Sword Pilgrim

Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Still, I was worried about the side effects of using Holy Water, so I made some adjustments afterwards.

All the pain Bruns felt was the effect of the undiluted poison, so I could cut it by half.

I left the manufacturing room again after refining the remaining Valtherus’ Tears by grinding them a little more.

‘I have one extra Tear of Valtherus left, so I’ll have to try cultivating it when I have time.’

If planted in a suitable place, the plant can take root if some ‘specific conditions’ are met.

“Where’s Dexter?”

“Oh, in the workshop.”


Bruns kept looking at his chest after he came to his senses, occasionally tilting his head and sending me an anxious look.

“I wonder if I made a mistake… I remember something…”

“You spat at me, telling me not to touch your body.”

“So-, sorry!”

“It’s not that I don’t understand, so it’s fine.”

He was used as a lab rat, so that much was fine.

Bruns’ wound healed cleanly without a single scar.

Since I could check the effect properly, and it’s been about a day since you cursed at me, I will gently close my eyes and ignore it.

Kaang! Kaang!

As I headed straight towards Dexter’s workshop, the sound of a hammer reverberated.

It was a workshop set deep within the basement of the casino.

It seems that Cedric paid a little attention.

Even though he says he doesn’t believe me, he pays close attention to this and that.

He has a sweet personality.

“I’m coming in.”


Kaang! Kaang!

As the door opened, a rush of heat came accompanied with the sound of iron hitting iron pounding on the eardrums.

Dexter stopped, holding a hammer as large as his head, then he looked at me and clicked his tongue. One cheeky guy.

“Ttt. Just when I was getting into it.”

Bruns was furious at that dissatisfied appearance and rushed to interject.

“Hey! How dare you talk to your master like that!”

“My only master is the Hammer God. Honoured Lord Tundra is the only one who can be called so. You ugly bastard.”

“What? Calling me ugly, you little shitbag… No, you’re a dwarf, so you’re just a shitbag, hehehe!”

Whirlik! Puck!

“Ouch! Stop that…”

It looked like Dexter threw a piece of iron he was holding in his hand.

As soon as his previous wound healed, Bruns was beaten again, and seeing the blood flowing from his forehead, his face distorted.

“You this bastard!”

Bruns rushed to Dexter like a moth, but the result was clear.


With one punch from Dexter, Bruns collapsed on the floor like a straw doll.

“You’re weak like a foxtail.”

Contrary to his rough behaviour, he was a surprisingly sweet-hearted dwarf.

“Dexter. Have you considered my offer?”

“Heh, I’ve thought about it, else I might not be doing this here.”

He again picked up the hammer he had put down.

Kaang! Kaang!

“I make a hammer!”


“You get my hammer every time you need it. Isn’t that right?”

“Well, if you put it simply.”

I give him my help.

He helps me back sometimes.

Simple and clear.

“I’m sorry. Actually, I have one condition.”


“Three years.”

Three years?

“Let me go in three years.”

Tricolour Eye activated.

Dexter was still shining gold.

Depending on my answer, it might turn into blue or red.

“What about four years?”

“… Okay.”

Seuk. Dexter’s pupils dilated slightly as he held out his hand.

“I don’t know how to do a handshake.”

“I know.”


It was a pretty rough hand.

Dexter’s lips twitched.

I smiled.

Then he, too, smiled softly.

“I am Callius von Jervain.”

“Dexter. Dexter Boltart.”

His eyes seemed to have lost some of the distrust.

It was a little embarrassing to do this between men. I immediately shook off the cloak I had put on.

“Dexter. What do you think of my cloak?”

“It’s something great. But isn’t it just a bit of a pity?”

“Hmm. Well, then, what can you do with it?”

“Well, maybe I can do a little more decoration. I do know a bit about artifacts.”

However –

“Still, it’s better not to touch this cloak. Hmm.”

Are you kidding me? Or is it some kind of joke?

I pondered for a while on what to do.

“If it’s something that’s not a big deal if it breaks, then give this sword a try instead.”

I handed him Arsando.

“It’s a good sword.”

That sharp blue brilliance again burst out.

Dexter looked at Arsando and nodded his head.

“One moment should be enough.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Unleash this bastard’s potential.”

Soon, a light shone on his hammer.

“In Tundra’s name, by this hammer! May your wishes come true!”


Along with a dazzling light, a tinnitus burst in Callius’ ears.

Ppiii –

The pain was even more intense because of the ears that had received the Bard’s Blessing. Frowning his brows, Dexter gasped and raised the sword. And immediately, he took my hand and made me hold Arsando.


I immediately realized.

A silver light flickered on Arsando’s blade and began to absorb divine power, both Dexter’s and mine.

Arsando’s light, which had devoured my divine power, slowly faded.


Grade – Life Sword.

Inhabited Soul – Arsando Mirinae.

Potential Ability – Open.

The potential ability opened, and the strength and sharpness of the sword increased.


It’s evident as soon as you grab the sword.

‘Life and Spirit, somewhere in between.’

A sword that was better than a normal Life Sword, yet fell very short of a Spirit Sword. But even so, Callius couldn’t hide his joy.

“Even if you fight somebody with a Spirit Sword, this sword won’t break.”

It’s not a Spirit Sword so naturally no unique abilities are unlocked, but the increased strength and sharpness of the sword is a very good thing.

A strange wave pattern was engraved on the blue blade, making it look more dignified.

Callius remembered that Inquisitor Ryburn was the owner of a Spirit Sword, Poison Akasha.

In any case, even if Callius ended up fighting him now, this sword would not break easily.

Dexter, really.

It was absolutely the correct decision to buy him.

“Hey, so you like it. Then take this too.”


“I made it because I had some free time.”

[Dexter’s Half Glove]

Grade – Rare.

Glove made by dwarf Dexter.Tougher and harder than normal leather because of the imbued divine power.

Protects your hand.

“I didn’t have time, so I only made one of a pair… but it’s better than nothing.”

Callius immediately put on the glove on his right hand.

A skinny leather half-glove.

It was obviously leather, but it was thin, and the elasticity that stuck to the palm of your hand was like spandex.

“I like it.”

“Well, in that case, I’m glad.”


Dexter coughed and started hammering again as if he was embarrassed.

Did you show your gratitude?

Not bad.

“I’m leaving Tristar for a while.”

“Sounds good to me.”

“Then, see you later.”


Kaang! Kaang!

The sound of a hammer echoed in the workshop again.

Callius shrugged in his cloak and started climbing back up the stairs to the ground.

Cedric’s office.

“Are you leaving?”


“I wish you could stay here a little longer. As you know, the Inquisitor is looking for you.”

“But that’s not enough for me to stop. The times are moving fast.”

Even at this moment.

The wheel of the world is turning.

Callius felt nervous in a world that was moving three years faster than he had expected.

In order to survive the raging storm, you have to make your way to the centre of it.

If you just try to avoid the storm halfway, you’ll get caught up and torn apart.

More than now, to survive –

‘I have to be strong.’

The march of time is ceaseless, and will not wait for him.

“Callius. What is your purpose?”

Cedric’s eyes narrowed.

His eyes, which were usually reminiscent of wild beasts, changed to a serious impression, and the overall atmosphere also seemed quite different.

That must have been how serious the question was.

‘Purpose… …’

Survival? No, that’s just the first and essential part of it.

Then what is my complete purpose?

Only to survive?



What do I want to do in this world?

I’ve been thinking about it, but I can’t find an answer.

So, first.


I must destroy the Empire to survive.

My purpose is to find my own spiritual fulfilment. So, the Empire must be destroyed.

There is no future unless we do something about the Holy Empire that worships one God, denies the existence of other Gods, and carelessly slaughters others.

Destroy the Empire.

What will follow will follow.

“Is it the Empire after all? The Empire… the Empire! Hahahahahaha!!”

Cedric pounded on the table for a while, as if he was in pain, then closed his eyes and savoured Callius’ words.

And then he grinned.

“The Count’s Scapegrace wants to destroy the Empire.”

Cheok. What came out of his arms was a bracelet.

“This is something for you.

“A farewell gift to a crazy maniac.”

A bracelet with a simple pattern.

It was thin, with leaf-like patterns on it, and a green gem in the centre. Not something ordinary.

“Is it an artifact?”

“There was this guy I rescued in the Shaking Forest. When I got to know him, he gave me this present as a sign of friendship. He said I was too lively because I had too much energy.”

Shaking Forest.

Callius’ eyes narrowed.

“Anyway, you’ll need it. It looks like there are a lot of people chasing after you.”

[Vivi’s Bracelet]

Grade – Epic.

Bracelet given to you by an elf living in the Shaking Forest. Minimizes divine power usage and saves the reduced divine power.

Stored Divine Power: 0

An epic-grade artifact.

‘Does it erase your presence by absorbing your divine power?’

It seemed to be used to lower your presence.

In addition, the absorbed divine power could be separately stored and used when in a hurry, so it had quite a variety of uses.

It also looked pretty useful when performing Six Flowers Technique or bud manipulation.

Originally, it was used to stockpile the overflowing power of a Paladin-level expert with high divine power.

There was no need to hesitate or refuse.

Also, it was necessary.

If Callius used it, his presence would become no different from that of ordinary people.


When worn, the bracelet shrunk itself to fit Callius’ wrist.

And soon after, it began to greedily absorb his divine power.

After a while –

“It doesn’t look bad.”


[Divine Power – 354/3621]

[Stored Divine Power – 3267]

There was a limit to how much divine power one person could have.

But using Vivi’s Bracelet, one could go beyond that.

The quality of the divine power couldn’t be changed, but you could have an edge in quantity, so it was like putting some kind of insurance in place.

It was a gift that could not be refused.

“I’ll leave right now.”


There was no reason to stay in Tristar any more.

I didn’t have time for that.

“Are you heading North?”

“I have something I’m looking for.”

Head North, as scheduled.

Even with Arsando, there were too many strong people around.

He was still too weak to handle this world.

Callius would have to fight through a lot of swords, and for that he’d have to be strong enough.

So, the Spirit Sword that was entrusted to Bernard.

The time had come to find Rakan, the Thunderbolt Sword.

“Ah, I heard you got something from Count Artemion.”

“Oh, that’s true.”

“It sounds like he’s trying to do something in Oliorro… If possible, you’d better not get caught up in it.”

To Cedric’s advice, Callius responded with a strange smile.


The passage of the sun trailing over the mountains brought dusk in the twilight.

When the veil of darkness was thus covering the sky –

An untimely letter arrived at the residence of Count Artemion.


The staff of Count Artemion, who was striking down the table, trembled.

“Jervain, you bastard… you dare?! How dare you ignore me like this!”

This was written on the letterhead –

[Dear Count Artemion.]

Count Artemion read aloud the letter Jervain had sent him in disbelief.

“Thank you for the sacred stone, it is very useful. But for some reason, I can’t seem to be able to accompany you on the escort mission…? I’ll pay you back for the sacred stone I received in advance next time. Then let us meet again next time…?”

“Ggh! This guy… what a well-written letter. No, that’s not the problem, is Jervain’s bastard running away with the sacred stone!?”


Count Artemion’s jaw trembled with rage.


Veins popped out!

“He’s like the world’s most shameless idiot!! He even dared to run away with a sacred stone in the name of Jervain!! Kahk! Gaggh!!”

“S-, sir! Hold on!!”

“You, call somebody from the law enforcement! The law enforcement!!”

Artemion cried out in anger.

“Search for him!! Find him right now!!”

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