The Fake Rich Daughter Pampered By All Is A Famous Celebrity

Chapter 905 - 905 Was Her Relationship With Xie Yunzhou Discovered?

Chapter 905: Was Her Relationship With Xie Yunzhou Discovered?

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Shi Xi hummed a song and went upstairs. Just as she was about to return to her room, she was stopped.

“Xi Xi,” Shi Xu called out to her.

“Ah, Brother?” Shi Xi put the bag behind her guiltily and asked, “Good evening? Why aren’t you resting yet?”

“I was waiting for you to come back.” Shi Xu looked at the thing in Shi Xi’s hand and asked, “What did you bring back?”

“I just bought some clothes.” Shi Xi quickly opened her door and threw the ‘clothes’ in. She smiled and said, “Brother, why are you looking for me?”

“Follow me to the study,” Shi Xu said seriously.

The corners of Shi Xi’s mouth twitched slightly as she frantically recalled what she had done wrong recently.


She was very obedient and well-behaved. She had earned a lot of money for the company!

Could it be that her relationship with Xie Yunzhou had been discovered?

Shi Xi followed behind Shi Xu nervously and entered his study.

“Sit.” Shi Xu poured her a cup of tea.

Shi Xi sat on the sofa, not daring to move at all.

Shi Xi was deep in thought as she played with the handle. “The handle feels pretty good.”

“The ex-factory price of this pair of controllers is 500 yuan. I’ll think about how to improve it,” Shi Xu held a controller and said thoughtfully.

Shi Xi was touched and wanted her brother not to tire himself out.

“I’ll be able to ask for a higher price if it’s improved,” Shi Xu continued.

Shi Xi:”…”

“By the way, Brother, what’s the situation with the Tao family now?” Shi Xi asked.

“After keeping half of the funds, Uncle Tao went to open a factory elsewhere.” Shi Xu sat down.

“Then you and Tao Tao?” Shi Xi probed.

Shi Xu was silent for a moment before saying, “Tao Tao and 1 are getting married. You will be the bridesmaid.”

“Sure.” Shi Xi tapped her finger twice. “Tao Tao hasn’t been looking for me to chat recently. I’m a little worried about her.”

“She doesn’t feel good about the Tao family’s bankruptcy. I’ll talk to her properly,” Shi Xu analyzed.

Shi Xi’s eyes curved. “Brother, do you like Tao Tao?”

Shi Xu glanced at her and said, “It’s getting late. Hurry up and go back to sleep.:

Shi Xi pursed her lips.

Hmph, so what if he was the older brother?

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