at the same level as her subordinates.

Moreover, she was not sure if those people were faithful to her, so she would put more trust in the 500 people under her.

But she didn’t prevent their interaction with her 500 people. Instead, she encouraged them to learn more about each other.

Only through assimilation could the two forces eventually become one. This was also her ultimate goal.

“Hall Master, the road has been cleared. Shall we set off now?”

Shi Bupo came to report to Lin Mengya, with a hint of surprise on his face. After a night of hard work, the blocked road was finally unblocked.

Seeing the tiredness on everyone’s faces, Lin Mengya did not order to set off in a hurry.

It was already late. It didn’t matter to delay a moment more.

“Tell everyone to eat and sleep well. We’ll set off tomorrow morning.”

Over the past few days, whether those who were working on cleaning up the road or the four people by her side, had not rested well.

It was because of the danger everywhere and the urgency of time. They could not have the time to relax, not even a moment.

At night, they lit bonfires. Soon, the good smell of meat wafted through the entire mountain fort.

But no one would completely relax, so none of them drank there.

When in danger, drinking could be fatal. Only by sobering up in his dream could one have a better chance of surviving.

Lin Mengya was arranged in the best house in the mountain fort. Looking at those seemingly heroic-looking men who were saying goodbye to their pasts, she felt a little sad.

“I don’t know how things are going on his side. Qinghu, I haven’t slept well these days, as if something is going to happen.”

Leaning against the door, Lin Mengya whispered.

Qinghu picked up a coat and draped it over Lin Mengya’s thin shoulders.

“I heard that pregnant women always have wild thoughts. He is the emperor now. Who dares do anything to him?”

Qinghu comforted Lin Mengya with a smile.

“Alas, nothing is worse than being an emperor. It seems to be extremely noble and powerful, but the great pressure of governing the country is all on his shoulders. What freedom and leisure can he have?”

Lin Mengya lowered her head and looked at the tip of her shoe.

She wished that she had overthought it because she became emotional as a pregnant woman.

Lin Mengya touched her flat belly, wondering, “How happy will he be if he knows I am pregnant?”

In the Imperial Palace of the Capital City thousands of miles away, Long Tianyu finished dealing with government affairs for a day. He was sitting in a chair, resting with his eyes closed.

He didn’t sleep well these days, so he had slight dark circles under his eyes.

Even so, Long Tianyu, who wore an imperial robe and a jade crown, still gave off an extraordinary aura that could overawe everyone under the sun.

“Your Majesty, I’ve found the troupe that performed the magic outside of the mansion that day. Unfortunately, they had already died in the fire before I found them.”

Long Tianyu suddenly opened his eyes, which shot a touch of cold light. and there was a sparkle in his eyes.

“They are dead?”

The spy in black didn’t dare to hide anything, and he immediately reported all information he had obtained.

“Got it. You may leave.”

Long Tianyu’s voice was cold. Although he was dissatisfied, he knew that it was not his subordinate’s fault.

The spy left immediately, leaving the young new emperor alone in the Imperial Study.

Moyan and the former emperor had been missing for more than a month. Meantime, Long Tianyu ordered to secretly lock down the Capital City and increase the search and guard, but still, no news of them.

Long Tianyu felt more and more uneasy, and he was worried about Lin Mengya more than ever.

It didn’t matter if those people came at him, but if they were after her…

Long Tianyu clenched his fists tightly, thinking, “No, I can’t let her take risks outside alone.”


“Third brother.”

A long-lost voice was heard. Long Qinghan, who had become a big figure with great power currently, rushed to Long Tianyu cautiously like a thief.

To make a play realistic, the two brothers had tensed up against each other in the imperial court.

But in Long Qinghan’s heart, whether Long Tianyu was the emperor or not, Long Tianyu was always the most respected and trusted third brother of him.

“Why are you here?”

Their plan was going well, so Long Tianyu thought that they should be more careful.

However, Long Qinghan hurriedly handed a letter to Long Tianyu and said in an anxious voice.

“Pan’er left a letter and ran away. I have to save her!”

“Gu Pan?” Long Tianyu naturally knew what Gu Pan meant to Long Qinghan. After all, Qinghan had offended many people because of her.

Long Tianyu immediately took the letter from Long Qinghan’s hand and read it, and his brows furrowed tighter and tighter.

“Why didn’t she say it earlier?”

Long Tianyu threw the letter on the table heavily.

The same look of anxiety appeared in Long Qinghan’s eyes.

The content of the letter was in line with Gu Pan’s style.

“Hubby, I forgot something important. I will come back as soon as I complete it. I am sure you will ask me what it is. I can tell you but don’t tell your third brother, the Emperor. In fact, I came out this time on the order of the elder of my family to give a thing to a person. I had been looking for that person for a long time, but I didn’t find her. Yesterday, I chatted with Mengya’s family and learned that Mengya was the person I was looking for. This thing is very important for her. If I don’t give it to her in time, she may die. So I go to chase after her. Take care.”

The life and death of Lin Mengya was the most sensitive thing for Long Tianyu.

“I don’t know either. She didn’t say anything about it before. Third brother, I’m going to find Pan’er.”

After that, Long Qinghan was about to rush out of the main hall of the palace, without a second thought.

But Long Tianyu was more rational than him. He stopped Long Qinghan with a straight face.

“She has left the Capital City for a long time. Where are you going to chase after her? Don’t forget who you are now. As long as we make any move, the people outside will immediately know. Now, neither you nor I can make a move easily.”

Long Tianyu and Long Qinghan had reached a consensus that being exasperated was no help to solve problems.

Things became a little more tricky. Gu Pan was a little reckless to do things, but what she said was probably true.

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