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The CEO's Wife Is A Demon God's Daughter

The CEO's Wife Is A Demon God's Daughter







The CEO's Wife Is A Demon God's Daughter

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[ HOT+Funny+Fluffy+Mature ]~ This is a story of the demon god's daughter and a naughty handsome CEO...

Tristan Davis, the playboy CEO of the Heavenly Star Enterprize, was forced to marry ANY WOMAN within one month, or else... his glamorous title and position will be stripped off of him.


How could he seduce those beautiful women if he became poor and no longer a CEO?

Alright, he will find a woman and marry her to please his demanding grandfather. Who cares if it's a weird strange woman he met on the mountain while going camping. Right?

Wait.. What!? She is NOT HUMAN? She is the demon god's daughter?

Did you say... DEMON?

But she looks so angelic, beautiful and innocent. Tristan couldn't even look at any other women after this demon god's daughter becomes his wife.

Ha. He might as well keep her around since grandpa seems to like her so much.
Zhen-Zhen, who had the bloodline of the demon god, was being targeted by the guardian warriors. Ever since she was a child they tried to kill her many times but failed. With no other choice left, they sealed her in the Divine Mountain.

But after 100 years, her seal was accidentally broken and so, her Protector found the chance to send her to another world inhabited by purely ordinary humans- no supernatural beings, and no magical powers.

In this new world, she met the Naughty Handsome CEO, who proposed a marriage to her on their first meeting.

But wait... Marriage? Becoming his Wife? What does it mean to become a Wife?

Though the demon god's daughter was clueless about what is meant of becoming a wife, she excitedly accepted his proposal!

"Yes! I want to be your wife!"
*** Excerpt ***
Zhen-Zhen: "Tristan, why are you laughing even though you are sad? I can feel it. You are in pain, right now."

In his drunken state, Tristan could still absorb her words.

Tristan: "Hey, my Zhen-Zhen. You will be my wife, right?"
Zhen-Zhen: "Yes…"
Tristan: "Then... make me happy. Come closer… and kiss me."

She leaned closer to Tristan as she pressed her delicate warm lips into his cold lips.

Zhen-Zhen: "Are you happy now, Tristan?"

Tristan shook his head and pouted.

"No! Zhen-Zhen, that one could not be considered as a kiss! You just pressed your lips into mine." He complained to her exasperatedly.
“Come here, I’ll teach you!” Tristan held her face then he began to kiss her passionately.

Tristan pulled her head closer as he deepened the kiss. After a few seconds, Zhen-Zhen responded and returned his kiss with equal intensity as his.
'Damn, she's a fast learner.'

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