The Great Genetic Era

Chapter 1411 - 1411: Small Universe of Order

Chapter 1411 – 1411: Small Universe of Order

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The moment Neff disappeared, the gazes above the other three origin palaces shot over at the same time.

Putting aside the Spiritual Race, it was obvious from their actions just now that the Muyas were more familiar with the small universe than the Blue Star humans.

In the next moment, Neff appeared in front of Bishop Xiliude with a terrified expression. His head was covered in cold sweat. One could imagine how powerful the lightning that could make a Six Satellites Planetary realm powerhouse tremble in fear was.

Although they were far away, the experts from the other three Origin Palaces vaguely observed this scene. In an instant, many people who were eager to explore the new small cosmic stargate retreated. There was no such person as Bishop Xiliude on their side.

“Thank you for your protection, Sir.” Neff half-knelt in front of Bishop Xiliude and handed him the scepter with both hands.

Bishop Xiliude had a holy light umbrella above his head. His body flickered with a faint holy light. He lowered his head and took the incomplete scepter, but his hand gently stroked the top of Neff’s head.

“This is the protection of the Lord. This is the glory given to you by the Lord!”

“Thank you, Great Lord. I will contribute everything to the Lord!” At this moment, Neff had a pious expression. Neff retreated. Bishop Xiliude closed his eyes slightly and held the incomplete scepter with both hands. Holy light kept fluctuating, as if he was sensing something.

After a full minute, Bishop Xiliude slowly opened his eyes. “This small universe should be very important. From the current seal of the Stargate, it will take another ten to 15 days to completely become realistic. At that time, we will have the chance to break through the seal of the Stargate and enter to explore the possibility of capturing it.”

Bishop Xiliude did not use any secret techniques. Instead, he said it very openly. The Spiritual Race’s Chi Jing had a look of understanding. On the side of the Blue Star humans, be it Cai Shaochu, Ullr, or Haren, they were all stunned.

What the f*ck? The foreign races knew their things better than their own people.

10 to 15 days? This was a time limit!

If what Bishop Xiliude said was correct, the horn of war had already been blown. Ten to 15 days later, the battle would probably begin under this sky. Whoever entered this small universe first and who could enter this small universe would be revealed in ten to fifteen days!

Looking at the gazes of the experts from the Blue Star, Bishop Xiliude and the Spiritual Race looked at each other from afar and nodded gently.

This made Xu Tui’s gaze shift.

“Let’s go back.” With a soft shout, Bishop Xiliude took the lead and returned to the Water Origin Palace. The others quickly followed.

Chi Jing of the Spiritual Race also turned around. Only the Blue Star experts in the Earth and Wood Origin Palaces stared at the small universe in the sky that they knew nothing about for a long time.

In the Water Origin Palace, Bishop Xiliude, who had returned, gathered the remaining higher-ups. They were mainly the Planetary realm powerhouses with Five or Six Satellites, as well as a portion of the officiants.

Originally, Xu Tui did not have the right.

Xu Tui was very anxious when he heard that Bishop Xiliude was holding a meeting. He really wanted to attend the meeting. However, he could not show it. The matter of the traitor had not passed. He could only pretend that nothing had happened and quietly return to his room with his two attendants, Derry and Belas.

Xu Tui already had an idea.

Although he could not attend the meeting, he could indirectly ask about the content of the meeting from Bunet after the incident.

The life-saving grace of a desperate situation was not for show.

Just as Xu Tui was about to enter the room, Bishop Xiliude’s voice suddenly sounded in his mind. “Kaedo, you should come too.”

Xu Tui was overjoyed, but he did not show any expression. He used his mind power to agree softly. Then, he walked lightly toward the main hall of the Water Origin Palace.

There were not many people in the main hall.

Bishop Xiliude, the commander-in-chief, Dylin, the commander of the 4th

Combat Brigade, Neff, Bunet, Darak, and Lally. There were also three other Five Satellites Planetary realm powerhouses. There were only so many people participating.

Xu Tui’s arrival attracted the attention of others.

“Kaedo, although he’s only a quasi-planet, his mind power is abnormally powerful. He’s also extremely pious to the Lord. Previously, not only did he defeat Bunet, but he also saved him after paying a huge price under the pursuit of the enemy’s Six Satellites Planetary realm powerhouse.

It was not an exaggeration to say that he had the strength of a Five Satellites Planetary realm.

“In the future, he will be the vice-captain of the 5th Combat Brigade and participate in the meeting,” Bishop Xiliude said.

Since Xiliude had said so, everyone naturally nodded. Xu Tui naturally had to bow and thank him. As for the price that Bishop Xiliude was talking about, that was actually Xu Tui’s excuse.

Xu Tui said that he had consumed a total of 14 Myriad Thoughts Holy Tokens in order to save Bunet, which was the Myriad Thoughts Holy Tokens that Bishop Xiliude had rewarded him with previously.

Otherwise, he would not have been able to escape from a Six Satellites Planetary realm powerhouse.

This was also to make it more reasonable.

For this, Bunet was extremely grateful to Xu Tui. He first gave him five Myriad Thoughts Holy Tokens. He said that after he returned to his home planet, he would use several times the number of Myriad Thoughts Holy Tokens to thank Xu Tui for saving his life.

Xu Tui naturally accepted it with a smile.

This surprised Xu Tui. Before he came, he only had 23 Myriad Thoughts Holy Tokens. He had been using it almost every day because he had to use the holy power to disguise himself. However, he did not expect the Myriad Thoughts Holy Token to increase the more he used it.

First, he got it from the reward of Bishop Xiliude, then he had Bunet’s gratitude

Currently, Xu Tui has as many as 54 Myriad Thoughts Holy Tokens.

Xu Tui felt that other than Bishop Xiliude and Commander-in-chief Dylin, he was probably the third person among the Muyas who had the most holy tokens.

This gave Xu Tui enough confidence. With so many Myriad Thoughts Holy Tokens as a foundation, Xu Tui could be more like an officiant than any other officiant. And it was the kind of officiant who was not stingy with his holy power.

“Your Eminence, is what you said publicly true?” Commander-in-chief Dylin was the first to ask.

Although Commander-in-chief Dylin was a Seven Satellites Planetary realm powerhouse, they were far inferior to the officiants in terms of knowledge inheritance.

This was also the reason why Bishop Xiliude was high and mighty. With a stab of the scepter, Bishop Xiliude would be able to determine the situation of the small universe stargate. However, Dylin definitely did not have the ability.

“Of course it’s true. In ten to 15 days, the Stargate of this small universe will officially materialize. My judgment is that in 14 days, the Stargate will be completely revealed,” Bishop Xiliude said.

Hearing this, Commander-in-chief Dylin frowned. “Bishop, in that case, why did you say it? Wouldn’t it be better to enter immediately if we discovered it? If this is said, the other races might also be prepared.”

Bishop Xiliude looked at Dylin and sighed softly. He then pointed at his head. This action made Commander Dylin’s face instantly turn red. He was very embarrassed.

“Dylin, this is the solar system. Don’t use the situation of the small universe in our star field to measure the situation here. Ask Neff how he felt just now,” Bishop Xiliude said.

Commander-in -chief Dylin looked at Neff.

Fear instantly appeared on Neff’s face. “I feel that the stargate seal is very, very strong! If not for the protection of the bishop, I might have been blasted to death!”

Dylin and the other Planetary realms present were stunned. Blasted to death in an instant? Neff was a Six Satellites Planetary realm, and his defense was definitely not weak. Even a Seven Satellites Planetary realm powerhouse could not instantly kill him. A Eight Satellites Planetary realm powerhouse could kill Neff, but it was also very difficult to instantly kill him.

Then how strong was the seal of the Stargate?

At this moment, Dylin came to a realization.

“Ordinary stargate seals of small universes are very powerful. They require a certain number of experts to continuously attack to break them. This small universe was clearly one of the small universes of order of the Blue Star Race in the solar system. The sealing power of the Stargate was very strong.

“More importantly, the sealing power of the Stargate had been accumulated for countless years. Although there was an upper limit to its accumulation, it was definitely very terrifying after so many years. It would be very, very difficult for us to break the restriction with our own strength. At that time, it will be much more convenient for the other families to work together,” Bishop Xiliude said.

“Then when the time comes, let’s go in together…” Halfway through his sentence, Commander-in-chief Dylin suddenly paused and said, “Your Eminence, do you mean to preserve our strength when we attack the seal and try our best to snipe the forces of the other races when we enter?”

Bishop Xiliude nodded. “If you haven’t reacted yet, I suspect that you are not qualified to be the commander-in-chief.”

“I’m sorry. I just don’t understand the details of the small universe here.” Dylin rubbed his hands.

“Yes, that’s about it! Everyone, from today onwards, the Water Origin Palace will enter a battle-ready state. All of you will focus on recovering and accumulating strength. Prepare to capture this small universe thirteen days later.

“If I’m not wrong, this small universe is a small universe of order in the solar system. If we can capture it, our expeditionary army will be able to completely stabilize itself here. Moreover, we will be able to communicate with our home planet in the shortest time possible and obtain support!” Bishop Xiliude said.

The Planetary realm cultivators responded at the same time and left one by one. However, after Xu Tui stepped out of the main hall, he suddenly realized that Bishop Xiliude had left Darak alone.

With a raise of his hand, a holy light barrier that isolated everything rose. He was saying something to Darak.

What were they discussing? Xu Tui was thinking. Darak had an ordinary status, but he had always maintained contact with the Spiritual Race in the expeditionary army.

Could it be that Bishop Xiliude was contacting the Spiritual Race? Or?

Xu Tui’s imagination ran wild. After returning to his room, he was not in a hurry to contact An Xiaoxue with Tri Ling Ding’s colony. Instead, he was reviewing. He reviewed all the information he had just obtained to confirm if there was any possibility of Bishop Xiliude fishing.

The problem of the traitor would not be easily brushed off.

Xu Tui had to be extremely careful. He carefully reviewed the situation and realized that all the information in the meeting just now was not unique. Even if it was leaked, it would not be traced back to him.

In that case, the necessary information was still necessary. The extremely sensitive and important information should be related to Darak. Unfortunately, it was unknown at the moment.

Xu Tui was certain that the Blue Star did not know anything about the so-called Small Universe of Order. A few minutes later, he started tapping on the high-level colony of Tri Ling Ding. He tapped the Morse code. Although it was primitive, it was very effective.

An Xiaoxue also began to record information in the Wood Origin Palace. Xu Tui relayed all the information he had obtained from the meeting. He also relayed the deduction that the Muyas might be working with the Spiritual Race.

In the Fire Origin Palace, Chi Jing looked at a travel-worn Six Satellites Planetary realm powerhouse who was not in a good state. He looked a little anxious.

“It’s been so many days, but only 40 of you have come? Most of you are quasi-planetary? Where’s Lord Shui Zhi? How long is it expected to take for him to come?” Chi Jing said anxiously.

“Elder Jing, Elder Shui Zhi is expected to be the last to pass! Due to his cultivation, his passing might cause the quantum teleportation channel to be unstable for a long time,” Lang Heng, a Six Satellites Planetary realm expert who had just arrived at the Fire Origin Palace, said.

“The last one, no!” When Chi Jing said this, Lang Heng’s expression suddenly became unhappy. Chi Jing, who had realized something, quickly explained, “This Small Universe of Order will completely materialize in ten to 15 days at most. Therefore, I think that Elder Shui Zhi should rush over as soon as possible!”

“Ten to fifteen days for the Small Universe of Order to materialize? Then I’ll inform Elder Shui Zhi, but he’ll decide what to do,” Lang Heng said.


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