The Incubus System

Chapter 24: Between Demon and Human

Chapter 24: Between Demon and Human

The Incubus System Chapter 24. Between Demon and Human

“Thank you for helping me,” Emma’s voice returned my senses. A smile of relief adorned her face.

“You are welcome,” I said, taking my hands off her.

But when my hand just about left her, she staggered. Reflexively, I grabbed her hand to help her up, while I kept my distance from her. Even though I noticed her pale face and exhausted status, I didn’t expect her to be this weak.

“I know a 24-hour clinic around here, I’ll take you there,” I said while continuing to support her, helping her to walk.

“Thank you.” Her face was still red and her eyes were still staring at me.

“No problem,” I replied simply. Right now my feelings are mixed, with her status as a demon hunter, my status turned into her prey naturally. Even though I have feelings for her, I can’t help myself but raise up my alertness.

Our feet kept moving on a quiet street in Nighthallow City while awkwardness swept over me. I have so many things that I want to ask her, but all my words are stuck in my throat. This time it wasn’t because of my feelings for her, but because of the truth that I had just discovered. Forget about our status differences or my profession as a prostitute, with her profession as a demon hunter our relationship is even more complicated before we start it.

“Are you also a demon hunter?” her voice broke the silence between us.

“Of course not,” I replied quickly.

“Really?” From her tone, I knew she didn’t believe me.

“It’s very rare for ordinary people to have the ability to deal with demons.”

“I can do a little self-defence so I can fight them,” I replied soberly. I’m not confused by her suspicion. Let alone fight them, normally humans will be afraid when they see the demon’s true form. Their reaction would not have been much different when I had almost become demons’ meal a few days ago.

She paused while continuing to look at me suspiciously. While I walked next to her while avoiding her gaze. Is she already suspecting that I’m also a demon? If she realizes it, what should I do? I don’t want to hurt Emma nor fight her. Even though I could escape from her today, she could have told my identity to everyone and Damian would end up being the target of all demon hunters.

She opened her mouth again to speak while her expression turned serious. “Are you….”

My brain immediately tried to find a way out when I heard the initial words of her question. The only thing in my mind right now was using my manipulation skills on her.

“Franz Fullhorn?” she finished her sentence.

After being silent in surprise for a few seconds, my tension suddenly disappeared as a chuckle out of my mouth. I was prepared for the worst, yet she thought differently. And seriously, why of all people does she think that I am Franz? We don’t have any similarity.

Realizing she guessed the wrong name, she immediately looked down in embarrassment.

“I’m sorry. I made the conclusion since when the first time we met, you had a fight with Olivia. Also, I saw you could fight well.”

“It’s okay. My name is Damian,” I introduced myself. It seems like Olivia talked a lot about Franz to her. Suspecting me as a master of martial arts didn’t seem too bad than suspecting me as a demon.

She flashed a sweet smile at me.

“I’m Emma. Nice to meet you, Damian.”

I smiled in response. Realizing we were near the clinic, I made a request to her.

“Emma, I want to ask you one thing. Please keep it a secret about this.”

She frowned in confusion with my request.

“Keep it a secret that I’ve helped you and I can fight. Just tell them, I’m only find you collapsing on the street,” I clarified my request. I’m sure after the doctor saw Emma’s condition and found out that she was a demon hunter, I would definitely be asked for information. And if they find out I can fight demons without any skills like ‘Holy Chain’ or ‘Mana Strike’ it will take me into the spotlight.

“Why? Shouldn’t you be proud to be able to defeat them? I even plan to invite you to join our demon hunter association.”

‘A demon joins the demon hunter association, just like a rabbit goes into lions’ den.’ Well, I’m not completely rabbit-like, since I can fight them. But still, join them is same as suicide for me.

“I just want to live a normal life,” I reasoned.

She sighed in disappointment.

“Okay. I don’t think everyone wants to be a demon hunter.”

We entered a clinic not far from the station. A nurse immediately greeted us and brought Emma to be examined, while she told me to come along to be asked for information about what had happened to her.

Half an hour had passed after the doctor examined and treated her, they had also contacted her family. Right now, I’m sitting next to her waiting for her family to come while Emma is lying in a patient bed. Seeing her condition I wondered, why would a woman from a rich family like her become a Demon Hunter? Doesn’t being a demon hunter mean that she must puts her life on the line every day?

My curiosity prompted me to ask.

“Emma, may I know your reason why you want to become a demon hunter?” I asked, breaking the silence of the room.

“Of course to kill demons. What else?”

“I mean, as far as I know, the demon hunter is a profession that is more dominated by men. Apart from that, you don’t look like you are from a needy family and have to go through such a dangerous profession.”

A sad smile appeared on her face, her eyes trembling in emotion.

“Ten years ago, my mother was killed by a demon before my eyes. I couldn’t do anything at that time.” She paused for a moment as her eyes turned serious and determined.

“That’s why I swear I would become strong and kill all the demons that exist in this world.”

“I’m sorry for digging up your old wounds.” I let out a long breath quietly.

‘Okay, another good reason to hate me more.’

She tilted her head slowly to face me.

“Damian … You have the power to fight demons. I hope you can help me fight them and consider my invitation earlier.”

Actually, I don’t mind helping her, after all, I also fought against demons all this time. But joining the demon hunter association was clearly out of question.

“Let me consider it. I’ll contact you later.” We did exchange numbers earlier.


Just as these words left her mouth, a handsome silver-haired male elf entered the room and approached us.

“Emma, how are you ?” he asked worriedly.

“Theo? Why are you here?” she answered in shock and confusion.

He took a seat next to me while his eyes remained fixed on Emma. Completely ignored me, as if I’m not here.

“I got news from your family that you were injured. I just happened to be near here, so I came here first. I also already told the association that you were hurt.”

Upon hearing the words of association, I immediately took a glance at him.


[Observation skill succeeded.]

[Name: Theo Ragelight] [Age: 19]

[Level 9] [Race: Elf]

[HP: 160/175] [MP: 46/77]

[Skills: Holy Chain lv 3, Mana Strike lv 5]

[Emotion: Worried.]

[Love meter: 0/10]

[Condition: Normal]

[Relationship: Single]

[Profession: Demon Hunter, College Student.]

‘I knew it… He also a demon hunter .’ I checked him since he could be my opponent one day. Even though I don’t attack or eat humans like other demons, it doesn’t mean they won’t target me. The belief that all demons are evil cannot be broken anymore. I also thought the same as them until Lilieth saved me. My position that is trapped between humans and demons makes me difficult.

I paid attention to Theo’s status which is only slightly different from mine and understand his indifference to me. If Franz and Bern could be arrogant with their strength, how could he not?

“Since your friend has arrived, I’ll excuse myself,” I said, standing up. I decided to leave immediately. Although I do not like Theo’s attitude, but if I stay here too long, there could be other demon hunters coming and I want to avoid it. At least I don’t want them to see my face.

Just as I took a few steps, Emma called me.


I stopped my steps and turned towards her.

“Thank you. I’m glad to meet you again,” she continued, smiling sweetly, her eyes looking at me deeply.

I gave her a smile in response. “I’m also glad to meet you. Take care of yourself.” Then I leave.


Theo looked at the door that closed in front of him before returning his gaze to Emma.

“Who is he?”

“He’s the one who helped me. If there wasn’t him, maybe I’d be dead now.”

“He helped you? Why have I never seen him in the Demon Hunters Association’s headquarters?” His tone was between disbelief and disparage.

“He isn’t a Demon Hunter. He only found me injured and brought me here.”

“Hmph! So he’s just another loser?” he said in a condescending tone.

Actually, after she heard Theo’s tone, she wanted to tell the truth but she held back because she had promised Damian. Emma knew Theo was a bit arrogant with his status as a top-level demon hunter. He likes to look down on men who aren’t demon hunters and to call them losers for not daring to fight demons. Actually, his attitude sometimes makes her upset, but what can she do? They are partners. There are times when they face a strong demon, they have to work together as a team.

“He helped me. You should not say that. ” She tried to give him an explanation, hoping he would understand.

Theo’s expression turned displeased after hearing Emma try to defend Damian.

“A man who doesn’t want to fight demons on the front lines are just losers to me. Because of a pathetic man like him, women like you are forced to fight.”

“Everyone has their reasons.” Actually when her first meeting at Diamond college Emma began to be interested in him but of course all that was only physically and after a while she forgot him. But today’s meeting made her really interested in him. It’s very rare for ordinary people to fight a demon because usually, they will run away when they see the demon’s terrifying form. Also when he helped her earlier, he is not showing the slightest fear and she also realized Damian was attacking them as if he was used to fighting with them. That was why she thought of inviting him into the Demon Hunter Association.

‘I guess he already fought the demon several times, but why doesn’t he want to join us?’

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