The Fake Rich Daughter Pampered By All Is A Famous Celebrity

Chapter 903 - 903 Could It Be Her Boyfriend?

Chapter 903: Could It Be Her Boyfriend?

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However, those who didn’t pay attention to the entertainment industry and didn’t watch [Superstar Games] were all complaining.

Even Lu Wancheng’s fans clarified, [The program team’s hot search is so good. Can’t you make it clear?]

[#Lu Wancheng won first place in the sprint team of the Superstar Sports Games# Everyone, please refresh this entry!]]

[So long.]

After browsing for a long time, the popularity of the entry was also very low.

Lu Wancheng’s fans went to scold the program team.

The director was also very frustrated.

He bought the trending searches and spent money to be scolded.

“Remove the trending searches,” the director said impatiently.

The assistant wiped his sweat. “Should we change the topic? #Lu Wancheng’s group number one#?”

“I’m not changing it. It’s so annoying.” The director was frustrated.

“If we withdraw, the money will be wasted,” the assistant reminded.

The director paused and fell into deep thought.

“Then change it.” The director thought for a moment and said, “Change it to Bai Cangyang. Give him the trending searches. #Bai Cangyang Most Handsome Temporary Reporter#.”

The director did not want to do this show and had given all the attention to Shi Xi.

“People come and go when the show ends, so it’s not easy to practice.” Xu Shanshan said, “There’s a middle school nearby. It’s a holiday today. Shall we go to their field to practice?”

Li Jinfan nodded. “Sure. Let’s have a meal together after we finish practicing.”

The four of them agreed to the proposal.

After the party ended, Shi Xi packed up and saw a message on her phone.

It was from Xie Yunzhou.

Xie Yunzhou, [7 pm, Qingshui Residence.]

Shi Xi replied, [Sorry, I have to practice the relay race with my friends tonight.

1 promised to bring them to dinner.]

Xie Yunzhou, [Friends?]

Shi Xi replied, [They’re all juniors, both male and female.]

Xie Yunzhou looked down at his phone.

Xi Xi always had many friends and people around her.

Shi Xi, [Tomorrow night! I have time tomorrow!]

Xie Yunzhou looked at the box beside him and sent a message: [i’ll pick you up at nine and give you a gift.]

Shi Xi thought that he could also send it tomorrow.

Although she thought so, Shi Xi had already sent a message over. I Okay-]

Xu Shanshan looked at Shi Xi and asked, “Who is Sister Xi chatting with? You can’t even hide the smile on your face.”

Shi Xi coughed, a faint smile in her eyes. “Friend.” “Could it be your boyfriend?” Xu Shanshan guessed..

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