The Fake Rich Daughter Pampered By All Is A Famous Celebrity

Chapter 910 - 910 Sister, Don’t Look at Them

Chapter 910: Sister, Don’t Look at Them

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Xie Yunzhou’s side was gloomy.

Second Master Xie was beaming with joy.

“It’s only been released for half a day today, and there are already more than 8,000 sales. Not bad, not bad.” Second Master Xie was very satisfied. “According to this trend, we can sell 300,000 game consoles in less than a month.”

The vice president beside him beamed with joy and echoed, “Yeah, we lowered the price so low and released it in advance. If Yunhui wants to sell the goods, they will lose money!”

Second Master Xie leaned back in his chair and said in satisfaction, “Increase the advertising efforts. We can’t give Xie Yunzhou a chance to survive!”

“I’ll do it now,” said the vice president.

“Oh right, find a famous person to endorse. The endorsement fee is easy to negotiate,” Second Master Xie reminded.

Nowadays, even good wine was afraid of deep alleys.

He was going to fill it with advertisements

Everyone could only see Karad’s advertisement!

Second Master Xie had already begun to dream.

He would wait until he had taken over the market of Xie Yunzhou’s companies.

What was Xie Yunzhou doing?


Shi Xi sat for a while before Li Jinfan brought a cushion for her.

“Sister can rely on this to protect her waist,” Li Jinfan reminded her.

“Thank you.” Shi Xi leaned against the cushion and saw that Li Jinfan had only taken one. She asked, “Don’t you need it?”

Li Jinfan sat up straight. “My waist is good.”

Forget it.

Shi Xi had mixed feelings as she followed Li Jinfan to the swimming pool.

Most of the people who came to participate in the [Superstar Games] were young celebrities who were not famous.

The men’s swimming event was held here, so there were fewer girls.

Shi Xi looked around.

There were quite a lot of men on the field.

There were really very few girls.

When they saw Shi Xi enter, some male artistes even whistled.

They regretted it after they finished blowing.

They had forgotten that this was a live broadcast.

Fortunately, the live broadcast did not cut to their scene, so they were not so dead.

Looking at the male artiste’s body in the midst of preparation, Shi Xi sighed. “These people don’t have good figure management. There aren’t many with abdominal muscles.”

Li Jinfan blocked Shi Xi’s eyes and said in a low voice, “Sister, don’t look at them.”

Shi Xi took a step back and smiled. “Is there anything 1 can’t see?”

I don’t like it.

Li Jinfan was jealous.

But when he thought about how he was the one who had brought Shi Xi here…

Li Jinfan had mixed feelings.

Thinking of this, Li Jinfan raised his hand and took off his shirt.

Shi Xi: ?!

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