Talent Swallowing Hero

Chapter 614 [Bonus ] Last Level Of The Trial

Chapter 614 [Bonus ] Last Level Of The Trial

After activating all his boosts, Leo was barely able to kill the Mythical Grade Ascending Beasts and now, below him, there were hundreds of thousands of such beasts freely swimming.

When there are so many powerful beasts in one place, it is impossible for that place to remain peaceful.

Until now, Leo thought that all the massacres he had done were chaotic; however, his eyes were opened after seeing the real mess in the third level of the trial.

Some Mythcial Grade beasts were fighting in groups whereas many of them fought individually and even won the fights.

As the winner, it can eat its prey and become stronger.

In short, there were thousands of battles between the Mythical Grade beasts in the last level of the trial.

‘Is this the world of bigshots?’

Even with all his trump cards, Leo was completely sure that he could not survive for long in such a harsh environment where one could be attacked from all directions.

In such a harsh environment, only the ones with high strength could survive whereas the weaker ones become the prey for the stronger ones.

Therefore, Leo called the third layer of the trial the world of Big Shots.

‘There are still five minutes left for the [Ghost Card’s] effect to disappear. I should collect them and finish the trial.’

Even though Leo has another [Ghost Card] he wants to keep it for the future and wanted to complete the trial in the next five minutes.

Once he thought about it, Leo didn’t waste any time as he directly chose a less crowded place to dive deeper into the bottom of the ocean.

In less than a minute, Leo reached the bottom of the sea which was covered with black sand.


After searching for two minutes, Leo was unable to find any Devil Stones at the bottom of the ocean, making him frown.

Even though the visibility was not so good, it was not bad either. Moreover, unlike God Stones, these Devil Stones were shining in the water.

Hence, as long as there was a Devil Stone at the bottom of the ocean, Leo could see it despite being the bottom of the ocean covered with black sand.

However, Leo was unable to find it, making him come to an insane conclusion.

‘Don’t tell me that I have to kill these Mythcial Grade Ascending Beasts to get the devil stones.’

That’s right!

This was the conclusion that Leo came to after thinking for a few moments.

Since there were no Devil Stones on the bottom of the ocean but only the Mythical Grade beasts, Leo could only think of that.

‘I got two Devil Stones by killing the Devil Blood Sharks and I think it was a hit that I can find the Devil Stones in the bodies of the Mythical Grade Beasts in the last level of the trial.’

For a moment, Leo felt that this trial was very hard to finish.

‘I have only two options now.’

There were still a couple of minutes left before his Ghost Card’s effect disappeared as Leo thought of two possible options.

‘One, I should use the [Floor Clearance Card] and skip this floor whereas the second option was to use [Nether Rage Booster] and give it my all to fight the Mythical Grade Beasts.’

The trial of the ninth floor was already very difficult and without a doubt, the tenth floor would also be impossible for Leo to clear.

Therefore, Leo decided to use all his trump cards except for the [Floor Clearance Card] in this trial to finish it.

As for using the [Nether Rage Booster], Leo was still not confident that he could kill eight Mythical Grade Beasts within two minutes.

Moreover, Leo was very close to filling it to 5000 percent. According to his thoughts, as long as he could fill it to 5000 percent, there would be some kind of changes in the [Nether Rage Booster].

‘Wait a second…how did I forget about this.’

Suddenly, Leo thought of something and hurriedly started executing it.


The master has spent one unit of God Energy and reset the cooldown for [Weapon Skill – Weapon Eye].

Leo forgot that God Energy has an effect to reset the cooldown for his talent and since the weapon skills also have a similar mechanism as his talents, Leo used God Energy to reset the weapon skill.

‘I need to be quick and kill eight Mythical Grade Beasts and complete the trial.’

[Weapon Eye]

Leo wanted nothing more than to clear the trial.

So, he activated the weapon skill and looked at a group of small-sized Mythical Beasts attacking a huge tortoise that was hiding inside its shell.

‘Even the smallest Mythical Beast was five meters.’

Leo shook his head and muttered, ‘Anyway, these are perfect for me to kill.’

The group of Mythical Beasts looked like swordfishes and there were more than 12 of them in that group.

The reason why Leo chose that group of beasts despite the fact there were 12 of them is that they have the same weak spot and Leo didn’t have to waste his God Energy to reset the Weapon Skill.

Another reason why he chose them was that among all the Mythical Beasts in the last layer, only these groups of water beasts looked weaker.

‘Even though they are fast, in my current form, I can assassinate them before they can realize what’s happening.’

With that thought in mind, Leo finally entered the third level of the trial.

[Weapon Skill – Sword Wave]






Leo knew he was running out of time. So, he was quick and released a huge sword wave to cut through the weak spot of those Devil Sword Fishes.

In a single attack, he killed more than five of them and injured another three.

[Weapon Skill – Absolute Penetration]

[Weapon Skill – Sword Clones]

After killing five of them in a single go, it became a piece of cake for Leo to finish the remaining Sword Fishes.

‘Devil Stones’

Leo collected 12 more devil stones that fell from the swordfishes’ bodies; however, he didn’t get any notification from [Heaven’s Voice]; instead, he was soon surrounded by hundreds of Mythcial Grade Beasts of varying sizes.

‘Damn it…did the [Heaven’s Voice] forget about me?’

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