The Great Genetic Era

Chapter 1677: The Nearly 100% Longevity Emperor Seal of the South Pole (3)

Chapter 1677: The Nearly 100% Longevity Emperor Seal of the South Pole (3)

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However, the Worldly Expeditionary Force, which had looted several planets in a row, was rich and imposing at this moment. They threw Origin Crystals at Lavis without caring about the consumption.

After flying and jumping continuously, the original 29-day journey was completed in 15 days.

After arriving near Asteroid 407, Xu Tui and the others started to play their previous tricks.

Recently, the military forces in the Western Star Field had been mobilizing frequently. Xu Tui brought Yanzi and Lang Biao along. Lang Biao also brought a few tall expeditionary army members who were wearing the Spiritual Race armor that they had seized previously. Lang Biao spoke the standard Spiritual Race language and pretended to be a passing Spiritual Race army.

Therefore, Asteroid 407 only sent out a regular combat team to verify the identity of this passing team according to normal procedures and verify the military orders in their hands. After verifying their identities, they could contact the military district to confirm their identities and be placed on the planet.

The steps were very strict.

Unfortunately, they had encountered Xu Tui. He was a strange person who had taken an unusual path and condensed useless support abilities like spiritual resonance, advanced hypnosis, and Spiritual Concealment. He had also strengthened his star halo to Level 4 or 5.

The combat team that he had contacted was all hypnotized by Xu Tui on the spot. Moreover, Xu Tui had obtained the mission and number of the troops that he had passed by previously. Then, he successfully sneaked into Asteroid 407.

Just like on Asteroid 1142, he silently controlled the planetary defense base of Asteroid 407. Then, the quantum artificial intelligence of the planetary defense base was taken over by Ah Huang.

The rest of the matter went smoothly.

Without a sound, the Worldly Expeditionary Force invaded Asteroid 407 of the Spiritual Race’s Western Star Field. No one noticed it. Of course, the main reason was that the team had Yanzi and Lang Biao of the Spiritual Race, as well as Xu Tui’s extremely strange School of Radiation Influence abilities.

As usual, he would naturally use the Longevity Emperor Seal of the South Pole to extract the star core of Asteroid 407 from the ground and devour it.

However, as Xu Tui’s refinement progress became higher and higher, the commotion of extracting the star core and drawing out the energy of the underground earth vein became smaller and smaller.

Just like that, the Worldly Expeditionary Force rested and cultivated on Asteroid 407 for four days.

In the past three days, Xu Tui had even received two waves of troops passing by Asteroid 407 through the commander of the Defense Base of Asteroid 407 controlled by hypnosis.

At the same time, he had to receive a safety confirmation from the Western Star Field Military District every day.

Every time, it was reported as safe. The verification was also completely normal. However, in these four days, Xu Tui had emptied the Origin Crystal inventory of a few bases and nearby cities through hypnosis.

Before he left, the refinement progress of Xu Tui’s Longevity Emperor Seal had reached 85%. However, before he left, Xu Tui still followed the method he had used on Asteroid 1142. He gathered the Spiritual Race’s officers and related personnel who had been hypnotized by them and slaughtered them through military orders.

It was mainly to hide the abilities of the School of Radiation Influence.

Xu Tui finally realized that the abilities of the School of Radiation Influence were too useful in this expedition.

It was better not to expose himself.

There were two quantum teleportation channels on Asteroid 407. One of them passed through Asteroid 421.

Asteroid 421 still belonged to the Western Star Field. However, it was a full three and a half months away from the previous Asteroid 392. This time, the Worldly Expeditionary Force had once again jumped out of the Spiritual Race’s multiple encirclement.

Of course, Ullr also rushed over before he left on December 28th.

His only regret was that Ullr had lost the opportunity to cultivate in Asteroid 407. However, he had caught up to the opportunity to cultivate plunderingly on Asteroid 421.

The moment he arrived at Asteroid 421, Xu Tui destroyed the two quantum teleportation channels here. Then, he once again used the Longevity Emperor Seal to detain the star core of Asteroid 421.

If there were no accidents, the refinement progress of the Longevity Emperor’s Seal would exceed 90% or even close to 100% after it was detained and devoured the Star Core.

Xu Tui looked forward to this..

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